The Peremptory Casey Davies Chapter 378 You Ask for Justice

In front of the teaching building.

A boy who wore brand clothes and had Afro-hair was standing here, staring at the two photos on his phone with a wry look.
Those two photos were of a girl taking a shower. If others looked carefully, they could find that the girl in the photos was Georgia.
At this time, Georgia ran to the teaching building with anxious expression on her face. After seeing Rufus, she hurried over.
“Rufus, what do you mean? What do you want from me?” Georgia panted and asked.

Rufus smirked. He showed the photos to Georgia.

Seeing the photos on Rufus’s phone, Georgia immediately wanted to grab his phone.

Rufus hurriedly put away his mobile phone. He said with a smile, “What? Grab my mobile phone? You wish.”

“Why do you have pictures of me taking a shower? Rufus, you bastard. Did you peek at me taking a shower?” Georgia said nervously.

“Don’t be stupid! You take a shower in your dormitory. How did I take a peek? As for how I get the photos, it’s none of your business. You just need to know that now I have photos in my hands. Now 300,000 dollars is not enough.” Rufus said sinisterly.

Georgia couldn’t help but stepped back two steps. She was shocked. Rufus couldn’t enter the girls’ dormitory. The only person who could took photos was… Nancy!

She thought of the sudden stop of the water when she was taking a shower yesterday, and Nancy’s laughter. These photos could only be taken by Nancy.

“Did Nancy take these photos? Delete them. You are invading my privacy!” Georgia almost collapsed. Now there were all kinds of negative rumors about her in school. If Rufus spread photos, she might really not be able to stay in school anymore.

Rufus sneered and said, “I can delete the photos. Except 300,000 dollars, you have to sleep with my uncle and me for one night.
Otherwise, even if you give me 300,000 dollars, I will still spread the photos.”

Georgia had become very sensitive to these things in the past few days. What a diligent girl she was originally! She had been very hardworking because she knew her family was poor.

She had always been an excellent student in school. Many people had treated her as an example. However, now she had encountered such a thing. Everyone said that she was a b*tch, which had dealt a great blow to her.

Originally, 300,000 dollars had already made her a little breathless, but now Rufus threatened her with those photos again, and even asked her to sleep with him. Rufus’s words became the last straw that crushed Georgia.

She glared at Rufus, then rushed over, reaching out to grab the phone in Rufus’s hand.

Rufus didn’t expect that Georgia, who was quiet, would take the initiative to snatch the phone. So he was shocked.

But he was a boy after all. After reacting, he hurriedly put his mobile phone into his pocket, grabbed Georgia’s arm with one hand, and shouted, “Are you f*cking crazy?”

“Delete the photos!” Georgia shouted hysterically.

“Damn it. I won’t delete them. You dare to snatch my mobile phone. How dare you!” Rufus shouted at Georgia.

Georgia couldn’t control the anger at this time. She still stretched out towards Rufus’s trouser pocket, trying to snatch Rufus’s mobile phone.

Seeing Georgia still not stopping, Rufus was also a little angry. He slapped Georgia directly.
Georgia almost couldn’t stand firmly. She was staggering, and then stepped back.
“Bitch. Enough! Do you really think I dare not hit you?” Rufus said viciously.

Georgia felt so wronged. She didn’t expect that Rufus would hit her. She stood still with her face covered, and stared at Rufus blankly.

Because the quarrel just now was a bit loud, it attracted some passing students. A large circle of people soon surrounded the teaching building.

Seeing he was being watched by so many people, Rufus showed a vicious look. Then he shouted at the people around him, “Everyone, see, this b*tch, Georgia, in order to ask me for money, she wants to seduce me. I didn’t agree, so she took advantage of me. Such a slut! If she still stays in our school, it will really be a shame on our school!”

After everyone heard Rufus’s words, they immediately began to point to Georgia. The look in their eyes was full of disdain.

“Isn’t it said that Georgia is an excellent student in our school? How could she do such a thing? Seduce others in public? Is she too cheap?”

“You don’t know the recent rumors. They all say that Georgia is actually a whore. She sells herself with the clear price in order to make money. She has been pestering Rufus before. I didn’t expect that she was so shameless and starts to openly seduce Rufus in public.”

