The Peremptory Casey Davies Chapter 372 Congratulations from All Kinds of People

Hugo took his family and walked in from the gate of the castle. He held his head high and looked very arrogant, as if attending Scott’s wedding was something to be proud of.

“It turned out to be the heat of the Gary family. Scott was able to invite the head of the Gary family to his wedding, which is amazing!”

“My God, the head of the Gary family even came to Scott’s wedding and gave him such an expensive gift. I’m afraid there are not many people who can get this kind of treatment in J City.”

“He is also very powerful that he is able to invite Doctor Owen. His medical skill is rare in the world. Being able to be friends with a doctor like Owen is also a very amazing.”

Both Leia and Sally looked at the Gary family walking towards the front area with frustration. They really couldn’t figure out how Scott could invite such a powerful man here.

Albie stared at Owen and the Gary family and said to himself, “If I remember correctly, Scott has become the friends of the head pf the Gary family and Owen by accidents. Its no surprise that Scott can ask them over.”

After Hugo walked to the front and saw Owen, he quickly greeted him with enthusiasm.

For Hugo, it was a great honor to attend Scott’s wedding, and Scott’s wedding was definitely a very high-quality social occasion. With Scott’s status, all the people invited were definitely people with influence and prestige. He also happened to be able to take this opportunity to expand his contacts.

If Albie knew that Hugo came here with the same idea as him, he would definitely be shocked. And Albie’s idea could not be realized, while Hugo could really make many friends at Scott’s wedding.

“Well, only Owen and the head of the Gary family. Scott may only can invite them in J City. These two have had intersections with him before. It couldn’t show anything, although Owen and Hugo were here. Only by inviting other powerful people here, can it show he is powerful,” Alan said in an exaggerated tone to cover up his jealousy.

“Welcome Conor, his gift is a bar transfer contract with one million in cash as the gift!” “Welcome Charles, the chairman of TY Group, his gift is ten sets of real estate with one million dollars!” At this time, the voice of the person at the door rang again, causing an uproar in the people again.

“It turned out to be Conor! He’s the emperor of the Underground World in J City!”

“My God, the chairman of the TY Group is here. How capable is Scott? Even people of this level are at his wedding!”

The relatives of the Patel family suddenly were extremely shocked. Didn’t it mean that only Owen and Hugo would be Scott’s wedding?

Why were the emperor of the Underground World and the chairman of TY Group here now? They were not the people that ordinary people could get to know.

Albie stared blankly at Conor and Charles, who were walking towards the front. He clenched his both fists immediately. Some time ago, when he tried to find a way out, he wanted to go to Conor. During this period of time, he also went to asked Charles for help.

However, the end result was that he would never see these two bigwigs.

He also knew that it was normal for them not to meet him.

But now both of them came to Scott’s wedding, which made a bit of envy arose in Albie.

How could Scott get the two big guys to attend the wedding and send him such valuable gifts? It was hard for him to see them.
He was unconvinced, but he was helpless. A sense of frustration rose from the bottom of his heart, making his eyes dim.

But it was not the end, and it was too early for Albie to be frustrated now.

“Welcome Leonardo who is from Yutian County. His gifts are ten pairs of jade bracelets, ten pieces of excellent jade, one carved jade, and 8.8 million dollars!”

People in J City were not familiar with Leonardo’s name, but it was easy to know that he was a successful man from his gifts.

All the relatives of Patel family knew that Amara was from Yutian County, so they had heard about Leonardo. They didn’t expect that the bigwig in Yutian County would attend Scott’s wedding. How great Scott was that Leonardo took him so seriously?

At this time, the relatives of the Patel family were already quiet, and they began to realize that Scott was not as simple as they thought.

“Welcome Stone Eden from Eglor County. His gifts are a limited edition racing car and a million dollars!”

It was another name that people present hadn’t heard of. But it must be a powerful guy as he could give Scott such a gift.

