The Peremptory Casey Davies Chapter 371 No One Gave Scott Gifts

The cheerful music rang, and then, people from the gate of the castle walked in one after another.

Everyone from the Patel family and Edith’s classmates looked at the door with confusion. Leia was a little embarrassed. It turned out that Scott actually invited others, but they came in too early.

At this time, the people who walked into the crystal castle were all well-dressed, with aloof temperament, and it was easy to know that they were influential men.

After those people entered the crystal castle, they all made admiring sounds when they saw the magnificent hall.

These people were all respectable men in J City, and had made great achievements in all walks of life. A large part of them were executives of various companies under the name of TY Group.

They knew that it was the wedding of Scott and Edith that was held here tonight, so after seeing the statue on the center wall of the crystal castle, they were not surprised, but amazed.

Obviously, the splendor of the crystal castle and the splendor of the statue had completely impressed them.

Everyone from the Patel family and Edith’s classmates looked at each of these people who came in more glorious than them, and they couldn’t help showing an expression full of jealousy.

“Tut-tut, these people look decent, but I have never heard of any of them. It can only show that these people are not very powerful people. It’s not a big deal for Scott to invite such a group of people,” Leyla tried her best to make herself balance.

“That’s right, none of them look familiar. If Scott really has 200 million dollars, how can he only know such a group of people that none of them are famous? I think there must be something tricky. Anyway, I don’t believe the crystal castle was built by Scott,” Leia echoed.

The rest of the people were also unwilling to believe that Scott had so much money. They felt it was unreasonable that the wimp

who they had always looked down upon could have so much money.

After hearing what they said, Amara showed a trace of contempt on her face. After so many things, Amara was willing to believe that Scott had so much money, not to mention that Scott was from the Davies family. He could come back safely this time, which showed that he probably got a lot of benefits from the Davies family.

But she was very upset with Scott now, so she didn’t want to explain for Scott. Since taking over the TC International Hotel, her vision had been improved a bit. At least many times, she didn’t bother to argue with these relatives of the Patel family.

“Look at those people who came to Scott’s wedding, none of them brought gifts. Maybe these people were here to see this crystal castle. They didn’t come to attend the wedding specifically at all,” Sally said.

“What’s so good about Scott’s wedding? I really don’t know what Scott is thinking about. The wedding a few years ago was embarrassing enough. If it gets messed up this time, he won’t be able to live in J City in the future,” Leia said.

At this time, Albie looked a little gloomy, because among the people who just came in, he saw the manager he wanted to talk about business with this time, and he also greet that person, but that guy didn’t pay attention to him.

The people who were coming in now may not be known to the elders like Alan, but Albie knew some of them. At any rate, he had been the chairman of the board for a period of time before, and he still knew some of the elites in J City.

Many of these people who came in were bigwigs in the specific industry. In J City, Albie had never heard of anyone who could invite so many elites to its wedding.

After the invited people came in, they were arranged to the designated area. The entire castle hall was also bustling with the arrival of these people. The relatives of the Patel family and Edith’s classmates seemed a little unremarkable.

After a while, another group of people came in outside the castle. These people were lucky to be selected by Coleman. The reason Scott allowed these people to come in was naturally that he wanted someone to tell everyone in J City about the wedding.

These people who went out of their way to enter the castle were naturally the best means of publicity. They would surely spread the incident throughout the city after watching the wedding of Scott and Edith today.

However, when these people came in and discovered that Scott and Edith’s wedding were taking place here, they were all surprised.

“Isn’t Scott the famous wimp in J City? Why is his wedding held here?”

“My God, Scott can hold a wedding in such a place. How romantic!”

“Hasn’t Scott been married before? Why is he holding wedding again? Is he second married?”

“What second marriage? Didn’t you see the statue above? The bride is obviously Edith. It is estimated that the wedding was not well done that year, so he holds a wedding again.”

At this time, the entire castle was already crowded with people, but the front area was still empty, and no one knew what that area was for.

Leia saw the group of people who had attended the wedding later. After hearing their discussion, as if she had found the organization, Leia immediately leaned towards those people over there.

“You don’t know that this is Scott’s wedding, right? Do you know why he didn’t tell you before you came in? That’s because he was afraid that if he told you in advance, no one would attend his wedding,” Leia said solemnly.

Those people were a little surprised listening to Leia’s words, but they felt that if Scott announced in advance that this was his wedding, there would only be more people coming. After all, everyone wanted to see what the wedding held by the wimp was like.

When Sally saw Leia go to talk to those people, she immediately joined her and said, “Moreover, none of the people who came to this wedding today gave him gifts. Those people came in to watch the show, and none of them really came for Scott’s wedding.”

“Yes, you are right. There are no powerful men among the people present. It’s ridiculous that Scott can’t even invite a big person in such a high-level place,” Leia continued.

Those who didn’t know the truth suddenly had a trace of contempt for Scott when they heard the words of the two people.
Seeing everyone starting to belittle Scott, both Leia and Sally showed complacency.

At this moment, the band standing at the door suddenly played a loud sound of music.

Immediately afterwards, a loud voice echoed in the castle hall.

“Welcome Doctor Owen, the gifts he brought were two millennium ginseng, a top-quality Ganoderma lucidum, and a Saussure involucrate. Wish the couple a happy marriage and healthy babies early!”

Leia and Sally just said that no one gave Scott a gift, and then someone gave him such valuable and marketable Panax ginseng and Ganoderma lucidum, which was undoubtedly the best refutation to their words.

Owen and Luna walked towards the front area of the hall, and Luna was a little sad.
“Well, it’s just a doctor, it’s not difficult to know such a person,” Sally muttered.
As soon as her voice fell, the penetrating voice of the man standing at the door sounded again.

“Welcome Hugo Gary, the master of the Gary family, the gifts he brought were five pieces of court porcelain in Tang Dynasty, three masterpieces in Song Dynasty, and 880,000 dollars!”


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