The Peremptory Casey Davies Chapter 381 I Come Here to Meet Mr. Davies

Seeing that Scott was being so tough, the principal became even unhappier. Scott was a stranger. He even didn’t know Scott’s name. Being scolded in this school, it was impossible for him to listen to Scott.

“Don’t go too far. I’m the person who have the right to decide how to handle it. It has nothing to do with you. You’ll only put Georgia on a more embarrassed position by doing so.” The principal frowned and said.

“Principal, you’re right. He has no right to interfere with this issue. Rufus has to contract Georgia for some reason. I’ll explain it to you in private later. We had better ask the security guard to drive him out now. He comes here to make trouble for us.” Joey said.

Rufus kept nodding.
The principal didn’t retort. Obviously, he agreed with Joey.

“Ho, ho. You want to talk about it in private? If you’re really given the chance to talk about it in private, I’m afraid that you’ll stand facts on your heads. Principal, are you going to cover for them?” Scott looked at the principal with cold eyes.

“Don’t try to interfere with my decision. It’s my business.” The principal said with absolute certainty.
“And both of you are not going to admit your mistake, are you?” Scott turned to Joey and Rufus.
“What mistake did we make? Don’t slander us!” Joey retorted.

“There must be something wrong with your mind, otherwise you wouldn’t have tried to involve the principal in this issue. Who do you think you are? How dare you challenge the principal?” Rufus said with disdain.

Seeing their reaction, Scott nodded, saying, “Well, this is your answer. Don’t regret it.” After saying that, Scott took out his mobile phone and made a phone call to the people Jordan had told him to contact before.

Seeing this, Joey immediately sneered and said, “Could it be that you want to ask someone to deal with it for you? Are you out of your mind? Do you know how well-connected the principal is in S City? People like you should try to ask someone to deal with it for you. Be realistic.”

Scott ignored him and waited quietly for the call to be answered.
“Hello? Who is that?” “Scott Davies.”

It was obvious that that person gasped. Then that person said with a slightly trembling voice, “Lord Davies, is it really you? Before, TL informed me that you were coming to S City. Where are you now? I’m going to pick you up.”

“I’m at SC University now. Do you know the principal of this university?” Scott asked.

“Yes. I just endowed two hundred million dollars to SC University and the principal is eager to make friends with me. Lord Davies, what happens?’

“Good. Now, come to SC University. I’m waiting for you in the principal’s office.”

After saying that, Scott hung up the phone.

“You’re serious. Do you think that you’ll become eligible to negotiate with the principal by just asking several people to come here? Let me tell you. You’re at a college. You can’t threaten others with violence here. If you dare to harm us, you’ll be punished by law!” Joey shouted at Scott.

Scott smiled at them and said, “I’ll reason with you. I hope that you won’t be shameless and that you won’t deny everything.” “What are you talking about?” Rufus shouted at Scott angrily.

The principal impatiently sat down on his chair. He wanted to know who would come to help Scott. He had just made friends with Jeremiah, the richest businessman in S City. Therefore, in this city, he was not afraid of anyone.

Georgia didn’t expect that this issue would become more and more serious. The current situation was beyond her imagination.
She came close to Scott, asking with worry, “Brother Scott, shall we really continue to confront them like this?”

Scott smiled and said, “I’m not confronting them. I just want them to be aware of their mistakes. Don’t worry. Since I’ve promised to deal with it for you, I’ll do as what I said.”

Georgia had to nad, stood aside and waited quietly.
About twenty minutes later, there was a sound of footsteps coming from outside. Then, there was a knock on the door.
Scott went to open the door, seeing Jeremiah. There were five or six strong bodyguards behind Jeremiah.

“Mr. Davies, I’m late. Forgive me, please.” Previously, Jeremiah wanted to call Scott Lord Davies. However, he called Scott Mr.
Davies after he saw Scott’s eyes.

“Come in.” Scott said casually.

“Humph, who could come to help a stupid villager like you? I won’t agree to your request.” After saying this, the principal looked up at the door.

When he saw the people coming in, the principal was stunned.

Joey and Rufus were also stunned. Jeremiah was a well-known entrepreneur in S City and was reported by TV almost every day. Therefore, they naturally knew what Jeremiah looked like.

“This guy asked Jeremiah to help him. Is there anything wrong with my eyes? Could it be that my eyes deceive me?” Joey said in disbelief.

“How is it possible that Jeremiah, a rich businessman, would take the time to come here? Besides, who is that guy? Why would Jeremiah come here after receiving his phone call?” Rufus also said with a trembling voice.

