The Peremptory Casey Davies Chapter 380 You Have to Decide Now

In the principal’s office.

The principal sat on the chair, holding the phone in his hand, with a flattering smile on his face, listening carefully to the voice on the phone.

“Okay, Mr. Jeremiah, I will definitely implement it in the school according to what you said. Thank you for donating 200 million dollars to our school so that we have enough funds to develop the education cause. I don’t know if you agree that I give you the position of an honorary professor of our school?” The principal’s voice was very respectful, as if he was talking to some big leader.

“Okay, if there is nothing else, I’m going to hang up first. I won’t bother you. If you’re available, you can come to our school to have a look.”

After speaking the last sentence, the principal put down the phone and let out a long sigh of relief.
Sure enough, there was still a lot of pressure to talk to these big bosses.
Not long after he put down the phone, someone was knocking on the office door.

“Come in.” The principal immediately restored the majesty that a principal should have. The flattering smile just now disappeared without a trace.

The office door was pushed open. Joey and Rufus walked in together.
The principal stared at the two of them, then asked, “What’s the matter? Wy are you so panicked?”

Joey and Rufus both stared at the principal, then Rufus said, “Mr. Principal, some students in our school must be expelled, otherwise the reputation of our school will be ruined.”

When the principal heard Joey’s words, he frowned and asked, “What student?”

Joey immediately slandered Georgia, saying that she asked other students to sleep with her and paid her money, saying that she even secretly ran to the boys’ dormitory. These things had spread in the school.

Now even many people outside the school had heard of this incident, which had had a very serious impact on the school’s reputation.

“If I remember correctly, isn’t Georgia a good student? How could she be like what you said?” the principal frowned and asked.
“Mr. Principal, it was not her true face. Just today, one of her guests came into the school to help her beat me. Look at my face, it’s still swollen. Just because I told the truth, I was beaten up like this. My phone was broken by that person. He insisted that

there were indecent photos of them on my phone. But I just found those photos on the Internet. They denied it. So shameless.” Rufus also slander Georgia.

After hearing Rufus’s words, the principal slammed the table and yelled, “It’s ridiculous! There are such students in my school.
It’s really a shame to our school. I must not let this kind of people stay in our school. Joey, you go to announce the expulsion of this student now, and then call her to my office. I want to see how shameless she is!”

As soon as the principal finished speaking, the office door was kicked open.
The three people inside were taken aback, and then they all hurriedly looked towards the door.
Scott walked in with Georgia from the outside, with a gloomy face, and said, “I am here today. Who dares to expel her!”

Joey and Rufus were taken aback when they saw that Scott brought Georgia to the principal’s office, but then they both sneered. Since Georgia came over, Joey didn’t bother to find Georgia.

“You two still dare come to the principal’s office!” Rufus yelled at Scott and Georgia, then turned to look at the principal and said, “Mr. Principal, this man is Georgia’s John. Not only did he hit me, he also smashed my mobile phone. Now he’s still coming to you to make trouble. It’s so arrogant!”

Hearing what Rufus said, Joey knew the man who this suddenly broke in was. He hurriedly shouted, “Mr. Principal, see, Georgia is so bold that she even brought her John to the school to make trouble. What kind of place does she treat the school as? This kind of students must not stay in the school!”

After the principle heard what Rufus and Joey said, he pulled a long face. He stared at Scott, and then his gaze fell on Georgia behind. He said angrily, “Georgia, I always thought that you were a good student and an example for other students. I didn’t expect you to do this kind of thing. No matter how good your academic performance is, you still can’t have achievements if you don’t know what should to do and what shouldn’t to do. I don’t allow students like you to appear in our school!”

“You are expelled!”

When Georgia heard the principal’s words, she hurried forward and explained, “Mr. Principal, it’s not like what you think. I was slandered. I have never done anything like that. It was Rufus and Joey who framed me.”

“Huh, do you still want to quibble? How could Dean of Student Affairs frame students? I have heard about you too. This matter will not come from groundless sources. Your quibble is useless.” The principal said.

Seeing that the principal did not believe Georgia’s words at all, Joey and Rufus sneered, gloating at the desperate Georgia.

“As a principle, just based on their unilateral rhetoric, you wanted to expel a student indiscriminately. What qualifications do you have to continue to be principal?” Scott stared at the principal and said coldly.