“Tsk-tsk, no matter how excellent she is, what’s the use? She still did such things. If she is short of money, she can find a sugar daddy so that she doesn’t have to do such things.”

“Who knows! I heard that Georgia’s family is very poor. Her mother has always been working to support her to go to school. She has done this kind of thing now. If her mother knows about this, her mother will be pissed off.”

Georgia couldn’t help shaking her head as she listened to the comments of the people around her. Tears could not help but come down.

“It’s not like this. It’s not like what you think. I was set up. I’ve never done those things.” She whispered. But at this time no one would be willing to listen to what she said. Everyone would be happy to see the news that a good student turned to be a whore. Even if Georgia explained it, no one would believe it.

“Look, everyone, this b*tch is still crying. I don’t feel wronged yet. But she pretended to be pitiful. Don’t believe her. She is good at acting!” Rufus immediately shouted again when he saw Georgia crying.

At this moment, Rufus turned his head and looked at Georgia, with a sneer on his face. He said in a low voice, “Bitch, this is the consequence that you didn’t listen to me. That’s not over. I will give you a day to think about it. If you disagree with my request then, I will still spread your photos.”

After speaking, Rufus wanted to turn around to leave.
The moment he turned around, he suddenly felt someone standing before him. So he ran into a person.

He had to step back a few steps towards the back. Then he cursed, “Damn it. Who are you? You dare to block my way. Get out of my way.”

After Rufus stood firmly, he took a closer look and found that the man who was blocking his way was an ordinary looking man, but looked a lot older than him.

Seeing that the man was too common, Rufus cursed, “Are you insane? Get out of my way!” “You slander a girl casually, but you’re still so arrogant. You are really ashamed.”

It was Scott who was speaking. After arriving at SC University at that time, he originally planned to call Georgia. But when he saw a group of people around here, he took a look.

He had seen a photo of Georgia and Jennifer, so he knew what Georgia looked like. He quickly confirmed that the girl who had almost collapsed was Georgia.

“Who the hell are you? You dare to talk to me like that? Who slanders her? She is just a b*tch. Do I have to slander her?” Rufus shouted unceremoniously.

Scott stepped forward and directly slapped Rufus.

Rufus fell to the ground in an instant, then his face quickly swelled up.

When everyone around saw Scott’s sudden move, they were all surprised. Then they couldn’t help being farther away from Scott.

“Who the hell are you? Why did you hit me? Are you Georgia’s boyfriend?” Rufus stared at Scott. If he didn’t feel the power of Scott’s slap, he would have rushed to fight with Scott.

“Should this person be Georgia’s sugar daddy? He is so fierce.” “He doesn’t look like a rich man. How could it be that he is Georgia’s sugar daddy? I think he is just a man who likes Georgia.”

“Georgia is such a slut. Why does anyone like her? I think he’s Georgia’s boyfriend. Otherwise, how could he come forward for her?”

Georgia did not expect that someone would suddenly come forward for her and beat Rufus.
She thought about it, but she found that she didn’t know this person.
Soon, she remembered that at that time her mother called her and said that someone would come to help her.

The person who came was the one who hired Jennifer as a nanny. Jennifer often talked about Scott when she called Georgia, so Georgia also knew Scott’s name.

“Is he Scott?” Georgia muttered.
Scott walked towards Rufus, looked down at him, and said coldly, “Take your phone out.”

Rufus stared at Scott and shouted, “You have no right to let me take out the phone. Tell you, my uncle is Dean of Student Affairs of SC University. If I tell my uncle, you’ll be kicked out of the school!”

He thought that Scott was also a student in this school.
“You don’t give your phone to me, do you?” Scott raised his foot, as if he would kick Rufus at any time.

Looking at Scott’s feet, Rufus swallowed. Scott’s one slap could knock him down. If Scott kicked him, he might be screwed up.

After hesitating for a while, Rufus couldn’t resist the pressure. He took the phone out of his pocket.

Scott took the phone. Rufus immediately yelled, “You guys! Call the police. This person openly robbed my phone. Is there any justice?”

Scott turned on the phone and took a look. Then he found that it turned out to be some photos of Georgia taking a shower. He was so mad.

He stared at Rufus and said coldly, “You are also qualified to talk about justice? It’s ridiculous.”

After speaking, he threw Rufus’s mobile phone on the ground and stepped on it. The mobile phone immediately broke.


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