The Peremptory Casey Davies Chapter 385 The Charity Dinner

In the hotel.
Watching the sumptuous hall, Georgia was shocked.

At this moment, there were quite a lot of people in the hall. There were many tables round the hall. On the table were free food.
Beside the table, there were cooks who specially cooked dishes.

In a corner, a band was playing lyric music. People who came to attend the charity dinner all looked very elegant.
Both Scott and Georgia wore rather casual clothes, so their appearance here was like a square peg in a round hole.
“Brother Scott, people here are too serious. We don’t fit in when we stand among them.” Georgia said.

Scott smiled at her and said, “Don’t care about it. These so-called upper-class people are just pretending to be like that. What matters most is to make ourselves feel comfortable and at ease. Look at the women in evening dress. Many of them are pretending to be elegant. There is no need to suffer like that just to make others praise you.”

Hearing it, Georgia thought that Scott was right. The reason why people attending the charity dinner were dressed up was that they wanted to make others feel that they were upper-class people.

They attached more importance to being nice than being wise.

“Brother Scott, you’re probably more powerful than these people, but you’re very different from them.” Georgia said.
“Are you saying that I don’t belong among these upper-class people?” Scott said with a smile.

“No. I’m saying that they aren’t as wise as you are.” Georgia smiled.

Scott smiled. Georgia was so shy. It never occurred to him that she knew how to praise someone.

“Come on. Let’s have something to eat there.” Scott went to the tables on which there was food.

Nancy stayed with several young people about her age. They were all acting like people of the upper class and were talking gracefully.

Judging from the fact that they were able to attend this charity dinner, people around Nancy were not ordinary people. However, they were all a little respectful to Nancy.

Nancy was a young lady from the Murray family, an old and famous family in S City. Therefore, she had a higher status than them all.
“Nancy, I heard that the company of your family is going to cooperate with Mr. Jeremiah. In this way, the company of your family

would develop very fast.”

“That’s right, Nancy. If a company cooperates with Mr. Jeremiah, it is sure that that company would make great profits and suffers no losses. The Lee family had worked with Mr. Jeremiah a few years ago. Now, the company of their family is developing very well.”

“In S City, everyone wants to cooperate with Mr. Jeremiah. They try hard, but still don’t have such a chance. Nancy, your family is really enviable.”

Hearing the flatterer of people around her, Nancy was triumphant. She said, “In the cooperation between our family and Mr.
Jeremiah, it’s agreed that my family would go 50-50 with Mr. Jeremiah. According the contract between the Lee family and Mr.
Jeremiah, the Lee family would go 40-60 with Mr. Jeremiah. The Lee family could only take 40% of the profits.”

People around her were so shocked that their eyes were wide open. They never expected that Jeremiah would go 50-50 with the Murray family in this cooperation. It meant that Jeremiah treated the Murray family as an equal partner.

Jeremiah’s going 50-50 with the Murray family meant that Jeremiah attached great importance to the Murray family. Besides, considering that Jeremiah did such a big business, by getting 50% of the profit instead of 40% of the profit, the Murray family would be able to earn much greater amount of money.

“Nancy, it seems that your family is going to achieve great success. At that time, you must treat us to a meal.” People around her immediately began to flatter Nancy.

Nancy waved to them with a smile and said, “Of course, I will.”

As she spoke, she took out her mobile phone and said, “Let me show you something funny. There is a prostitute in my dormitory.
She seems to be a straight A student, but she is actually a slut. Its most ridiculous that she wants to attend this charity dinner by fooling the guard. I have photos taken when she was taking a bath. She was quite coquettish. Let me show you.”

After hearing what Nancy said, people around all felt curious. They completely didn’t think it inappropriate for the so-called “upper-class people” to watch the photos taken when one was taking a bath at a charity dinner.

“It never occurs to me that there will be such kind of people in your school. It’s really an eye-opener.”

“As a matter of fact, there are many such people, and they are always pretending. I’ve seen many of them.” “Why would a straight A student become a prostitute? She is really stupid.”

They all came close to Nancy, planning to see what the roommate Nancy mentioned looked like.

Nancy looked for the photos taken when Georgia was taking a bath excitedly as if she could get a lot of fun by destroying the reputation of Georgia.

However, when she just found the photo, someone directly took her mobile phone away.

After being stunned for a while, Nancy hurriedly turned her head and looked at the person beside her. Then, she found that it was the man who was with Georgia that took her mobile phone away.

How did he come in?

