The Peremptory Casey Davies Chapter 377 Leaving for S City

Scott frowned at those words and said, “Jennifer, calm down. Just tell me what trouble your daughter have been involved in, OK?”

300,000 yuan was not a small number for Jennifer, let alone her daughter who was still a student.

First thing coming to his mind when he heard the news was that her daughter might be trapped in usury issue. Recently, there were many reports on college students jumping off the building for that kind of issue.

But for what Scott could recalled, Jennifer usually talked a lot of good stuff about her daughter, such as working hard, excellent academic performance and most of scholarship went to her daughter every year. In the common sense, her daughter didn’t sound like the one that would be drawn into usury.

Now Jennifer said her daughter needed 300,000 yuan. Things wouldn’t be that simple.

Jennifer took a long breath before explanation, “Georgia phoned me yesterday and told me she was deceived by a classmate, a male of the child of the school leader. It seems Georgia had refused that kid’s condition and now she is threatened by him—-he will had Georgia dismissed from school via his connection if she didn’t give him the money.”

“Scott, it was not easy for Georgia to make it to university. Being dispelled as a junior at this point means she’ll never have the chance to change her fate. So, could you help me, please?”

By saying that, Jennifer got emotional with tears in her eyes. It could tell that she attached great importance on her daughter’s education. Scott had met with her relatives and agreed that her daughter’s education was the only way to get them out of that mess.

Once her daughter got dismissed, all the efforts they had made were all going to the drain and no chance to fight the fate at all.
That was why Jennifer acting like that.

“Jennifer, don’t freak out. There might be more to your daughter’s matter. She is a smart girl and won’t give out that amount of money just because of some verbal threats. Something may be hiding from you.” Scott said.

On second thought with Scott’s analysis, Jennifer thought it did make sense. Just her daughter’s tone over the phone was really on edge, and she knew her daughter too well—she wouldn’t come to her if it wasn’t for emergency.

The kid even learnt a way to get by when her living expense was running out. She must had come to a dead end before asking for that number of money.

That also meant no matter what kind of trouble her daughter had ran into must be a very tricky one.

“Scott, I understand that you have some concerns about Georgia’s need for such kind of money but I could guarantee that she is not a bad girl and she won’t do any thing that against the law. The kid must have been in serious issues. I don’t know who else I could ask for help…”

By saying that, Jennifer almost broke out crying.

Seeing Jennifer got that emotional, Scott hastened to comfort her, “Jennifer, you’re a member of the family and your daughter is also my little sister. I won’t stand by if she got into any trouble.”

“If I was not wrong, your daughter is in a university in S City, right?” Jennifer nodded and replied quickly, “SC University, that is the school. She gets scholarship in school every year. Such girl wouldn’t do any bad thing.”

“I just on my way to S City for some errands. The original plan was to leave tomorrow but I’ll go today since you brought up you daughter’s matter and checking on her first. When it really comes to the problem about money, don’t worry, I take care of that and surly won’t had her dismissed.” Scott promised.

As Jennifer’s daughter was in SC University, it would be better for Scott to go there himself and to see what happened.

“Thank you, Scott. You are our savior. As long as my daughter could get out the trouble, even let me be your family housekeeper for free my whole life, I won’t have any second thought.” Jennifer looked at Scott in great gratitude.

Scott said in smile, “Jennifer, don’t worry. It my duty to do that. Now, go home. When I get S City and the situation, I’ll take care of your daughter’s problem. Just wait for my message at home.”

Jennifer nodded her head quickly and had the feeling that the greatest thing ever happened to her was Scott. Otherwise, she really didn’t know what to do in such situation.

While Jennifer got home, Scott straightly walked out the place and left for Starry Night Club by taxi.
J City was not very far from $ City, just two hour’s of driving. So Scott planned to go there by driving.
Edith’s car was not available because of her commuting, so he had turned to Conor for one car.

In the parking lot of Starry Night Club, before a old Santana stood Scott and Conor. The latter was a little embarrassment and awkwardly explained, “Em, this is the only one available on hands. By the training program made by Mr. Logan, some practice projects are on the mountain in countryside and we need to drive to there. So, this is the only one left. Though seemed a little squeaky, it works good on the road.”

Scott smiled and didn’t say anything about that. Car, was just a means of transport. As long as it worked good on the road, it was fine by him.

Before started off in that Santana, he gave Edith a call, telling her he was on his way. Then, Scott driving all the way to S City.

