The Peremptory Casey Davies Chapter 374 Innocent Girl

Outside the crystal castle.
Although the castle gate had been closed, the people surrounding the castle still hadn’t dispersed.
Everyone was still looking forward to seeing the scene inside the castle.

And even if they didn’t go in, the outside of the crystal castle tonight was also dazzling with lights. Just from the outside, it was still the most beautiful night scene of J City.

“I really want to go in and take a look. Have you seen it just now? It seems that the head of the Gary family has entered.”

“It’s not only the head of the Gary family. Conor, who is famous in J City also appeared. The one who walked in with him was a very temperamental middle-aged man. I just remembered that that person looks very similar to the chairman of the TY Group, and then I checked it and found out that it really is him.”

“My God, are the guests for the banquet tonight so powerful?”

“Have any of you noticed the people who went in last? I haven’t heard of those people in J City, but they give me the feeling that they are much better than Conor and the head of the Gary family. Those people must be bigwigs from somewhere.”

“Who is the owner of this crystal castle? I really want to go in and take a look. Why would I not have such good luck? I’m so angry.”

“The owner of this crystal castle is absolutely extraordinary. As he can invite so many bigwigs, it has already explained his identity. These bigwigs will definitely not come to the banquet of an mediocre person.”

While everyone was talking about it, a projection suddenly appeared on the crystal wall of the crystal castle. On the projection, it was the scene where Scott and Edith were kissing each other.

“Look, there are pictures on the crystal wall!” One person exclaimed, and everyone looked at the crystal wall.
“My God, are these two people holding a wedding? I thought it was a banquet inside!”

“That bride is too beautiful, she is like a princess in a fairy tale!”

Everyone’s first reaction after seeing the screen was to admire Edith’s beauty.

But soon, a careful person discovered that the two people in the picture were familiar.

“Isn’t that man Scott! That bride is Edith!” a person exclaimed.

“It turned out to be that the wedding of Scott and Edith is going on in this crystal castle? Isn’t this too shocking?”

“Didn’t Scott and Edith have their wedding before? And this is the crystal castle. How could they hold a wedding in this place? Isn’t it fake?”

“It’s not fake. This is indeed a live projection. Look at the display above. Oh my God, it is the wedding of Scott and Edith inside the crystal castle. It’s too extravagant!”

“Damn, didn’t you say Scott is a wimp? How could he afford a wedding in a place like this?”

“Not only does he hold a wedding here, but the people who attend his wedding are all bigwigs. How could this kind of people be a wimp? It seems that we misunderstood him before. To be honest, I’m jealous of him.”

“Damn, I should have made friends with Scott back then, maybe I can still get a spot in it to watch the wedding process. I deeply regret.”

“Look at the people who come to their wedding. How can you be friends with them, they may not care about you.”

The projection on the crystal wall drew an overwhelming discussion among those outside. No one had expected that what happened here was Scott’s wedding.

The guy who had always been treated as a wimp by them, at this time invited so many powerful and decent people to come to his wedding in the crystal castle, which was far beyond the ability of ordinary people.

It was conceivable that after tonight, no one would call Scott by the name of wimp. When people mentioned Scott in the future, they would think of this dreamlike wedding tonight and the top-notch people who came to the wedding.

On the screen of the crystal wall, after Scott and Edith kissed, they turned to look at everyone, both of them were filled with happy smiles. At this moment, they two were the happiest people in the world.

“I really envy them, they are simply the prince and the princess.”

“If I can hold a wedding like this, it doesn’t matter even if it consumes ten years of my life.”

“You liars, didn’t you say that Scott is an out-and-out wimp? He is so handsome, and he can hold such a dream wedding for his wife, I feel that he is the best man in the world!”

Countless fireworks lifted into the sky, rendering the entire sky colorful and dazzling.

Everyone was immersed in this feast, and everyone stared enviously at the beautiful couple on the crystal wall, and there was a burst of warmth in their eyes.

Some were happy and some were sad.
At this time, in a cafe opposite the crystal castle, on the third floor, by the window.

Lily sat by the window, staring at the two people on the opposite crystal wall and the dazzling fireworks in the sky, tears streaming out uncontrollably.

“Scott, bastard, bastard, b*tch, how can you just leave me and marry another woman? I love you so much, am I just ignored by you?”

Lily was crying and muttering to herself, the look of sorrow was very distressing.

Although she followed Natan to J City, in the end she failed to summon the courage to enter the castle and watch Scott and Edith’s wedding in person.

Although she had said that she would consider treating Scott as her brother last time, she only found out after returning that it was not easy to give up her feelings for Scott. It was not as simple as being a sister.

Perhaps Lily had been innocent since she was a child, but once such a girl had fallen in love with someone, she may love this man for a lifetime. It is very difficult for her to change her feeling.

After so many days of thinking, Lily felt that she still couldn’t just give up Scott. She felt that she would have some relationship with Scott in her life.

But Scott’s wedding with Edith now was enough to show Scott’s love for Edith. She took the initiative to tempt Scott as before, but Scott still hadn’t changed the slightest because of himself.

She already knew that it was impossible for Scott to change his mind.

She knew very well that if she really went to Scott’s wedding, she would definitely not help crying, then she would be laughed at by others. She didn’t want others to see her crying, so she didn’t enter the castle with Natan.

The waiter saw that Lily was crying so sadly, so he came over to comfort her, “Miss, may I ask what difficulties you have encountered? In fact, there are no hardships in life. Lighten up, it doesn’t matter. “

Lily heard the waiter’s words, and immediately glared at him and cursed, “Get out!”

The waiter was so scared that he quickly left from Lily’s side, with a speechless expression on his face, thinking, ‘I comforted you, but you even let me go. You deserves your sadness.”

Lily felt that others did not feel the pain in her heart, so they were not qualified to let her be positive.
After a while, Lily stopped crying, and her temperament changed a bit.

She glanced at the crystal wall outside the window again, her eyes were also narrowed, and there was a hint of depth in her eyes that did not belong to her.

“Why should I miss him like this? Even if he is married, he can still get a divorce. My task now is not to let Scott fall in love with me, but to deal with the woman who married Scott.”

“Since I’ve all been in J City, I will live in this place for a while and see what the place where my lover lives is.” “By the way, try to know more about Scott’s wife, see why she is worthy of having Scott. I can also have Scott!” After speaking to herself, Lily had a sordid smile on her face.

That innocent girl at the time had become a thing of the past…


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