When Jakub and Sally heard the name, they were all stiff, because where Nyla went to was Eglor County. They still heard about Stone, the emperor of the Underground World in Eglor County.

They were a little stunned, why could Scott even invite the emperor of the Underground World in Eglor County here? How many good friends did this guy have?

Stone walked toward the front with excitement. After seeing Conor and others who were already waiting there, he immediately greeted them.

“Welcome Dexter Green from QY City. His gift was 100,000 dollars!”

After Stone entered, Dexter took Scarlett to the gate of the castle. Scarlett walked toward the front with an unhappy look.
Attending Scott’s wedding naturally made her quite unhappy.

After everyone heard the gift from Dexter, they immediately began to wonder if Dexter was not a powerful man, so he only gave Scott 100,000 dollars as a gift. After all, compared with the previous ones, 100,000 dollars was indeed a little too cheap.

They didn’t know that the reason why Dexter only gave 100,000 dollars was Scarlett’s request. In Scarlett’s view, coming to Scott’s wedding was to see her rival snatch Scott. Sending 100,000 was her bottom line.

When they came, Scarlett also asked Dexter to write “Send his daughter to Scott” on the gift list. Dexter disagreed. He still remembered what Scott said to him when he left last time. If he really wrote such a sentence, Scott wouldn’t give them a chance to return to QY City.

“Finally, there’s a man with no background. It seems that not all of Scott’s acquaintances are bigwigs,” Leia could only comfort

herself in this way.

“That’s the head of the Green family in QY City. He is no worse than the previous ones. There must be a reason why he only sent 100,000 dollars. Didn’t you see the girl next to him with such a gloomy look? She is his daughter. In my opinion, it was his daughter who fell in love with Scott. But Scott held the wedding with someone else, so she was jealous and gave Scott so little money,” a person who knew Dexter said.

Leia was dumbfounded immediately, she didn’t expect Dexter to be a powerful person she would never have been able to reach.
“Welcome Natan, the chairman of Tianyuan Chamber of Commerce from B City. His gift is 50 million dollars!”

“Welcome Logan, the owner of Yunxi Martial Club from B City. His gift is a pair of antithetical couplet!”

Natan and Logan walked into the castle together, with smiles on their faces.

The most indispensable thing Tianyuan Chamber of Commerce lacked was money, so he usually gave others money as gift. And Natan was too lazy to pick gifts, so he directly prepared 50 million dollars to give Scott as a gift.

Although Logan was not short of money, he was a very stingy person, and his relationship with Scott was extraordinary, so when he came, he wrote a set of antithetical couplet and took it as a gift.

He didn’t feel ashamed. After all, people who practiced martial arts didn’t pay much attention to others’ view.
Bath of them came from B City, but the gifts they gave were very different, and they immediately attracted everyone’s attention.

However, most of them were still scared by the 50 million dollars from the Tianyuan Chamber of Commerce. This was the first time they had seen someone take so much money as a gift.

Charles and the others, who were already waiting in front, all rushed to greet Natan and Logan when seeing them. For them, these two were also bigwigs. It was a good thing that they could make friends with Natan and Logan at this time.

The relatives of the Patel family looked at Natan who walked in with shock. The voice just lingered in their minds.
“Five…50 million dollars? Is it true or false, how could someone give 50 million as a gift?” Sally couldn’t believe it.

At this time, everyone in the Patel family and Edith’s classmates had already understood that they were nothing compared to Scott. They were not even qualified to shine shoes for the people Scott knew. How dare they say that Scott was a wimp.

“Also… will anyone else come? These two should be the last. Even if there is someone else, its gift shouldn’t be more than fifty million, right?” Leia muttered, with both eyes windened.

At this time, a group of people walked in from the gate of the castle. These people were so powerful that it was easy to know they were not ordinary people. Many of them looked more powerful than those who just entered.

“Welcome the Davies family from B City. The gift is 100 million dollars!”


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