The Peremptory Casey Davies Chapter 376 Training Program

“It turns out I was kept stay for the trifles. So silly that I was hoping for a good treat from you.” Logan rolled his eyes at Scott as a feedback of such arrangement.

Scott smiled and said, “Conor indeed is somebody here across J City. Trust me, he won’t take your help for nothing.” The reason he brought up the matter was the strength of Conor was relatively weak for the time being compared to that of B City.

J City was the place where Edith lived and it was natural that Scott wanted it to be safe. He had meant to strengthen Conor’s power since that issue with Tyler and was just waiting for the right moment.

This time, Logan’s coming for the wedding was a great opportunity to pop the request. With experienced background, all Logan had to do was pointing out the right way for them—working out the most suitable improvement plan. Scott knew that it wouldn’t take long for the musclemen of Conor to match the ability of Davies family’s in B City.

Before long, Scott gathered Conor and Morgan together to talk about his plan.

“Scott, please try to have some faith in us, OK? Though we are not that powerful as you, we still have our name over the community. For what I see, that was totally unnecessary. And whether the ‘coach’ could get the better of me is an open question.”

After a glance at the man standing beside Scott, Morgan was so sure of himself that he did not show any respect to Logan.

Well, the name of Yunxi Martial Club from B City was not unfamiliar with Conor. And the introduction of the man on the wedding day was Logan, so it was highly possible the man was the owner of Yunxi Martial Club.

Morgan’s reckless behavior just made himself an idiot in the mind of Conor.

Trying to warm Morgan to watch his tongue, Conor gave him a little yank in secret.

Reluctantly, stupid as a man could be, Morgan got no clue but turned around to Conor in confuse, “What?” Conor gave up the idea to warm the fellow and said, “Nothing, just an accident.”

Scott shot a snapping glance at Morgan, grumbling to himself, “All the time he along with Conor in J City really taught him a lot, huh? The guy is seriously going to walk on air if there is nobody to give him a lesson.”

“Well, you think the man didn’t have what it takes to be your coach?” Scott talked towards Morgan in sulk.

Morgan smiled at Scott and said, “That’s not my saying. After all he is your friend and a friend deserves some nice words.” What?! Scott snapped at those words and bang on the table—he himself turned out to be the one being disrespectful?!

“A funny young man,” Logan thought when he took a look at Morgan, “For so many years, countless people in B City from the notable and famous family are trying the best to get their offspring into Yunxi Martial Club for wushu practice and will go to great

lengths to get just one place being my disciple. This guy treating me so lightly does not the right courtesy to the boss of Yunxi Martial Club .”

He stood right up and walked up to Morgan, “You think I’m no better than you?”

Morgan showed off his muscle and answered proudly, “Words say that you’re a kongfu teacher. No offense but being honest, the teacher isn’t always the tough one.”

Reluctantly shaking his head, Conor said to himself in the meantime, “That’s not going to end well with this stupid guy.” “Now, you try to attack me at your full strength. Let’s see how tough you are.” Logan smiled.

“Don’t be silly. I might punch you right into the hospital without holding my strength back on that size of body.” Morgan replied after a pause.

That was exact the reason why Morgan did treat Logan seriously—his body size wasn’t look like a strong one.

Still, there was an exception: Scott, not a sturdy one looking from the outside but with unbelievable strength inside. And to Morgan, that was it, the only exception across the whole world and there was no way gonna be a second one like that.

Logan replied coolly, “Even lost the nerve to take it a shot? A loser. How am I suppose to be a teacher of that.” Poked by such reply, Morgan made his move in a cold hum directly towards Logan.
“This is what you’re asking for…”

Before Morgan could finished his words, Logan responded, sprinting towards Morgan and forcing him meters away long before the young fists could reach him.

On the other side, Conor stood in shock with his month wide open after Logan’s response as if he had seen a monster.

Conor had realized that his own team in comprehensive still had a long way to go to catch up with B City’s team since what happened with Tyler.

And he had done some training with his men in according and for that, the improvement of his men during this time was evident.