After that, she saw that Georgia was standing not far from Scott and was looking at this direction with a somewhat dark face.
Both of them came in? Shouldn’t the waiter drive both of them out?

Nancy was stunned for a few seconds. During this time, Scott had deleted all the pictures of Georgia in her mobile phone.

“You took pictures of other people when she was taking a bath. It’s ridiculous that you should claim yourself to be an upper-class person.” Scott put the mobile phone in Nancy’s hand.

After taking her mobile phone, Nancy finally realized what had happened and shouted at Scott, “You dared to rob me of my mobile phone! What did you do?”

She hurriedly checked her mobile phone, finding that the photos she had taken were deleted. She became angry.
“You dared to delete my photos? Don’t you want to live?” Nancy couldn’t help shouting at Scott.

Noticing what was going on here, people, who were chatting around them, immediately gathered around them.
“How can you rob her of her cell phone like that? It’s against the law!” Nancy’s friends all scolded Scott for Nancy.

Scott smiled at them and said, “I want to give you a piece of advice. You had better think about if she has got something on you.
She even took pictures of her roommate when her roommate was taking a bath. You’re her friends. Wouldn’t she get something on you?”

Hearing his words, Nancy’s friends’ heart all did a flip. They couldn’t help casting a glance at Nancy. None of them continued to

speak for Nancy.

Nancy’s face became extremely dark. She glared at Scott and said, “He is a lunatic and he is talking nonsense. Don’t believe him. How is it possible that I would do such a thing? He is a whoremaster who is with my roommate. The girl over there is my roommate. They must have sneaked into the hall. Hurriedly call the security guard to drive them out.”

They all nodded and said that Scott and Georgia must be driven out of the hall.
“Security guard, come here. Quick! There are two people sneaking in here. Hurriedly drive them out!” Nancy shouted.

After that, she turned her head, looked at Scott, gritted her teeth and said, “Wait and see. You had made me very unhappy at noon today. Now, you even dared to rob me of my mobile phone. You dared to sneak in the charity dinner held by Mr. Jeremiah.
He certainly won’t let you get away with it!”

Scott smiled at her and said, “I entered the hall openly. You shouldn’t say that I have sneaked into this hall. I’ve showed you mercy by not teaching you a lesson after you’ve done such a thing to my younger sister.”

Seeing that Scott didn’t take her words seriously, Nancy was anxious. She didn’t see any security guard and no one came to handle this issue.

Nancy stared at Scott with malicious eyes and said coldly, “Let me tell you something. I’m from the Murray family. My family will soon cooperate with Mr. Jeremiah. Daring to offend me, you will suffer from it. Now, kneel down before me and apologize to me.
In this way, I’m willing to spare you. Otherwise, even if I kill you, a poor loser, no one would help you!”

People around all looked at Scott with sympathy. In their opinion, Scott would get himself in great trouble after offending a young lady from the Murray family. Besides, Scott didn’t look like someone who had powerful connections.

At another part of the hotel.

Jeremiah was heading towards the hall somewhat anxiously. He had become very anxious when Scott made a phone call to him. Therefore, he hurried towards the hall after dealing with the business.

There were several people around him. One of them was the head of the Lee family. The person walked beside him was the head of the Murray family, Elijah Murray.

Now, Elijah was triumphant. After the charity dinner, he would sign a contract with Jeremiah. Later, his family would cooperate with Jeremiah.

Although the Murray family was an old and famous family in S City, the Murray family was far from as powerful as Jeremiah.
After all, Jeremiah was supported by the Davies family of B City. The Murray family couldn’t compare with Jeremiah at all.

Seeing that the Lee family had cooperated with Jeremiah for several years, Elijah was very anxious. Now he finally had the opportunity to cooperate with Jeremiah, so he was of course very happy.

“Mr. Jeremiah, are you saying that there is another very important guest in this charity dinner?” Elijah asked.

Jeremiah nodded and said, “He has a very high status. When you see him later, you must be respectful to him. Before, that waiter dared to stop him. Later, I must teach him a lesson.”

Elijah and people around Jeremiah all nodded. Seeing Jeremiah attach so much importance to that person, they knew that he was absolutely not an ordinary person. They naturally dared not to be disrespectful to him.

“It seems that I must figure out a way to make friends with the friend Mr. Jeremiah mentioned. Maybe I can get a lot of benefits from him in the future.” Elijah thought.

Soon, they arrived at the hall. Jeremiah looked around to find Scott. At a glance, he saw the crowd there and Scott who was.
shouted at angrily and loudly by Nancy.


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