The Peremptory Casey Davies Chapter 384 Can We Go Inside Now

“Well, I wasn’t joking. Jeremiah did invite me. I just give him a call and you’ll know.” Scott explained patiently, didn’t snap at the server’s attitude.

But the server obviously didn’t take those word’s for real and thought, “Jeremiah is the biggest entrepreneur of S City, the sponsor of this charity dinner. A big shot like him definitely wouldn’t invite someone to the dinner party by word of mouth. An invitation, at least, would be sent to the guest.”

“On top of that, Scott and Georgia looks too ordinary for everyone attending the dinner are in full blow. And this two are really not at the same level of such kind of dinner.”

“Georgia, how you b*tch show up here! And your lover, for tonight’s dinner, too? What are you doing here, trying to earn some dirty money from the men?”

Nancy walked up to Scott and Georgia, saying in a voice dripping with sarcasm.

In huge embarrassment, Georgia turned to Nancy, the last person she thought she would ran into, especially at the situation when they were stopped by a server.

“Miss Murray, the two insist that they were at the invitation of Mr. Jeremiah while they didn’t have any invitation letter. Are you an acquaintance of them? I’ll let them in if they were truly invited by Mr. Jeremiah.” the server knew about Nancy and asked for confirmation.

After what the server had said, Nancy burst into loud laughter as if she had heard some really good jokes, which garbing the attention of the crowd nearby.

“Hey, everybody come and see this! These two dare to say they were at the invitation of Mr. Jeremiah but with no invitation letter at all. Very funny! These days really watch all kinds of frauds and the two at the dinner still might be the first of a new kind.” Nancy shouted.

Instantly, more attention gathered. After a brief glimpse at Scott and Georgia, the crowd came to the conclusion that the two sure didn’t look like someone dressing up for the party.

‘This man drove a nearly junked Santana. And check out his clothing, how such a person has the qualification for Mr. Jeremiah’s


‘That girl, my roommate. Words spread wildly on campus that she is a whore, only knowing things about seduction. Do you believe Mr. Jeremiah would invite this kind of people to the dinner?”

Nancy was introducing Scott and Georgia to the crowd with disdain in fer face, trying to embarrass the two to leave.

With Nancy’s introduction, the people around began talking and looking at Scott and Georgia in a very strange way.

“Well, well. So ridiculous that someone even had the nerve to sneak into the dinner. Do they even know a invitation is required for such party?”

“Not anybody could get into this charity dinner, let alone someone driving a scrappy Santana. Deceiving themselves to get the way in the upper class. Seriously?”

“Just get them out. These kind of person at dinner only lowers our level. Security! I don’t want to be around by these person even for one more second.”

Nancy, on the other side, satisfied at the irony response from the crowd towards Scott and Georgia.

Georgia felt so awkward, having no idea how to cope with the situation, and the only thing she could do was looking towards Scott for help.

She was there when Jeremiah invited Scott to the party, so she knew Scott was telling the truth. But being talking about by so many people made her somewhat fluster.

Scott, too, felt a little angry. This Nancy coming out nowhere but disturbing crowd’s mind like that made him uncomfortable.
Anyway, he brushed Nancy off and just made a call to Jeremiah.
As long as Jeremiah got here, all Nancy had say together with her arrogance would be scotched.

Nancy was going to make more fun of Scott and Georgia while some other young people waving at her in the hotel and signaling her to come over.

Nancy waved back at her friends, then turned around and said to the server, “Just shoo them away before Mr. Jeremiah gets here, or I’m not sure what would happen to you.”

Done talking, she hurried into the building.

Watching Nancy going inside, the server looking at them impatiently and informed in a cold voice, “You want me to show where the door is or you two walk yourselves out? If you still refuse to leave, don’t blame me for being rude.”

At this point Scott had got Jeremiah online and didn’t answer the server.

“Brother Scott, have you got there? Sorry I’ve been caught up in some business stuff and can’t personally be there to walk you in. You could give the phone to the server when you arrived, I’ll get you in.” Jeremiah answered.

“Well, We’ve arrived at the place for some time. But the server didn’t believe we are qualified for the party and tried to throw us out.” Scott replied.

Jeremiah soon got nervous and apologized, “My bad, Brother Scott. I’ll give my apology personally later. Please give the phone to the server and let me fix this.”

Scott darted a look at the server and said, “Jeremiah wants to speak to you.”

The server was in a shock for a moment but soon curled his lips in disdain and said, “You’re still going with that? You think a call could make me believe that is Mr. Jeremiah? Free advice: don’t waste your time here.”

“You’d better hear him out.” Scott said.

The server took the phone in doubt and answered, “Just let you know, nobody can pass himself off as Mr. Jeremiah. I surely won’t fall for your lousy tricks…”

“Tell me your name and then don’t bother coming back to work here!” Jeremiah’s sulky voice emerged from the phone.

The server’s mind went blank at the same second for the voice of Jeremiah was very easy to recognize. This server often watched his speech on TV and that voice was not an unfamiliar one.

“Are… are you really Mr. Jeremiah?” the server checked in great caution.
“Yeah? Are you Mr. Jeremiah, too?! You think I’m that boring to play jokes on you? The person you’ve stopped is my most

important guest today. Now, you’d better let him in quickly or you will not only lose your job but also feel my wrath!” Jeremiah yelled.

The server, shivering with fear, didn’t expect Scott actually called Jeremiah and proved he himself was the most important guest tonight for Jeremiah.

‘This… this was just some misunderstanding, Mr. Jeremiah. I’ll let them in immediately. Please don’t get mad at me. I really don’t know he was your guest. I thought they were coming to get some benefits for the way they dressing…” the server answered in anxious.

“Cut the crap. Give the phone back to him, now!” Jeremiah sounded very serious.
The server returned the phone at once while two hands couldn’t stop shaking.
“S… sir, here you are.”

Scott took the phone and Jeremiah continued, “Brother Scott, please don’t get angry. I’ll get there as soon as I’m finished and offer my apology by myself.”

Scott didn’t say anything and just hung up the phone.
He took a look at the server and asked, “Can we go inside now?” The server was too scared to answer Scott and the words of Jeremiah all became the fear in his two eyes.

For a while he caught up the question and replied in great regret, “Sir, it’s all my fault. I beg for your help with Mr. Jeremiah. It’s all my fault. I shouldn’t stop you and say those words. All my bad.”

Seeing that attitude, Scott knew he was free to go inside. He brushed him off and just took Georgia with him entering towards inside.

Though the server was in much worry, he dared not to stand in Scott’s way, just begging again and again.

The crowd was in shock too after that scene. People thought the server was gonna to throw Scott out but didn’t expect that the expelling changed into begging after one call.

“Holy shit. How was that man’s attitude changing so fast and just let those two people in?”

“Wait! Could it be that the two person really are the friends of Mr. Jeremiah?!”


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