The Peremptory Casey Davies Chapter 367 You Are a Boss

In the VIP lounge.

Being still shocked by what Scott said just now, Howard still stared at Scott with a look of shock.

“Sit down first. Let’s talk about specifics.” Scott motioned for Howard to sit down, and then sat down on the sofa with Edith.
Howard sat opposite Scott and Edith.

Seeing that Scott felt at home and acted as if he were in his own company, Howard couldn’t help wondering who was the boss of this company. Was the boss Charles or Scott?

“You… You’re willing to pay me 10 million if I design a wedding dress for you? Are you joking?” After Howard took a deep breath, he asked carefully.

‘m serious. Why do you think that I’m joking?” Scott said with a smile, “If you don’t believe what I said, I’m willing to pay you 5 million now. And I’ll give you the rest 5 million after the wedding dress is ready.”

Howard swallowed hard. Although he was not as experienced as Fidelia, he had already been a famous designer throughout the nation. However, he had never heard that someone would pay 10 million to a fashion designer for designing a dress. Generally, even a world-famous fashion designer wouldn’t be paid so much.

“I believe your words. Besides, Mr. Charles won’t lie to me. We can talk about rewards later. I’ll give you a specific design scheme first and you can design if you will use that. It will be better if we talk about rewards after that.” Howard became serious.

Scott gave Howard a glance with some appreciation, nodded, and then discussed the specific design scheme with him.

Taking into account Edith’s figure, temperament and appearance etc., Howard put forward two preliminary design schemes after careful consideration.

After that, he observed Scott carefully, after which he preliminarily put forward an appropriate design scheme for him.

Previously, in Scott’s opinion, he just needed to wear any of his suits and Howard should focus on designing a wedding dress for Edith. However, Howard didn’t agree with him. In Howard’s opinion, both the bride and the bridegroom were important in an wedding. Both of them should look gorgeous, otherwise people would focus only on the bride.

Edith agreed with him. Even though Scott didn’t want Howard to specially design a suit for him, Edith forced him to cooperate with Howard in making a design scheme for a suit.

After they agreed to the design scheme, Howard began to design and make the wedding dress and suit. Then, Scott and Edith began to do something else.

In the afternoon, Amara got dressed up in her home. After she changed into her most expensive clothes and made sure that she looked very rich, she came out of her home and headed to the gate of the community.

Before Amara reached the gate, Leia came close to her again. Seeing that Amara got dressed up, Leia put on a contemptuous look on her face and said, “Oh, you’re dressed up. What are you going to do?”

Amara knew that she couldn’t get rid of Leia, so she wasn’t very surprised when she saw her.

“Does it has anything to do with you? You’re like a ghost, wandering around all day in the community and doing nothing but scaring people. I’m different from you.” Amara went on walking without stopping.

Leia immediately became unhappy and asked, “Watch your language! You talk as if you have something important to do.
However, you’re no better than me. Stop talking like that.”

Amara’s lips twitched. She said, “Now, I’m a boss of a company, totally different from idle people like you. Don’t waste my time. I have something important to deal with. You can’t afford to delay me.”

“Oh, you really act as if you were a boss. You’re a boss? How dare you brag like that?” It was obvious that Leia didn’t believe what Amara said.

Amara didn’t want to talk to Leia. In her opinion, explaining to someone like Leia would degrade her.

“Have you heard of the banquet that would be held in the crystal castle? Let me tell you something. All members of my family are being invited. That owner of that crystal castle is a big shot. Only celebrities will be invited to the banquet held in that crystal castle. The reason why we’re invited is that Albie is doing great in business. You didn’t receive the invitation to that banquet, tight? Don’t envy us. It’s meaningless for you to be envious…” Leia kept talking.

After hearing what Leia said, Amara was angry. It never occurred to her that Scott would invite Albie and his family to the

wedding. It seemed that he had made up his mind to hold the wedding.

Moreover, judging from the way Leia talked about it, Leia didn’t know that they were going to attend the wedding of Scott and Edith. What on earth did Scott want to do? Did he really want her family to lose face again like they did a few years ago? Instead of continuing to listen to what Leia said, Amara quickened her pace and went outside.

She got dressed up to talk to the people in charge of the crystal castle about the wedding of Scott.

In her opinion, as the boss of TC International Hotel, she could be said to be a celebrity and she should be quite influential.
Besides, in her memory, before, the money of Scott was from TC International Hotel. Now, not being able to get any money from this hotel, Scott was nothing.

The people of crystal castle would certainly not offend her, the boss of TC International Hotel, for Scott.
“Humph, I’ll see if you can hold the wedding without wedding venue.” Amara thought.

Seeing that Amara’s face became dark after hearing what said, Leia was sure that Amara envied her and her family for having received the invitation.

The reason why Amara was so jealous must be that she and her family didn’t receive the invitation to the banquet. The host of the banquet really attached more importance to Albie.

Thinking of this, Leia became more proud. Therefore, she no longer cared about whether Amara responded to her or not. In her view, the reason why Amara not responded to her was that she was jealous.

Leia wore a triumphant smile on her face even after Amara had left the community.

“My son will definitely be able to get to know a lot of important people at this banquet. When my son becomes successful, we won’t attach any importance to your family!”

Before the gate of the small house outside the crystal castle.
Many people gathered here, asking how they could attend the banquet held in the crystal castle.

Being troubled a lot by these people, the people in charge of the crystal castle closed the door and refused to receive anyone who didn’t come to talk about something important.

Amara arrived here. Seeing that so many people gathered around the door, she frowned and tried hard to find a way to get close to the door.

“Make way for me. I have something important to talk to the people inside. Make way for me!” Amara shouted.

“Everyone comes here to talk to the people inside about something important. If you want to come over, join the queue.” A lot of people looked at Amara unhappily.

Amara didn’t cared about that. She pushed others hard and succeeded in arriving at the door of the small house.
“You’re such a shameless person! How can you jump the queue? We all line up here.” Many people blamed Amara.

However, Amara didn’t care about it. Instead, she was said arrogantly, “You line up here for nothing while I come to find the people in charge of the crystal castle for something important. I’m different from you.”

After saying that, she knocked on the window of that small house. Then, the people inside opened the window a little and said coldly, “If you want to attend the banquet, wait outside the castle on the day when the banquet is held. If you’re lucky enough, you will be able to go in. If you don’t come to us for something important, leave now. We have no time to repeat this answer for a thousand times.”

“I don’t come to ask this question. I am the boss of TC International Hotel and I want to talk to the person in charge of the crystal castle.” Amara directly told them who she was.

People inside immediately became serious, opened the window and looked at Amara carefully. Amara didn’t look like a boss.
Considering that she might say so because she really had something important to talk to them, people inside opened the door.

Amara turned her head, looked proudly at the people outside, and then entered the small house.


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