The Peremptory Casey Davies Chapter 366 My Offer Is Ten Million

What Scott said had drawn the attention of all people in the lounge. A contemptuous expression soon emerged on Fidelia’s face as she recognized that it was the man from the parking lot they had an argument with.

“Who are you? How dare you speak to me like that?! Security! Call the security! Get the tramp out of my sight before it messes up my thinking.” Fidelia said.

By this time Edith and Charles appeared and the latter went blue in the face at Fidelia’s words.

Fidelia immediately shifted her tone at the sight of Charles and said, “Mr. Charles, for God’s sake, please get security to throw them out. Their existence here is disgusting.”

Charles threw out a grim look at Fidelia before speaking, “Sorry to let you down. But the two are our guests of wedding photograph, whom I have no right to throw out. I just recommended you to Mr. Davies for I thought you were a renowned and outstanding designer in the design scene. I’ve never expect you acting like that! What a mistake to let you be here!”

With another shift expression on her face, Fidelia looked Scott and Edith up and down, again, but still had no clue how these people got to be her clients.

Normally, her design requests were from the top wealthy class with luxurious appearance, people like Charles, whose clothing had the price of a decent and successful person.

There was absolute no sign showing that Scott and Edith as one of the top class and Fidelia even doubted whether they could afford her design.

“Mr. Charles, you gotta be kidding me, right? My clients this time are these… these people?” Fidelia looked towards Charles for answer.
Charles’s voice grew stern, “Yes. This is Mr. Davies and this is his wife. They want a design for wedding dress. The original plan

was to let you two show your own draft and they chose one as the final design.”

Soon a feeling of insecurity caught up with Fidelia— if it was true that Scott and Edith were the clients, what had happened in the garage might lead Scott to the decision on which designer to choose.

Just as expected, Scott gave a glance to both Fidelia and Howard, said, “I think there is no need of two drafts. The personality of a designer tells loads of the designer—a designer with mediocre personality makes no outstanding design.”

Upon hearing that, Fidelia had her displeasure all over the face for those words meant she had gone all the way here for nothing.

However, a question soon popped out in her mind: “those two are nothing like the rich, even they had picked me as their designer, are they able to afford my design?”

As a top designer across the country, Fidelia’s charge started with million, a price way beyond the ordinary. At the thought of that, Fidelia not only got some comfort but also showed a trace of pomposity to Scott.

“That’s funny. I really had no plan for designing things for people like you. Besides, I wouldn’t have even been here if it wasn’t for the sake of Mr. Charles. And according to agreed conditions, you have to pay me 200,000 in compensation even if your choice isn’t me. How about that, huh?” Fidelia answered back to Scott with no politeness.

Charles just tried to speak for Scott but was interrupted by the latter.
Receiving no instant reply from Scott, Fidelia turned back towards to Howard and sneered, “See? Only 200,000 is out of his

league because he is a penniless vagrant. You want to be the designer of the wedding dress? I’m afraid he doesn’t have the money to pay you in the end. Free advice: don’t waste your time.”

Scott looked towards Howard for his answer: “If he still wants the job, money won’t be the problem.”

Howard took a look at Scott and said, “Money was never my first consideration of my design for it can be disturbing. Since you are the person introduced by Mr. Charles, I believe there would be some guarantee in the remuneration. Also, your wife is very

pretty. Designing a wedding dress, if I may, for her will bring me much more than money. So I’m willing to be the designer even

for free.”

“Such a hypocrite! You really could do it for free?!” Fidelia doubted with curled lips.
At this time, Scott turned to Charles and made an eye contact with him.

Knowing the attitude of Scott, Charles went straight to Fidelia and said, ” You can go now. As for the 200,000, I’ll have you paid as soon as possible. Seriously though, you, a top designer, speaking like that was really a disappointment.”

Fidelia’s face again showed no clue of pleasantness. But thinking about the 200,000 she had just got by only being here for a

moment, which was indeed a good deal, Fidelia kept her mouth shut.

By the moment Fidelia prepared to leave with her assistant, Scott walked up to Howard, said in smile, “I really appreciated what you’ve said. There will be a place for you in the industry. I can see that. I’d like to offer ten million for the design of my wife’s wedding dress. Of course, the precondition is you’re gonna make the perfect one for her. I want her to be the most shining bride of the world on our wedding day.”

Suddenly, Howard became speechless after hearing those words, for he was ready to accept the low price. But after what Scott had said, he thought he must have misheard.”

Howard was not the only person standing in shock. Those word also went into the ear of Fidelia, who was on her way out, stopped by those words and turned to Scott. “What a bragger! A hobo could afford ten million on the dress? Do you believe it?!” Fidelia sneered.

Charles gave out a cold hum and talked back to her, “Just go. You have no business here.” Fidelia herself had no intention to stay and went right towards to the door.

By the time they arrived at the power tower, Fidelia stared at Charles and asked, “Mr. Charles, why you recommended me to those poor people? Is it because that man’s wife is a beauty? He even had the nerve to offer ten million for the design of the wedding dress. That was really killing me.”

Charles looked at Fidelia as if he were looking at a moron, and replied, “One more word like that, I’ll call the security to send you out. He wasn’t joking. Ten million for him is just pocket money.”

The next second Fidelia goggled at him in bewilderment, “How come?!”

“Itis true.” Charles answered in disdain, “He is my boss. Do you think ten million will be a problem for him?”


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