The Peremptory Casey Davies Chapter 369 The Banquet Is Coming

Outside the small house, a group of people were still discussing Amara who had just got in.

“Who is that woman? She must be very great as she can enter here, right?”

“Well, that person is so hateful. You didn’t see her proud look when she just went in. It’s really irritating.”

“Then, what can you do? There must be a reason why she can go in. She is qualified to be proud.”

“Well, who knows what she’s doing there? Maybe she’ll be driven out soon,” someone said jealously.

As soon as the man spoke, the door of the small house opened, and then Amara was pushed out by the two staff.
Amara almost lost her footing and fell to the ground.

“Dare you drive me out! I’m the boss of TC International Hotel. If you don’t follow me, I’ll buy your crystal castle later. Let’s wait and see whether you dare to be arrogant at that time.”

Up to this time, Amara did not believe that the crystal castle was built at a cost of 250 million.

When people around saw that Amara was driven out, they were all surprised. At that time, people who were very angry because of Amara saw that she was driven out, they immediately laughed and felt relieved.

“What I said just now, I said that she would be expelled. Now, isn’t she really expelled?” a man said.
Amara turned and looked at the people who were gloating at her. She was angry and yelled, “What are you laughing at? I tell

you, I’m very rich and have my own business. Don’t you want to go into the crystal castle? If you dare to laugh at me again, I’ll buy the crystal castle and I won’t let any one of you go in. Let’s see if you can still feel happy at that time.”

“Do you know the cost of this crystal castle? Dare you say you will buy it. How ridiculous you are! The cost of the crystal castle is 250 million. Can you afford it?” One man immediately sneered.

“Don’t fool me. How could it take 250 million to build such a poor place? Who are you fooling?” Amara’s look was full of disbelief.

“The cost of the crystal castle is publicized on the Internet. If you don’t believe it, you can check it by yourself. Who cheated you? How dare you say that you have a big business? You even don’t have 200 million. Stop pretending to be rich,” the man continued to speak.

Hearing this, Amara vaguely guessed that the crystal castle might be as expensive as he said. Hate to Scott welled up inside her as she knew it. This guy had already given her TC International Hotel. How did he get so much money to build such an expensive castle?

However, no matter how rich Scott was, Amara also believed that Scott was a jinx, which was a fact that could not be changed by money. Moreover, under this premise, the richer Scott was, the more Amara hated him.

She knew clearly that it was impossible to prevent Scott from holding wedding in this way. Everyone around was laughing at her, she had no choice but to try to push her way through the crowd.

“Aren’t you going to buy the crystal castle? Why are you leaving,” the man who spoke just now said again.
Amara kept her head down. With a gloomy look, she ran away in embarrassment.
After getting back, Amara called Scott and scolded him on the phone, asking him to give up the idea of holding the wedding.

Scott hung up directly when he heard Amara’s words, completely ignoring her attitude.

Amara was extremely angry. Only at this time did she realize that she had no ability to stop Scott’s decision.
Four days later.
The day that people all over J City were looking forward to was finally coming.

During the day, the front of the crystal castle was packed solid. Coleman had to find twice as many security personnel to get the visitors to both sides of the gate of the castle, so as to ensure that the road at the gate was unobstructed, which could facilitate the ticket checking before the wedding in the evening.

The night came quickly, and the entire crystal castle became dazzling with the lights. From the outside, it was already the most beautiful scenery in J City at night.

At seven o’clock in the evening, someone successively walked into the crystal castle with invitations, and those who were stopped on both sides looked at the people who entered the crystal castle with envy.

“Albie, look, there are so many people around here. Look at their envious eyes. I have never been in the public gaze in this life. It makes me feel good.” Leia and her family walked towards the entrance of the crystal castle. They showed a proud expression on their faces when looking at the people around who wanted to go in but couldn’t.

“It seems that this banquet is really not something that everyone can attend casually. It must be someone with status and influence. Albie, after you go in later, you must seize the opportunity to make a definite effort to mix with them,” Alan also said excitedly.

“Okay, I know Dad. How don’t I understand this?” Albie looked around with a smile, as if he was walking on the Avenue of Stars.
After the Albie family entered, Leyla also walked in with the invitation letter. After seeing the crowd watching the crowd around

her, she also looked agitated. She muttered, “Edith might just be able to watch in the crowd. Now, she is definitely not qualified to participate in this kind of banquet, and I finally feel proud and elated.”

Not long after Leyla entered, Jakub and Sally arrived here. Their reactions were similar to those who got before them. They were all excited, and they were very proud of the envy of the people around them.

Later, some relatives of the Patel family who received the invitation letter and those classmates of Edith also went to the crystal castle one after another. They all thought they were particularly favored by the castle owner, so they were invited to attend this banquet.

But after they entered the castle, they realized that this matter didn’t seem to be what they thought.

There were several areas in the entire castle. Those who once had conflicts with Edith and Scott were all grouped together. At this time, they were the only ones in the entire castle.

Albie looked around with a puzzled look and found that most of the Patel family had been invited. He thought that his business had improved and was valued by the castle owner, so his family was invited. But now after seeing these people from the Patel family, he immediately realized that this was not what he thought.

Albie walked over and greeted those people from the Patel family. These people had the same idea as Albie. They were still a little embarrassed to see so many relatives of the Patel family coming.

Those classmates of Edith also felt little strange. Looking at the many invited people around them, they suddenly felt that there was nothing special about them.

Just when everyone was full of doubts, a figure appeared in the middle of the castle hall, slowly walking towards them.

“Scott! How could it be you! Why did you show up here? Who let you in? Get out quickly, or I will call security!” Albie burst into anger when he saw Scott and shouted at him directly.

What qualifications did a wimp have to attend such a high-level banquet?

Scott smiled at the crowd and said, “Today is my wedding with Edith. Of course I have to be here.”


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