Besides, Morgan was right in his best shape at his age and his strength at least doubled as the rapidest improved one. Even compared to the henchmen from Davies family brought by Tyler, Morgan was not the weak one.

But even with those elements Morgan failed to take one move from Logan. Sure enough, that was what called the boss of Yunxi Martial Club and was not allowed to be underestimated.
Scott didn’t feel sorry for Morgan at all. A young guy with such temper at such insolent age did need someone to teach him a


Morgan, lying on the ground in astonishment, could tell that Logan had hold down his strength. Otherwise he wouldn’t be lying on the ground but in the hospital for that one move.

“Who the hell is this man?”

Logan stared at Morgan in the distance and simply said, “Being underestimated here? I really didn’t see that coming. So, it’s time to mean business.”

Then he turned to Scott, “Well, that kid was not bad. He could be somebody in the future with the help of some tips. I’m in. One piece of paper please? I’m writing down the training program.”

Scott went to bring some paper and pen in content smile. After a while, Logan finished and passed the paper to Conor, “From now on, all of your men stick to this plan. For that kid, double it.”

Conor read the plan quickly, eyes opening wide, and then gave a sympathy look at Morgan.

Morgan got off the ground and walked up to Conor, said with his hand rubbing his chest, “Hum, double? Who cares? Why you look me in that way? am I looking that bad?”

Conor handed the plan to Morgan and gave a pat on his shoulder, said, “Take care!” After a brief look at that paper in so many doubts, Morgan soon lost his airs and was that close for kneeling down before Logan.
“Boss! You are my boss from now on! Please, please, just let me do the training as others, don’t double it, OK?”

Scott felt such a relief when leaving —With Logan as the coach of those men, it wouldn’t be long before they caught up with the member in B City.

Now, the wedding coming to an end was another thing to take off Scott’s mind and future days in J City wouldn’t be much of trouble for Scott. Well, except Amara, who still held against him.
On the other hand, he doubted who ever had the ball to come at Edith giving enough thought of all the guests at the wedding.

Back to hotel, Scott started packing with Edith for soon he would leave for S City. Logan had reminded him that the man who had the information about Guanling was a cranky one and it was not going to be easy to get such information out of him, so Scott wasn’t sure how long it would take for the trip.

While Scott was not around, Edith would surly go home and try to figure out some way to talk with Amara during the same time.
All things packed done, the couple set off for CZ Community.

By now, the Albie’s family had seen the wide gap between them and the family of Amara, who living at CZ Community was not because of frustration but to lay low.

Seeing all the wedding guests that day, Leia were no longer dare to make troubles for the Amara family. Instead, She herself knew to keep the distance at the sight of Amara.

When reached home, Edith used her key to open the door in direct. But Amara dragged Edith inside quickly when she saw the couple together and kept Scott out of the door.

“Edith is welcomed to come home but you’re not. Don’t imagine your wedding ceremony would get your way into this home. Stop dreaming!” Amara shouted.

“Mom, Scott was here helping the luggage and will be leaving soon. Why are you so mean, blocking him outside the door?!” Edith responded.

“Leaving? To where?” Amara asked.
“His own business. Just let him in, or you take the luggage for me.” Edith replied.

And by that Amara let Scott in, mumbled while gave way to him, “Hum, Just to bring disaster to another people. Such a jinx! Taking bad luck to everywhere he go.”

Hearing those words, Scott grinned unintentionally. Um, in some way that was not all wrong about those words. People who messed up with him did not end well in fact.

Scott had another talk with Edith after putting luggage in place and then turned away and left the place.

Jennifer watched Scott’s leaving with a lot on mind. After a deep breath and taking coat with her, Jennifer told Edith and Amara she was going out for some groceries and hurried out.

Downstairs, Jennifer caught up with Scott in great anxious.
“What happened, Jennifer? Why in such a hurry?” Scott wondered why she chased up like that.

Embarrassment as it could be, Jennifer said in helpless tone, “Scott, I’m really don’t know what else I can do. My daughter is in serious trouble and I need 300,000 yuan for that. Could you help me with the money, please? If you could do that, just say the word, I’ll do anything for you with my life and all my heart, anything!”


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