The Peremptory Casey Davies Chapter 383 I’m a Person You Can’t Offend

Georgia didn’t expect that she would meet Nancy here. After hearing what she said, Georgia unconsciously clenched her hands into fists.

“Nancy, are photos in Rufus’s mobile phone taken by you?” Georgia questioned.

“You’re so coquettish. I can absolutely take a few pictures of you. Anyway, you’re a prostitute. To some extent, you become more popular because of it. You should thank me for it.” Nancy completely didn’t think it wrong for her to take a picture of others when they were taking a bath.

“You!” Georgia was so angry that she shivered all over. Her face became red. It could be seen that she was angrier with Nancy, compared with Joey and Rufus.

Looking at Nancy, Scott stood in front of Georgia and said coldly, “Are you a wild girl? Why’re you so impolite? Could it be that you don’t have parents to educate you?”

Hearing Scott call her wild girl, Nancy’s face was immediately dark. Just now, considering Scott to be just a whoremaster, she paid no attention to Scott. She didn’t expect that Scott would spoke for Georgia.

“Who is impolite? You go whoring. Could it be that you’re very polite? You not only go whoring, but also speak for her. Could it be that you think that you’re the hero of a movie? Idiot.” Nancy cursed.

“I warn you not to talk to me like that. Georgia is my younger sister. The rumors about her will be quashed tomorrow. If you dare to speak rudely, I’ll teach you a lesson.” Scott said in a cold voice.

Nancy immediately became angry and shouted, “Who the f*ck do you think you are? How dare you talk to me like this? I’m from the Murray family. Go and ask if there is anyone who dares to talk to me like that in S City!”

“No matter which family you are from, I’m someone you can’t afford to offend. I’m not kidding you.”

There was slowly a hint of danger in Scott’s voice. An invisible forcefulness air appeared, making Nancy under an indescribable pressure.

Nancy looked at Scott with some surprise. Not knowing the reason, she became instinctively afraid, as if he would kill her after she said one more word.

Feeing scared, she dared not shout at Scott anymore. For a while, she didn’t know what to do.

Georgia pulled Scott’s clothes and said, “Brother Scott, don’t be angry with her. She’s my roommate and she is just such a person. Aren’t you going to have something to eat with me? Let’s go.”

She knew that Nancy was from a powerful family. If Scott went on arguing with her, things might get worse.

It was only then did Scott look away from Nancy. He turned around, opened the door and got on the car with Georgia.

After they got on the car, Nancy was finally not afraid. Seeing Scott’s old Santana, she immediately became furious.

“A guy who drives such an old car should dare to threaten me! Do you really consider yourself to be a big shot? I’m so angry.
You’re but a loser. How dare you act like that!” Nancy shouted.

Scott ignored her and drove away.

Nancy stamped his foot with her hands clenched into fists. Then she picked up a stone on the ground, throwing it towards the car. Unfortunately, the car had been far away from her, so she failed to hit the car with the stone.

“Wait and see. Damn it. You had better prey that you won’t meet me in the future. Georgia, you b*tch, you won’t be able to study in school as long as I’m here!”

“Tonight, my father will attend the charity dinner held by Mr. Jeremiah. Later, he will cooperate with Mr. Jeremiah. In the future, the Murray family would have a close relationship with Mr. Jeremiah. In S City, Mr. Jeremiah can do anything to a person easily.
At that time, you’ll definitely know the consequence of annoying me!”

After leaving school, Scott drove to the center of S City, found a big shopping mall and had a big meal inside with Georgia.

It could be seen that Georgia couldn’t afford to eating, shopping or having fun here. Therefore, she was curious when she arrived at the mall.

After having a meal, Scott went to play in the Game Center with Georgia for a while and played with the Claw machine with her for a while.

Georgia had never played with Claw machine before. It took only two dollars to play with it once, but that was the money Georgia used to buy a breakfast.

She couldn’t bear to use two dollars to play with the Claw machine, especially when she knew that it was difficult to catch a doll.
Scott got a lot of game coins for Georgia, so that she could have fun. Scott spent several hundred dollars in getting those

game coins, but Georgia caught only three dolls. However, seeing that Georgia no longer frowned, Scott thought that it was worth the money.

After playing in the mall for a while, Scott found a quiet place and talked about college life with Georgia.

From what Georgia said, Scott knew that she didn’t live an easy life in school. It seemed that Georgia took this opportunity to confide her feelings and depression.

Scott listened to her for the whole afternoon.

When it was almost evening, Scott asked Georgia if she wanted to attend the charity dinner with him. There should be a lot of delicious food.

Georgia was a bit shy. After all, she had never been to that kind of place. However, according to Scott, she didn’t need to care about anything when she was there. She could focus on eating.

Being invited repeatedly by Scott, Georgia agreed. In Scott’s opinion, it was not suitable for Georgia to attend a dinner party in the clothes she was wearing. Therefore, he and Georgia bought some beautiful clothes for her.

At about eight o’clock in the evening, Scott drove to the hotel where the charity dinner was held. He parked his car in a nearby parking lot. When they came out of the parking lot, the guard of the parking lot asked Scott why he came here and made a registration for them.

“I come to attend the charity dinner.” Scott said.

The guard immediately laughed and said, “Stop kidding me, bro. People who come to attend the charity dinner tonight are all big bugs in S City. Look at the luxury cars parked there. People who can attend this dinner party all come here in that kind of car.
Look at the car you drive. Don’t joke with me.”

Scott smiled and said, “I really come here to attend the dinner party. I didn’t lie to you.”

Hearing this, the guard said impatiently, “Well, well, well. I got it. You’re a very important person tonight. Leave hurriedly. Don’t block the way.”

Scott didn’t say anything more. He walked towards the hotel where the dinner party was held with Georgia.

“Brother Scott, you’re a big shot. Even Jeremiah treats you so respectfully. Why are you so low-key?” Georgia asked with curiosity.

“Am I very low-key?” Scott asked with some embarrassment.
Georgia nodded and said, “In my opinion, people like you shouldn’t drive such a car.” “Cars are just cars. Only people who are not powerful enough need to use them to show their power.” Scott said with a smile.

Georgia thoughtfully nodded, feeling that Scott was right. It seemed that Scott was the really powerful big shot. He talked and did things like a really powerful person.

They arrived at the door of the hotel. Seeing Scott and Georgia, the waiter who checked the invitation said suspiciously, “I’m sorry. A charity dinner is being held here. Both of you might come to the wrong place. If you want to have dinner, you can go to the snack street opposite.”

Scott sighed helplessly. It appeared that being too low-key wasn’t always a good thing.
“We come to attend the charity dinner.” Scott spoke.

“Oh? Show me your invitation, please.” The waiter looked at Scott up and down. Obviously, he didn’t believe that Scott was eligible to attend this kind of dinner party.

It was only then did Scott remember that he didn’t have an invitation. Jeremiah invited him verbally.

He gave the waiter a glance, saying, “Wait. I’m going to make a phone call first. It was Jeremiah who invited me to attend the charity dinner, but he didn’t give me an invitation.”

Hearing this, there was immediately a hint of disdain on his face. He thought: this guy is too pretentious. Jeremiah invited him to attend the charity party? Is people like him eligible to be a friend of Jeremiah?

“Don’t joke with me. You obstruct the way, and the guests wouldn’t be able to enter the hotel. Go away hurriedly. Without an invitation, you can’t enter the hotel, no matter you were invited by who.” The waiter said rudely.

At this moment, Nancy arrived at the door of the hotel. Seeing that Scott and Georgia were standing at the door, she was stunned for a while first. Then she quickened her pace and came close to them.


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