S City was a tourism city with a name of Heaven on Earth. Even by the urban area you could tell how much the people cherish the environment, and by the countryside covered many National 5A Scenery Sites. Tourism was what behind the booming economic development of S City.

On his way to S City, Scott gave Jordana call.

“Please take a look at the person in charge of all the business of Davies family in the S City area. I’m on my way to there and it may comes in handy.” Scott said.

“During the earlier years, we had invest in two mountains for developing of scenic spot. Now that two mountains has become 5A Scenery Sites. That’s how we started our business there. Today, half of the economical vein of S City is under the control of Davies family. The general manager there is Jeremiah. Later I’ll inform him for your reception.” Jordan said.

Scott was a little surprised at the conservation—he didn’t have the idea that Davies family was in charge of half the economic of S City, which meant Davies family had huge influence over this place.

Jordan continued, “Jeremiah runs twelve companies in all size in S City. There are two established clans in S City—the Rees family and the Murray family. Since the Rees family had chose to obey us Davies family and not counting the Murray family, there won’t be any problem to settle things down in S City.”

Scott thanked Jordan. A grasp of some basic information helped to get prepared for things. Though normally Scott could take care of problem on his own, a little help wouldn’t hurt.

In girl’s dormitory of SC University.
Georgiawalked into her dormitory in low spirits and down head.
But the spiritless mood could not hide her beauty.

Recent days had been the worst time for her. With those disturbing stuff on mind, she couldn’t focus on the study, letting time pass by in nothing.

Her dormitory was a four-room and as walked in, three of the roommates were sitting there and gossiping. But all of them suddenly stopped talking at the sight of Georgia and just staring at her like she was an alien.

Georgia knew they were talking about her stuff. During these days, rumors said that she was a hooker off campus and even said she took all kinds of men at the cost of 500 yuan.

Back then, on the way to dormitory some guys were asking whether she would take them but she fled in fear seeing obscenities in their eyes.

She ignored roommates’ strange look and all she wanted at the moment was lying on her own bed and took a good rest.
When she approached to her bed, just before lying down she found the sheet damp. At first she thought it would be some accident with water here, but soon she discovered that the whole sheet was all wet.

Feeling the wet sheet which could get out some water with a simple twist, she felt so wronged.

She sat up and looked straightly toward one of the roommates with anger. Even with her best temper, Georgia couldn’t stand up with it this time.

“Nancy, did you do this?!” The girl called Nancy Murray turned and darted a look at Georgia, scorned, “What did I do?! Watch your tongue!”

“In this room, who else would do that except you! The water problem during my shower yesterday was you and my lost textbooks from my desk were found in your draw. What on earth have I done that makes you treating me like this!”

Georgia became a little hysterical for she couldn’t take it anymore and she directly shouted at Nancy.

Nancy, too, stood right up with two eyes glared at Georgia and said in disdain, “Mind your tone, you b*tch from a bar! How dare you to talk to me like that? Wet sheet is wet sheet. Why bother? Men would take you to their bed at night anyway.

“Bullshit, all bullshit! None of that was true!” Georgia yelled with her fists clenched.

“Bullshit? It is what itis. People had caught you getting a room with another man and Rufus proved that you tried to hit on him the other day. You say none of those was true? Just tell yourself. A prostitute is what you are. Putting on an act for what?” Nancy said without mercy.

Ever since she got into this school, Nancy, such a proud girl, found herself was no match for Georgia from the same dormitory no matter in study or appearance, great jealousy rising inside her.

Especially compared to countless admirers for Georgia, she only had some boring or ugly looking guys around and no guys even took a look at her.

For above, Nancy disliked Georgia for a long time and always picked on her once she had the chance. This time, with rumors spreading she was a dirty whore, she sure would ran for such perfect chance to destroy this imagined enemy for good.

Georgia was almost ready to pounce on Nancy. Even with her best control she couldn’t take those insults for nothing.
Just at that point, Georgia’s phone rang.
She took out the phone and answered. It was Rufus.

“Georgia, how is the money thing going? You better come to the front of the teaching building to me. I’ve got some good stuff here. 300,000 yuan probably wouldn’t be enough now.”

Georgia expression changed in a sudden, but the man hung up before she could get the meaning of that.

Nancy saw the face of Georgia and mocked, “That was Rufus, right? Go, run to your man! He really got some spicy stuff about you. And don’t be late, or the whole school would knew.”

Clenching her teeth, Georgia glared at Nancy but didn’t talk back, just hurried outside the dormitory.


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