The Peremptory Casey Davies Chapter 370 Today Is My Wedding with Edith

“Nonsense! Today is a banquet held by the owner of this crystal castle, how could it be your wedding? Scott, are you insane? Dare you make trouble here! Aren’t afraid to anger the owner of the crystal castle?” Leia stared at Scott contemptuously, obviously not believing Scott’s words.

“How dare you, a wimp, come here. You sneaked in, didn’t you? I’ll go to the security guards of crystal castle and let them arrest you!” Flora also looked at Scott angrily. Obviously, she didn’t think Scott had the same qualifications as her to appear in such a magnificent place.

The relatives of the Patel family, and those of Edith’s classmates, all began to mock Scott frantically, wishing to drown him with their words.

Scott had expected them to be like this a long time ago, which was why he let them in first.

“Everyone, believe it or not, today is indeed my wedding with Edith. Our wedding a few years ago was not satisfactory. This wedding is my compensation for Edith. I want you to see that it is a happy thing for Edith to marry me.”

Scott clapped his hands and spoke in a clear voice.

Afterwards, on the crystal wall in the center of the crystal castle, a curtain fell and two crystal statues were exposed. It was Scott and Edith in formal suits and wedding dresses.

Everyone present was shocked by the two statues. They had never seen such a lifelike statue. No matter how bad their visions were, they could still tell that the two statues were just like Scott and Edith.

No matter how bored the owner of the crystal castle was, he would not put two statues of insignificant people here. That could only show that Scott was not lying. Today, perhaps it was really his wedding with Edith.

After knowing the truth of this banquet, the expressions of Albie and all the people suddenly became very gloomy. They thought that today’s banquet was a springboard for them to move towards the upper class. They had never imagined that this was actually Scott and Edith’s wedding.

The sense of psychological gap in their hearts made them impossible to be happy no matter what.
“Scott, don’t you think the wedding back then was shameful? Go and see how many people are around now. Once they know that your wedding is held here, you will once again become the biggest joke in J City!”

At this moment, Amara and Nicholas walked in. Jennifer followed them, looking helpless. She wanted to bless Scott, but she could only follow them silently under Amara’s authority.

Everyone turned their heads and looked towards Amara. After hearing what Amara said, they all laughed, thinking that Amara was right. Once people outside knew that it was Scott’s wedding here, he would be laughed at by the whole J City.

Thinking about it this way, the emotions of the people who were still a little lost all eased a lot.

“Scott, I didn’t expect you still have the courage to have another wedding. Is it possible that ignominy you suffered a few years ago is not enough for you?” Albie looked at Scott with a sneer.

“What a foolish guy! I think he was born to be laughed at. He even said that it was a banquet at the crystal castle. I didn’t expect it to be his wedding, which was really disappointing.” Leyla also echoed in a mocking tone.

Scott looked at the crowd with contempt, laughed, and asked, “Is it a shame to have a wedding in crystal castle? Is it not because they want to get in that there are so many people outside? Who can hold a wedding here? What’s the basis for me to be laughed at?”

Scott’s words were like punch after punch, hammering hard at Albie’s and others’ self-righteousness and self-deception in their hearts, making them realize how ridiculous their thoughts were.

When they received the invitation letter, all of them were excited and felt that they must be lucky enough to be invited to the crystal castle banquet. However, after knowing that it was Scott’s wedding here, they said that Scott would be humiliated again.

It was contradictory. A person who could hold a wedding in such a crystal castle would only be envied by others.
They would say such words, but it was only because of their stereotypes of Scott, but Scott’s words made them sober. Now Scott was no longer the wimp in their eyes.

They were elated because they were invited, and Scott was the one who invited them. Among the people present, if it weren’t for being invited by Scott, none of them could enter the crystal castle with their own ability.

After realizing it, their looks all turned to be gloomy. Once the person pretending to be asleep was awakened, he would face endless embarrassment.

“Don’t be complacent. Aren’t you just renting someone’s venue? You can rent it, and so can we. You are so arrogant, like this crystal castle belongs to you,” Leyla muttered.

Others had the same idea as Leyla. After being embarrassed, they quickly found a way to demean Scott.

“Scott, I don’t care how you got the money to build this crystal castle worth more than 200 million. Even if you spend one billion to make something, I won’t let you enter my family again! Even today’s wedding is not a joke, you don’t want to get my approval again!” Amara shouted at this moment.

Albie, who originally wanted to say it was not amazing that Scott could rent a crystal castle for a wedding, was choked all of a sudden when heard what Amara said.

He looked at Amara in disbelief. She actually said that this crystal castle was built by Scott at a cost of more than 200 million, which made him feel a little unbelievable.

The people around Albie had the same reaction as him, and they were all shocked by the amount of money Amara said.

“I don’t need your approval, I only need Edith’s approval,” Scott said lightly, “I hope you will have a good time at this wedding.” After speaking, Scott turned and went inside to prepare for the ceremony later.

Seeing Scott leaving, everyone in the Patel family surrounded Amara and Nicholas quickly.

“You said that this crystal castle was built by Scott at a cost of more than 200 million? Isn’t he renting it?” Sally asked.

“Yeah, are you cooperating with Scott to lie to us? How could Scott have more than 200 million. How shameless you are!” Leia said and curled her lips.

“This is definitely not built by Scott. It is absolutely impossible. Do you think that more than two 200 million is a joke? If he is so rich, would he move to live in our community?” Alan also questioned.

Amara glanced at everyone disdainfully, and said, “If itis rented by him, go and see whether you can rent it. Can’t rich men live in your community? The rich still wear cheap clothes. As for the goods… Do you stipulate that the rich must wear expensive clothes? This is the typical thinking of the poor. Don’t stand with me, you make me embarrassed.”

Everyone was flushed by Amara’s words, and there was no chance to refute it. They never expected Amara to be so right and confident, which was not like her before.

Although she iwas very opposed to Scotta’s holding this wedding, Amara that she had no chance to stop Scott. And Scott spent more than 200 million to build this crystal castle, so the person invited to the wedding today would definitely be influential.
In order to open her eyes, she would also watch the wedding here today.

“Well, don’t believe her. She acted with Scott here. How could Scott have more than 200 million? You see, there are not many people who came to this wedding today, only we are here. If Scott is so capable, he must invite some great people with status and reputation, but you see, there is no one here, so they must be lying,” Leia said as if she looked through the truth.

At this moment, a band walked into the hall of the castle. The leader stopped, and then shouted in a very high voice, “It’s time for the wedding to begin. Let’s welcome the special guests of this wedding!”


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