The Peremptory Casey Davies Chapter 368 Throw Her out of Here

“Are you really the boss of TC International Hotel?” The two staff members in the small house all looked at Amara with some suspicion.

Amara held her head high and said proudly, “Of course. If you don’t believe what I said, you can search the internet to see if I’m the boss of TC International Hotel.”

As she said so, she put her ID card on the table.

After giving each other a glance, one of them immediately searched the internet. After finding that Amara was indeed the current chairman of TC International Hotel, they immediately treated Amara with more respect.

“You’re really the boss of TC International Hotel. I’m sorry for being rude to you just now. What can I do for you? You’re an important person. In theary, we should have sent you an invitation. If we didn’t, we can send you one now.” One of them said with a smile.

It was the first time for Amara to be treated with such respect. She immediately put on airs. She sat upright as if many people were watching her.

“I certainly have received the invitation. I’m the boss of TC International Hotel.” Amara said proudly.

In the opinion of the two staff, Amara was somewhat strange. She looked like a person who suddenly became rich instead of an upper-class person.

However, considering that she was really the boss of TC International Hotel, they dared not say anything.

“Then what can we do for you?” One of the staff members asked.

“Ask the person in charge the crystal castle to come here. I want to talk to him. It’s useless to talk to you.” Amara said.

The two staff members looked at each. They didn’t know Amara’s purpose of coming here. However, considering her status, they should indeed ask the person in charge of crystal castle to come here.

“Wait here for a while, please. I’ll make a phone call to the person in charge and ask him to come here.” One of the staff members said, after which he went to make a phone call.

Amara sat on the sofa and thought triumphantly about the respect they showed to her. Looking at the people who were ignored through the window, she thought that it felt really good to become an upper-class person.

At the same time, she thought that it was wise of her to ask Scott to transfer the TC International Hotel to her instead of Edith.

Knowing how good it was to be an upper-class person, Amara was more determined that she couldn’t let Scott stay in her home. Otherwise, if Scott incurred great troubles to her, she would lose everything she had now.

Before long, a man in a suit entered the small house.
“There are so many people outside. Why don’t you ask them to go away?” That man asked.
“We had told them to go away, but no one listened. Therefore…” Both staff members were somewhat helpless.

That man didn’t continue to scold them. He looked at Amara and then said with a smile, “You’re Ms. Amara, right? I have lived in TC International Hotel several times. The environment of the hotel is great. It could be said to be one of the best hotels in J City.”

He was Coleman Booth, the person in charge of the preparations for the wedding of Scott and Edith. He was responsible for preparing everything used in the wedding and all the procedures of the wedding.

He worked for Charles and was very capable. Besides, he ranked relatively high in TY Group.
Compared with TY Group, TC International Hotel was but a small company. There was a wide gap between these two.

Considering Coleman’s position in TY Group, he enjoyed a much higher social status than that of the boss of TC International Hotel.

However, Coleman didn’t like to put on airs. When the boss of TC International Hotel came to find him for something important, he would naturally be polite. That was the reason why he came to meet Amara.

Seeing that he was so polite to her, Amara thought that she had a much higher status than him, so she still sat on the sofa with an proud face and said arrogantly, “My hotel is of course one of the best hotels in J City. I don’t need you to tell me this.”

Hearing this, Coleman immediately frowned. He didn’t expect that Amara would treat him in such an arrogant way when he was so polite to her.

However, he said nothing about it, but came close to Amara and asked, “What can I do for you?”

Amara gave him a glance and asked, “You’re preparing for Scott and Edith’s wedding in crystal castle, right?”

Coleman was stunned for a while and then asked, “Yes. Why did you ask this?”

He didn’t know that Amara was Edith’s mother, so he was somewhat surprised when Amara mentioned that they were actually preparing for a wedding. Thinking that Amara had got tips, he didn’t deny it.

“You should know that I am the boss of TC International Hotel. You should attach some importance to my opinion. I come to you to ask you not to rent the crystal castle to Scott. They can’t hold their wedding here. I’ll double the money Scott paid to rent the crystal castle. I can afford it.”

Amara spoke like the ladies on TV. She didn’t know how much Scott paid to “rent” the crystal castle. However, considering that Scott would rent it for only one day, she believed that it wouldn’t cost too much money. Therefore, she offered to double the money.

Hearing this, Coleman was stunned. Then, he gave Amara a suspicious glance and asked, “Are you sure that you’re not kidding me?”

“I’m in no mood to joke with you. After all, I’m a boss of a hotel. Hurriedly give me an answer. As long as Scott isn’t able to hold his wedding here, I’ll definitely double the money he paid you.” Amara said.

Coleman suddenly sneered and said, “Oh? Then give me the money now. Since you double the money, then you should give us 500 million. I’m afraid that it’s enough to acquire several hotels that are like TC International Hotel. Can you afford it?”

Amara immediately stared at him and said, “You’re fooling me. Scott just rent the crystal castle for one day. How is it possible that it cost him so much money? Don’t go too far. 500 million? Why don’t you rob the bank?”

Coleman sneered and said, “Who told you that Scott rented the crystal castle? Scott invested 250 million in constructing the crystal castle. You offered to double the money he paid. Then, shouldn’t you give us 500 million?”

Amara was immediately thunderstruck. She froze.

“What… What are you talking about? Scott invested 250 million dollars in the construction of the crystal castle? How is it possible that he has so much money?”

Now, Coleman was sure that Amara was coming to make trouble. As a member of TY Group, there was no need for him to be afraid of a boss of a hotel.

He turned his head, looked at the two staff members and said, “She comes here to make trouble. Throw her out of here now. If she comes again in the future, don’t treat her as a guest!”


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