The Peremptory Casey Davies Chapter 382 In Her Name

The principal froze. After quite a while, he still didn’t gather his wits. Looking at Joey in a daze, he felt an impulse to rush to him and beat him up.

Previously, he considered Scott to be just a troublemaker, so he always spoke for Joey. Now, both Joey and Rufus admitted that they had done it. Then, he could be said to be covering for Joey just now.

Most importantly, Jeremiah was the richest entrepreneur in S City. With the social status of Jeremiah, Jeremiah was more powerful than anyone could imagine. It was fair to say that he was the most powerful person in S City.

Moreover, not long ago, Jeremiah promised to endow two hundred million dollars to the school. He couldn’t conduct some projects of the school without these two hundred million dollars. If he failed to conduct these projects well, he wouldn’t be able to be promoted to a higher position.

Now, his future was under the control of Jeremiah. If he annoyed Jeremiah, he would definitely suffer a lot.

“Joey! As the Director of Students’ Affairs Division, you should do such a shameless thing! Why would we employ a scum like you?” The principal shouted angrily at Joey.

Joey drew back his neck. Now, he dared not lose any temper. He just stood still. No matter how the principal scolded him, he dared not retort.

“You, as a student of SC University, didn’t study hard. Instead, you only thought of making money in illegal ways! Georgia is an excellent student of our school. Daring to do such a thing to her, you don’t deserve to study in our school!” The principal shouted at Rufus.

Like Joey, Rufus had long been scared by Scott and Jeremiah. Hearing what the principal said, he even took two steps back.
After scolding Joey and Rufus, the principal turned around and looked at Scott and Georgia with a guilty expression on his face.

“I’m really sorry. It never occurs to me that there are such scums in my school. Joey was such a hypocrite that I was deceived by him. Don’t worry. I’ll handle this issue in a fair manner. And I won’t let such scums get away with it.” The principal said with a guilty face.

Scott’s lips twitched. He said, “You’re no better than them. If you really want to handle this issue in a fair manner, you won’t listen to only one side of the story.” The principal sighed. He knew that he had really done something wrong this time.

Scott turned his head, looked at Jeremiah and asked, “Just now, you told me that you were going to endow two hundred million dollars to SC University?”

Jeremiah nodded, saying hurriedly, “Previously, I wanted to promote the education of S City. I didn’t know that the principal of SC University was such a bad person. I’ll withdraw the endowment.”

“You don’t have to.” Scott said, “It’s right to promote the development of education. You don’t need to withdraw the money.
However, there couldn’t be any relationship between the principal and the money. Set up a fund with the money in the name of Georgia to help the poor excellent students to complete their studies. Remember that there couldn’t be any relationship between the money and the principal.”

“Yes, Mr. Davies.” Jeremiah immediately agreed.

The face of the principal grew pale. Scott didn’t ask Jeremiah to withdraw the money, but he stressed that there couldn’t be any relationship between the money and him. Moreover, he asked Jeremiah to set up a fund in the name of Georgia. As a result, it couldn’t improve his performance.

He had been a principal for many years, and he had the last chance of promotion in this year. If he failed to get promotion, it was impossible for him to get any promotion in the future.

However, he could do nothing. After all, it was himself that did something wrong. No one could help him.

Hearing what Scott said, Georgia was so scared that she hurriedly said, “Brother Scott, I just want them to explain this issue clearly. You don’t have to set up a fund in my name.”

Scott smiled at Georgia and said, “It’s a compensation for you. It’s somewhat beneficial to your studies. Don’t refuse it.”

Hearing him say so, Georgia could only nod.

After that, Scott warned Joey and Rufus that they had to clarify this issue in the presence of all teachers and students tomorrow. If they didn’t do that, Scott would catch them wherever they went.

With Jeremiah deterring them, Joey and Rufus would not dare to run away, no matter how bold they were. They knew clearly that they would be caught by Jeremiah even if they did run away.

After settling this issue, Scott left the office with Georgia. It was already noon. Scott planned to have lunch with Georgia first.

Jeremiah had intended to make arrangements for Scott. However, seeing that Georgia was a little embarrassed, Scott asked Jeremiah to go first and he would have lunch with Georgia on his own.

Before leaving, Jeremiah invited Scott to attend the charity dinner he held tonight.

Scott agreed. In his opinion, he was new here, so he had to ask Jeremiah for information about this city. Anyway, he had nothing to do at night. It was fine for him to attend the dinner party.

Jeremiah immediately gave the address of the dinner party. He also told Scott to call him when he was there and he would come out to welcome him after receiving the call.

After saying these, Jeremiah left the college.

Scott went to the place where he parked his car with Georgia. Considering that Georgia lived a poor life in school, Scott guessed that she hadn’t eaten something good. Therefore, he planned to have a big meal with her. By the way, he could comfort her.

On the way, Georgia kept her head down and clasped her hands. It appeared that she was somewhat nervous. Considering that even the famous entrepreneur Jeremiah treated Scott respectfully, she was also nervous when she was beside Scott.
“You don’t need to be so nervous. Just be natural. I’ve told you that I treat you as my younger sister. Jennifer has been a member

of my family, so you could be said to be a member of my family. Don’t treat me as a stranger.” Scott said with a smile.

Georgia took a deep breath, nodded at Scott and said, “Brother Scott, thank you. I’ll definitely study hard and find an opportunity to repay you in the future.”

“You don’t have to repay me. Just treat your mother well.”

Many people paid attention to them when they were walking. Recently, Georgia had become a celebrity in the college because of the rumors.

“Look! Isn’t that Georgia? Who is the man beside her? Is he a whoremaster?”

“My god. How dare Georgia come out with the whoremaster? Shame on her. She indeed brings disgrace to our school.” “Tut-tut, people like her should be expelled. After all, our school is famous. There shouldn’t be people like her in our school.” Hearing their comments, Georgia was immediately upset and embarrassed.

Scott turned his head, looked at her and said, “Don’t care about their comments. Ryanorrow, they’ll all know the fact. You just need to know that you’re innocent.”

Georgia nodded, followed Scott and left the school.
Many people followed them to the place where Scott parked his car.
At this moment, a girl in the crowd came close to them. She was Georgia’s roommate, Nancy.

Looking at Scott up and down, Nancy spoke in a mean way, “Oh, Georgia, are you going to make money? It seems that you don’t care about the photos in Rufus’s phone at all. You’re really a shameless b*tch.”


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