The Peremptory Casey Davies Chapter 375 A Sensation in The City

The second floor of crystal castle.
Scott grabbed Edith with a blushing face and walked up.

After the deep kiss just now, Scott followed the process of the ceremony, under everyone’s attention, once again carried out those parts of a normal wedding.

Then there was a toast. Scott and Edith both drank a lot, and by the end of the wedding, they were already a little drunk.
Edith was not good at drinking, but because she was too excited today, she had never been drunk.

Scott, who was drunk, naturally didn’t care about where the guests went after the wedding. After talking to Coleman, he dragged Edith up to the second floor to the room Scott had carefully prepared for Edith.

He had more important things to do.
Without the noise in their ears, both of them felt a burst of heat radiating from their bodies, and they began to feel dizzy.
Edith looked at Scott with a blushing face, her lips were beautiful, and she sat on the side of the bed cutely.

Scott took off his coat, looked down at Edith who was sitting next to the bed, and joked, “My wife, what are you doing here, why don’t you lie down and sleep?”

Edith was stunned for a moment. A trace of sullen appeared on her face, and she said, “Just sleep like this, did you forget something?”

“Forgot what? The wedding is over, shouldn’t we sleep?” Scott pretended not to understand.

Edith stood up immediately, stared at Scott, put her arms around his waist, and said, “Well, you haven’t finished your assignment today. You must do your assignment before you can sleep, otherwise you can never sleep.”

“Assignment? What assignment?”

Edith gave a smirk and said, “An assignment that needs my help.”

After that, she turned around and pushed Scott down on the bed, with a delectable expression and an enchanting posture.
“Tonight, you have to cooperate with me. I will definitely let you finish your assignment.”

After speaking, Edith rushed towards Scott.

The next day.

The wedding of Scott and Edith in the crystal castle spread among people at a flying speed. In just one day, almost all the people in J City knew what happened in the crystal castle last night.

The people who entered the castle that day took a lot of videos. These videos were posted on a certain app, and they quickly became popular in J City.

For a while, everyone started talking about Scott and Edith again, just like they did in the past.
It was just that this time Scott was no longer a wimp, and Edith was no longer the poor woman who married a wretched man.

They became a couple that everyone in J City admired. Those who wrote novels on the theme of crystal castle even directly began to use their names as the protagonists, telling the beautiful love story about crystal castle in their minds.

The gifts and money given by those who came to the wedding undoubtedly became the hottest topic among the hot topics.
Taking 100 million dollars as a gift had refreshed everyone’s understanding of cash gift. This was the first time they had heard of someone giving 100 million dollars as a gift.

But when they knew that the 100 million was given by the Davies family in B City, they were a little relieved. With the capital of the Davies family, they could indeed afford so much money.

Subsequently, the gift of the Davies family in B City became a very hot topic. There were various speculations about the relationship between Scott and the Davies family in B City, but because people were so in awe of the Davies family, no one dared to guess that Scott was the head of the Davies family.

This wedding also allowed everyone to see Scott’s contacts. Those awe-inspiring names one after another belonged to the people that they usually couldn’t touch at all, but many of those people attended Scott’s wedding, which was enough to show how great Scott was.

This incident had had a profound impact on the relatives of the Patel family. After knowing that Scott was so powerful, everyone in the Patel family was full of regrets. At that time, there were still many people who wanted to apologize to Scott. Unfortunately, they even couldn’t see Scott.

Albie felt completely frustrated, and since the wedding, he had been in a slump again. The business that had been negotiated before had turned horrible. With the shock to him by the wedding, it was impossible for his family to get development.

While everyone was talking about the wedding in crystal castle, Scott and Edith, who were the parties, spent a few days relaxing in the castle.

They didn’t care about the discussions of those outsiders at all. At this time, they just wanted to stay in their own world and enjoy the sweetness that belonged to them.

Edith was very clingy to Scott in the past few days, because she knew that after the wedding, Scott had more important things to do, and he would leave. Since Scott was still in J City, she had to enjoy the time when she had full possession of Scott.

Scott also very wittily rejected those people who wanted to find him after the wedding, and seriously accompanied Edith.
But the happy time was always short. A few days passed quickly. Scott had his own things to do and Edith’s company also needs to manage. So after a few days in the crystal castle, they moved out of the castle..

“When I finish this work, I will definitely give you a satisfactory honeymoon trip.” Scott made a serious promise to Edith.

Although this wedding made the whole J City a sensation, Amara still did not change her mind. She still shut Scott out, but after seeing the Davies family at the wedding, her attitude became obviously softer.

Scott had already planned to go to S City to find the person Logan mentioned, and asked him about Guanling. Therefore, he asked Edith to stay home during his absence, so that she could find a chance to persuade Amara.

After everyone’s views on Scott had changed, there was still some hope to change Amara’s attitude towards Scott.
Starry Night Club.

Scott and Logan were sitting in front of the bar, with wine in front of both of them. At this time, the club hadn’t opened yet, and there were only two of them in the entire hall.

“Are you sure you want to find that person? Guanling is not as simple as you think. Anyone who gets involved in Guanling will not end well in the end. Are you sure you want to go?” Logan persuaded Scott again.

Scott smiled and drank a glass of wine, and said, “You know me. I will never change what I have decided.”

Logan shook his head helplessly, and said, “Well, I know that I can’t persuade you, I won’t waste energy talking about this to you.”

“Tell me why you let me stay in J City for a few days. You are going to S City to find the person I told you about. Do you want me to stay to protect your wife?”

“If you can, naturally it is better. But the most important reason why I want you to stay is to play your role as the master of the Yunxi Martial Club,” Scott said.

“Oh? What role can I play?” Logan asked suspiciously.

“Help Conor and others improve their strength.” Scott smiled faintly.


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