The Peremptory Casey Davies Chapter 379 Georgia

Rufus looked at the broken phone, he was stunned. He just bought the phone a week ago, but it was trampled into pieces by this guy.

“Fuck! It’s my new mobile phone. Why are you smashing my mobile phone? It’s not over. I will never let you go!” Rufus screamed at Scott angrily. It seemed that he wanted to go up to beat Scott, but he didn’t dare to rush up.

“I can compensate you for the phone, but can you compensate for the mental damage caused to her?” Scott looked at Rufus coldly.

Rufus suddenly felt a little guilty. But he still stared at Scott with gritted teeth and said, “Dare you tell me your name? At SC University, no one dares to provoke me!”

“I won’t leave until this matter is completely figured out. You’d better think about whether you’re wrong or not, otherwise no one can save you at that time.” Scott said coldly.

Rufus snorted, then stood up from the ground and said viciously to Scott, “Let’s wait and see. I will let you both die miserably! Tell you, if Georgia is expelled out of the school, it will be your responsibility. No one can help her!”

After speaking, Rufus rushed out of the crowd and ran away into the distance.

Seeing Rufus’s departure, Scott turned and walked to Georgia. He had to know what was going on before he could find a way to help Georgia.

If he didn’t figure out anything and he just beat Rufus like this, it seemed that he would be too unreasonable.

Georgia stared at Scott blankly. She did not react for a long time. She had always been alone in school. No one helped her.
This was the first time she had experienced the feeling of someone supporting herself.

“Are you okay?” Scott asked.

When Georgia heard Scott’s voice, she recovered from thoughts. Then she quickly nodded at Scott and said, “I… I’m fine.” “I am…” Scott intended to introduce himself first.

“Are you Scott?” Georgia said, her eyes full of gratitude.

Scott laughed and asked, “You know me?”

“My mother often talks about you to me. She told me that you are her benefactor and that you treat her very well.” Georgia explained, “But, why are you here?”

“I came to S City to deal with some things. I just heard your mother say that you are in trouble, so I come here to have a look.
Let’s go find a place to sit for a while. You tell me the details, then I can know if I can help you solve the trouble.” Scott said.

Georgia was so grateful that Scott came forward to help her at that time. When Scott said that, she originally wanted to refuse, but she was so desperate now, so she nodded.

The two walked out of the crowd together. The onlookers all stared at Georgia and Scott with the strange look in their eyes, and whispered.

Georgia looked at the eyes of the people around her and sighed helplessly, knowing that this incident could no longer be contained. If Scott couldn’t help her, she would really have to drop out of school.

The two came to a bench by the lake in the school. After sitting down, Scott asked Georgia to tell him what happened.

“I’m too stupid. If I didn’t believe in the bastard, Rufus, there would be no such thing later.” Georgia lowered her head, looking haggard.

Georgia had always lived peacefully in school before. At most, Nancy would make some trouble for Georgia. Because Nancy didn’t like Georgia. In order to successfully complete her studies, Georgia felt that she could bear it.

Some time ago, Georgia finished all her courses and then had a lot of free time. She thought about finding a part-time job to make some money, so as to relieve Jennifer’s pressure.

At this time, Rufus approached Georgia and said that he could introduce her a job.

Georgia had focused on studying since she was a child. She had very little contact with boys. Rufus said that he would introduce Georgia a job, but in fact he wanted to pursue her.

Georgia had no experience in this aspect at all, so she was fascinated by Rufus’s few sweet words. Georgia, who was in her youth, was already eager for love. If a boy took the initiative to pursue her, how could she resist these temptations?

So before long, Georgia agreed to be Rufus’s girlfriend.

At the beginning, Georgia felt that the relationship between herself and Rufus was still normal. They would go out to have a meal, would watch a movie, and held hands at most.

However, a few days later, Rufus began to take advantage of Georgia, and also asked Georgia to have s*x with him.
Georgia felt it was too soon to do such stuff. She was frightened, so she refused Rufus.

After being rejected, Rufus didn’t say anything. He apologized to Georgia, saying that he was impulsive and asked Georgia to forgive him.

Seeing Rufus’s attitude of admitting his mistake was so sincere, Georgia forgave him and continued to maintain the relationship with Rufus, but since then Georgia had become more cautious.