After seeing Jeremiah, both of them already felt uneasy.

After being stunned for a few seconds, the principal hurriedly stood up, went close to Jeremiah and said with a smile, “Mr.
Jeremiah, you’re here. We’ve just talked on the phone. Why didn’t you tell me that you were coming?”

“I come to meet Mr. Davies. There is no need for me to inform you.” Jeremiah said indifferently.

The principal, Joey and Rufus all gasped after hearing Jeremiah call Scott Mr. Davies.

Mr. Davies?

Jeremiah should call this seemingly ordinary man, who helped Georgia, Mr. Davies?

Who on earth was this guy? Which family was he from?

They three had countless questions in their minds, but Jeremiah wouldn’t tell them the answers.
Jeremiah turned his head, looked at Scott and asked, “Mr. Davies, what trouble did you get in here?”

Scott gave the principal, Joey and Rufus a glance, speaking coldly, “These two men cheated my younger sister into signing a problematic contract. At the same time, they slandered her. Just now, they denied it when I asked them. Therefore, I need you to look into this issue and find all the evidence.”

“Yes, Mr. Davies. I’ll take care of it.” Jeremiah answered.

Joey’s and Rufus’s expression all changed. They knew how powerful Jeremiah was in S City. If CY wanted to investigate this matter, he would be able to find enough evidence in less than a day.

At the beginning, they considered Georgia to be a fool who had no one to help her, so they ignored a lot of details. After all, it

never occurred to them that Jeremiah, who was powerful, would investigate this matter.

“Of course, I don’t want to waste so much time. I’ll give both of you a chance to confess. If you voluntarily confess your crimes, you’ll be in less pain. Otherwise, I’ll deal with you in a way that would cause a lot of pain. You wouldn’t want to experience it.” Scott went on.

Hearing this, both Joey and Rufus shivered.

“Sir, Mr. Joey is an asset of our school. It’s impossible for him to do something like that. If you want to find out the fact, our school will assist you. It’s fair to everyone.” The principal said in a much polite way while staring at Scott.

Until now, the principal still believed Joey.

Both Joey and Rufus put on a strange expression. Now, they were in a dilemma. Their eyes met once. It seemed as if they were asking each other what they should do.

Rufus made a decision. It was unnecessary that they would find out anything even if they looked into it. It would be fine as long as they refused to admit it.

When he was about to make his attitude clear, Joey admitted, “I admit that I was wrong. However, Rufus should shoulder most liability. I just helped him in threatening Georgia. He is the prime culprit.”

Rufus was immediately dumbfounded. To his astonishment, Joey not only admitted that they had done it, but also told others that he was the prime culprit.

Hearing what Joey said, the principal was also stunned. Joey, who he had always trusted very much, should have really done such a shameless thing?

Just now, he tried to protect him. He had egg on his face for protecting Joey!

“You sun of b*tch. I’m the prime culprit? Didn’t you want to sleep with Georgia? Are you not going to have half of the money if she really gives us 300000 dollars?” Rufus stared at Joey with red eyes and was nearly going to hit him.

“Rufus, show some consideration for me. If my wife knows it, she would definitely kill me. So I can’t risk it.” Joey said.
“I’ll tell your wife this matter later. You won’t be able to conceal it from her!” Rufus shouted angrily.
“Enough!” Scott sneered.

Both of them stopped immediately. Joey turned around, looked at Scott and knelt down before Scott, “Fella, you’re the bigger person. Spare me! I’ve got parents and kids to support. If others knew it, my reputation would be ruined. Then, I’ll be too ashamed to see anyone.”

“You know that you should cherish your reputation? Why didn’t you take my younger sister’s reputation into consideration when you and Rufus slandered her?” Scott shouted.

Joey immediately became silent, knowing that he wouldn’t be able to get away with it.

Then Rufus also knelt down before Scott and pleaded, “Bro, I know that I was wrong. I shouldn’t treat Georgia in this way. I’ll repent in the future. Spare me, please. I’ll destroy the contract now and I won’t do something like this anymore.”

Scott looked coldly at them and said, “You have caused a great influence on Georgia’s reputation. You have to make up for it. If you explain it clearly in the presence of all teachers and students tomorrow, I’ll spare you. Otherwise, I’ll send you to prison.”

Joey’s and Rufus’s face grew pale, knowing that Scott had showed mercy to them.

After saying that, Scott turned his head, looked at the principal and asked coldly, “What do you want to say now?”


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