The Peremptory Casey Davies Chapter 373 I’m Willing to Turn the World Over for You

The Davies family! 100 million dollars! These two phrases echoed in everyone’s ears, and everyone in the castle was silent.

Jordan led members of the Davies family to walk inside, because the person at the door shouted something so shocking that everyone didn’t dare to breathe too loudly.

Only the footsteps of the Davies family remained in the entire castle.

Priya walked behind Jordan, and after seeing the sculptures of Scott and Edith right in front of her, she felt a trace of helplessness, regret, and jealousy in her heart.

When everyone in the Davies family walked to the forefront area, everyone present seemed relieved, and they all breathed a long sigh of relief. The oppression the Davies family gave them just now was too strong, which was the momentum of real leaders. In the eyes of these people, they were nothing but ants.

“The Davies family in B City is here. I must be dreaming today. This is really shocking!”

“My god, 100 million dollars. I am afraid that only a family like the Davies family can take so much money as a gift.”

“The Davies family! The Davies family! Scott is also surnamed Davies, is it possible…”

There was an expression of horror on everyone’s faces, and they had vaguely guessed something in their hearts.
Everyone in the Patel family looked forward with blank looks. There was an indescribable complex emotion in their hearts.

Whether it was Albie or Leyla or the Patel family, they had been deeply shocked by the people invited by Scott at this time.

In the front most area, everyone there was beyond their reach. These people were at a level that they couldn’t touch.

Scott had such a strong network, even the Davies family gave him 100 million as a gift on the day of his wedding, but they called Scott wimp for so many years.

They even could not get to know one of the people that Scott had invited. If Scott was really wimp, then they should not live in the world.

“Is there really no comparability between me and Scott? The Davies family in B City, Scott. No wonder he and I have been fighting for so long, but I was the one who suffered in the end. It turns out that he never regarded me as an opponent. “A strong sense of frustration developed in Albie’s heart. Only at this time did he fully realize how stupid he was before.

Leyla also stared at the people in front of her in a daze, repeating the words “Scott, the Davies family” in her mouth, and she realized something in her mind.

“He, he is from the Davies family. No wonder Jay was so afraid of him when he was in QY City. No wonder Y Real Estate provoke him and went bankrupt within two days. Scott is from the Davies family! How stupid I was before. I even provoked him several times, even if he kills me, I’m afraid no one will know about it, right?”

Thinking of this, Leyla shuddered, and fear arose in her heart.

Alan, Jakub, Leia and Sally also realized at this time that Scott must have a close relationship with the Davies family, otherwise the Davies family would not give him such a precious gift.

And Scott was also surnamed Davies, and there was only one relationship between Scott and the Davies family they could think of.

“How terrible! Scott turned out to be from the Davies family. We treated him in a very rude way before. Will he kill us all ina rage?” Leia panicked.

Albie gave a wry smile and said, “What’s sadder than it is that he has always regarded us as ants. I’m afraid he doesn’t bother to care about us at all.”

When the people around heard Albie’s words, they all sighed. It turned out that they didn’t even have the qualifications to let Scott pay attention. With this thinking, what they did before was probably a joke in Scott’s eyes.

Amara also looked at the people in the Davies family with a little surprise, and took a deep breath. She was still a little shocked.
The moment when the Davies family appeared, it kind of shaken Amara’s thoughts.

“No, even if he becomes the real heir of the Davies family now, he is still a jinx. No matter how powerful he is, it will not do any good to our family. On the contrary, he will only bring endless disasters to our family. I can’t deceived by his temporary success, otherwise my family will suffer a lot when he gets in trouble.”

Amara tried her best to comfort herself, but the shock in her heart couldn’t be suppressed.

After the Davies family arrived, the gate of the castle was closed, which also meant that today’s last guests had arrived, and it was time for bridegroom and the bride to appear.

As the music changed, everyone’s attention fell on the crystal platform in front of them, and Scott took Edith’s hand and slowly walked out of it.

Edith wore an amazing wedding dress with a smile on her face, like a princess walking out of a fairy tale world, gentle and dazzling.

Scott was also in a formal suit. After his hair had been taken care of, he became radiant, and he wasn’t worse than the prince in the fairy tale world.

The two did make a beautiful couple and they walked in front of everyone.

Everyone was shocked by the light they carried at the moment. Many people took out their phones to record this sacred and beautiful moment.

At this time, Howard, who was standing in the forefront area, was amazed at Edith’s beauty.

The wedding dress he designed fitted perfectly with the crystal castle. After tonight, Edith’s beauty would attract the world’s attention, and as the designer of Edith’s wedding dress, he would become famous all over the world. .

It was conceivable how many top rich people would come to him to design clothes in the future, and his fate would also change because of the wedding of Scott and Edith.

Edith looked at the envious eyes of everyone in the audience, and she was also excited.

Scott once said that he would make changes for her. Now he had done it. She believed that no one would mock her because of Scott’s reputation after today. Everyone would only envy her.

“Thank you for attending to my wedding today. In the past few years, my wife has been under a lot of pressure and grievances because of me. I promised her that I will change everything for her. Today’s wedding is my proof to everyone. I want everyone to know that I, Scott, can give Edith a lifetime of happiness!” Scott also exclaimed excitedly.

After hearing Scott’s words, everyone immediately began to applaud.
At this moment, Edith was indeed the happiest person in the world.

Scott turned around, looked at Edith, with a sincere and expressive look, and asked, “Would you like to live with me for better for worse til death do us part”

“I do!” Edith yelled without hesitation.

A contented smile appeared on Scott’s face, and then he hugged Edith, leaned in her ear, and whispered, “For you, I am willing to overthrow the whole world.”

Deep kiss.

The whole assembly clapped and cheered!


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