That day Rufus approached Georgia and told her that he had helped her find a particularly suitable part-time job as a tutor, and the salary was not low. Then he came up with an agreement and asked Georgia to sign it.

After checking the agreement and feeling that there was no problem, Georgia wrote her name on it.

But when Rufus took Georgia to work the next day, Georgia realized something was wrong. Rufus actually took Georgia to the bar, and asked her to put on short shorts, a small vest. He even asked her to dress s*xier.

When Georgia realized that something was wrong, she ran out of the bar immediately. But Rufus caught up with her, saying that she had signed the contract and had to work in the bar.

Georgia said to Rufus that the contract she signed was to be a tutor. Rufus smirked at this time. He took out a contract and gave Georgia a glance. Georgia looked at the content of the contract and found that the contract said that she had sold herself!

The last page of this contract was exactly the same as Georgia’s signature. There were some insignificant notes written on it.
Now this contract and the page signed by Georgia were placed together, and there was no wrong at all.

Only then did Georgia realize that she had been deceived by Rufus.

The reason why Rufus wanted to date with Georgia was because Georgia was pretty. Besides, Rufus wanted to trick her into having s*x. After being rejected by Georgia, Rufus thought of such a way.

Georgia had signed the contract. She must come to the bar to work. Her main job was to accompany the guests to drink.
Georgia also knew that there must be other things besides drinking. Of course she didn’t agree.

But if she didn’t come to work, she must pay Rufus 300,000 dollars. Otherwise, Rufus would sue Georgia. From the contract, it was not any problems that Rufus asked Georgia to do the job. At that time, when they signed the contract, there were only them two. So, if Georgia explained, Rufus could say that Georgia was arguing. The probability of Georgia winning was very low.
Besides, Georgia had no money to hire a lawyer at all.

Rufus’s uncle was Dean of Student Affairs. After that day, Rufus took Georgia to see his uncle. They two threatened Georgia together, asking Georgia to either compensate money or sleep with them. Otherwise, Georgia would not only be accused, but she would still be expelled from school. Then, she couldn’t go to school.

Rufus and his uncle gave Georgia a week to consider it. If Georgia did not make a decision a week later, they would expel her and sue her.

After listening to Georgia’s words, Scott also frowned. He didn’t expect that Rufus would be so insidious. Rufus was only a student, but he could think of such a mean method.

“I’m really desperate, so I asked for money from my mother. But even if I promised to have s*x with them, they would definitely not let me go. If that were the case, my life would be ruined.” Georgia said desperately.

Scott nodded to Georgia and comforted, “You don’t have to worry. Since I already know the incident, I won’t let them succeed.
You are Jennifer’s daughter. I treat you as my younger sister. I will support you.”

Georgia wanted to cry. She expressed her gratitude to Scott.

“Let’s go. Take me to your principal’s office. This matter has already caused too much influence on your reputation. Only the principal can clarify for you.” Scott said.

Georgia was taken aback. She didn’t expect Scott would go to find the principle. SC University was a first-class university in H Country. The principal was not simple. Without certain strength, the principal wouldn’t agree to see anyone casually.

Moreover, Rufus’s uncle was Dean of Student Affairs, almost equivalent to be the principal’s side. If anything happened, the principal would definitely help Rufus’s uncle.

But now the only person she could rely on was Scott. Since Scott said so, there should be a way, so she led Scott towards the principal’s office.

On the road in front of the school administration building.
Rufus and his uncle, Joey, were walking quickly towards the administration building.
“Unexpectedly, someone would dare to help Georgia. He really doesn’t take me seriously.” Joey said with a cold face.

“Uncle, that guy doesn’t seem to be a student from this school, but no matter who he is, Georgia is the student here. We just need to make Georgia suffer. It’s all because of this b*tch, the phone I just bought broke. You must teach her a lesson!” Rufus.
said fiercely.

“Don’t worry. The relationship between me and the principal is good. The principal will listen to me. Expelling a student is so easy, let alone that she does such things. The principal will definitely not let this kind of person stay in school.” Joey said.

Rufus nodded and sneered. He had to let Georgia suffer first. As for that guy who slapped him, he would never let that guy go.

The two walked into the administration building together.


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