When the principal heard Scott’s words, he glared at Scott and shouted, “How am I indiscriminate? This is the result of the investigation by Dean of Student Affairs. Is it possible that there are false? What qualifications do you have to accuse me here?”

“The results of the investigation by Dean of Student Affairs? You really don’t have to do anything. What he said is what he said. If it’s him who slandered Georgia, what should you do? As a principal, don’t you even have to investigate itin person?” Scott questioned.

Hearing Scott saying this, Joey quickly retorted, “The principal is busy. He has no time to take care of such trivial matters. Don’t slander me. It’s her who did such things. It’s none of my business. I thought you just came to school to make trouble.”

“Haha, aren’t you guys the ones who lied to Georgia to sign the contract? I don’t know whether you bring that contract with you.” Scott sneered.

Hearing what Scott said, Rufus immediately subconsciously touched the back of his clothes. Scott noticed Rufus’s movement.
Then Scott’s eyes suddenly narrowed.

“What contract? What are you talking nonsense here? Get out quickly. This is the principal’s office. You can’t go in casually!” Joey shouted loudly.

The principal also felt a little angry because that Scott just brought others in and questioned him. Scott also said that he was not qualified to be the principal here. The principal was pissed off and didn’t intend to give Georgia a chance to explain.

“You two get out of here. This is the case. Our school can’t tolerate this kind of student who discredited the school. Today, she will be expelled. No matter who comes, it’s useless. Get out of here quickly. Otherwise, I will call the security guard over!” The principal stared at Scott angrily.

Seeing the principal’s attitude so determined, Georgia suddenly felt desperate, knowing that there was no way to recover the incident.

She stretched out her hand to yank Scott’s arm, and said, “Scott, we can’t defeat them. Forget it, this time I can only accept my fate.”

“It’s just three bastards. I don’t think they are strong. I must let them give you an innocence. Even he is the principal, if he is unreasonable, I will let him understand the cost of negligence of duty!” Scott said that so firmly.
Then Scott turned around and dashed towards Rufus, grabbed Rufus’s arm, turned his body over and lifted up his clothes.

Seeing the contract tucked in Rufus’s trouser, Scott took it out directly.

Seeing that the contract had been taken out, Rufus exclaimed, “Damn it. You snatched my stuff. Mr. Principal, you should call the security guard over and let the security arrest him!”

Seeing that Scott dared to openly grab stuff here, the principal immediately walked to the table, picked up the phone and was about to call the security guard.

Scott directly threw the contract on the table, and said coldly, “You should take a look at the contract first, and then decide whether to call the security guard.”

Seeing the contract on the table, the principal stopped and then picked up the contract.

“Mr. Principal, it’s my personal belongings. It’s not a contract at all. Don’t listen to him talking nonsense here.”

Rufus was about to rush to grab the contract on the table. Scott kicked Rufus directly and then Rufus stepped back.
The principal took a look at the contract. Then his eyes widened after seeing what was written on it.

“Georgia, you would actually sign a contract to go to a bar to do this kind of work. You still want to argue for yourself. Don’t you know what kind of women would go to bar to work?” The principal shouted at Georgia.

Joey and Rufus originally thought that the principal would change his attitude after seeing the contract. They didn’t expect that the contract would make the principal even more convinced that Georgia was a bad student.

Scott also glanced at the principal. He was a little speechless, wondering how this person became a principal.

“Look at the names signed on the contract. It was signed by Rufus and Georgia. What does this mean? Don’t you know?” Scott said.

The principal then noticed that Rufus’s name was still on the contract, and suddenly realized his negligence.

But even if Georgia’s affairs were really related to Rufus, it would not be Scott’s turn to take care of it. The principal felt that Scott made himself very embarrassed by saying that, so he still didn’t want to talk about it now.

“No matter whose names are on this contract, it is our school’s affair. It is not your turn to take care of. I will check this matter later. You get out now. As for whether expelling Georgia, it can be postponed for two days to announce.” The principal said coldly.

Seeing that the principal was obviously partial to Joey, Scott exploded in anger. He walked directly over, and closed the office door.

“There must be a decision about this matter today. Otherwise, none of you three can get out of this office!”


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