The Peremptory Casey Davies Chapter 365 I Think He’s Right

At Amara’s home.
Amara sat on the sofa, holding the wedding invitation letter sent by Scott. Her face darkened.

After a while, she threw the invitation letter on the table and shouted, “Scott really pissed me off. He actually wants to have a wedding with Edith in the crystal castle. Edith must be deceived by Scott’s sweet words. Didn’t Scott know that this castle is now the focus of the whole city? He held the wedding there to embarrass our family!”

Jennifer, who was cleaning, and Nicolas, who was playing with birds on the balcony, were shocked when they heard Amara’s words. They hurried towards them.

“The banquet in the crystal castle that has been reported recently is the wedding of Edith and Scott? Scott is so cool. He must have spent a lot of thought to be able to hold a wedding in that place.” Nicolas said. He was happy for Scott and Edith.

Jennifer picked up the invitation letter on the table and glanced at it. A happy smile appeared on her face. She said, “It is a good thing that Scott and Edith hold the wedding, but why did they not come back?”

Jennifer still didn’t know about what happened between Edith and Amara.

When Amara heard Jennifer’s words, she immediately glared at Jennifer, and said, “Bullshit good thing. Scott wants to make our family ashamed again. Jennifer, you can still stay in my house now. It’s purely because of my kindness. Scott is no longer a member of our family. If you dare to speak for him in the future, I’ll drive you out.”

Jennifer didn’t dare to say anything else. She didn’t expect that Amara would have said that Scott was no longer her family.
Jennifer didn’t know the reason, so she didn’t dare to say anything.

Most importantly, her daughter encountered a lot of trouble at the university. She needed money now, so she couldn’t lose this job. No matter what Amara treated her, as long as Amara didn’t drive her away, she could endure it.

Amara was accustomed to Jennifer doing housework. Besides, she felt that she was the owner of TC International Hotel now. So it was okay that she could hire a nanny. That was why she didn’t drive Jennifer away after Scott left.

Nicolas said, “No matter what, Edith is your daughter. It’s her wedding. Even if you have any comments on Scott, this invitation letter has been sent out. It can’t change. Since Scott can hold wedding in the crystal castle, which shows Scott is not bad.
Besides, he returned from B City safely. Do you know if he got something from B City? What if he becomes the heir of the Davies family? Take it easy.”

Amara snorted coldly, and said, “No matter how powerful he is, he is also the source of disaster. I’m rich now. I don’t want that stuff he can bring to me. Even if he can hold a wedding in the crystal castle, so what? He wants to hold the wedding there, right? but I’ll ruin it!”

Nicolas sighed helplessly. For his wife, he had no choice but to pray silently that Scott’s wedding should not be disturbed by Amara.

When Amara was thinking about how to ruin Scott’s wedding, Scott had already started helping Edith to choose the wedding dress.
He took Edith to visit all the bridal shops in J City, but Edith didn’t buy. Seeing that the wedding day was approaching and Edith

hadn’t decided wedding dress, Scott was still a little worried.

Fortunately, Charles knew several top domestic wedding dress designers. These people had their own design team. Once the design plan was decided, the wedding dress could be made within two days.

So before the wedding, Edith could definitely put on the most beautiful wedding dress.
That morning, Scott did not let Edith go to work, but took her to J City Branch of TY Group.
“Scott, why did you bring me here? I have an important meeting today.” Edith muttered.

“There are still five days that it’s our wedding. You don’t have a suitable wedding dress. Why are you so in no hurry?” Scott laughed.

“We have several alternatives before. I think those are quite good. But I really can’t decide which one is better. We can choose one from those alternatives.” Edith said.

“No. For this wedding, I must make it perfect. So your wedding dress must be perfect too. If you can’t pick the right one, I will find someone to customize it for you. It must be the most suitable.” Scott spoke seriously.

A sweet smile appeared on Edith’s face. Seeing that Scott cared more about the wedding dress than she did, she felt a sense of happiness.

“Then you brought me here today to look for someone to help me design a wedding dress?” Edith asked.

Scott nodded and said, “I asked Charles to find two top wedding dress designers in H Country. When we meet them, each of them will give a set of plans. You can have a look and see which one you like. After deciding, they will start making it immediately. Then you can put on the most beautiful wedding dress on the wedding day.

Edith nodded. She had never had any opinion on Scott’s arrangements.
The two drove into the underground garage of the building. After stopping the car, they were about to find an elevator to go up.

Suddenly there was a sound of footsteps behind them, followed by the voice of a person shouting, “You guys, go away quickly.
Don’t block us. Our boss’ time is very precious. You can’t afford to delay her time.”

Scott turned and looked over. Then he saw that five people were walking to him. The one walking in the middle was a woman, dressed quite differently, like the kind of weird artist on TV.
She was surrounded by four men. Those four men were carrying a lot of bags. They seemed to be the woman’s assistants.

The road in the parking lot was originally not very spacious. These people directly occupied the entire road. When they walked to Scott and Edith, two assistants gave them a glance, as if they felt Edith and Scott were stupid.

When an assistant was passing by Edith, he deliberately ran into Edith. If it wasn’t for Scott’s quick reaction to hold Edith, Edith would fall to the ground.

Scott frowned and glanced at the assistant, and said coldly, “You bumped into her. Didn’t you know?”

The assistant turned his head and glanced at Scott, curled his lips, and said, “So what? Isn’t she all right? Don’t delay our boss’ time. You can’t afford it.”

The woman also glanced at Scott and Edith. After seeing what they were wearing, she immediately believed that these people were poor, with a trace of disdain in her eyes.

Scott stared at the woman and asked, “Your assistant bumped into someone. You don’t need to explain it? At the very least, he has to apologize, right?”

The woman chuckled and said, “Poor people like you deserve an apology of my assistant? Stop it. Do you know how much loss it is for me if you delay me for a few minutes? I’m going to talk about a big deal. Shut up your mouth. Stop making trouble here.”

After speaking, the woman didn’t care about Scott’s reaction. She continued to walk towards the front.
The assistant was more arrogant. Scott and Edith were completely ignored.

Scott was a little annoyed and wanted to go up to argue with them, but Edith grabbed him at this time and said, “Forget it.
These people look noble and elegant, but they are so narrow-mind. Even if they have money, they will suffer a loss sooner or later. So we don’t need to waste our energy to teach them.”

After hearing Edith’s words, Scott laughed, “I didn’t expect you to be so virtuous.”

“Of course.” Edith smiled. She didn’t want Scott to waste time on such meaningless things.

Scott felt that what Edith said was reasonable, so he didn’t continue to catch up with them to argue with them. Instead, he lightly touched Edith’s nose, and then took her to the elevator.

The two went to Charles’s office first.

Charles had been waiting for Scott in the office for a long time. Seeing them arrived, he hurried over to greet them enthusiastically.

“The two designers are the top domestic designers. They have won many international awards. One of them is named Fidelia Poole. She has her own style. I like her style. The other one is Howard Mason. Although he is also an excellent designer, he is not as eye-catching as Fidelia. I will take you over to meet them. Edith can choose which one you like.” Charles said with a smile.

Scott nodded, and followed Charles to the VIP lounge with Edith.

The VIP lounge was transparent, surrounded by glass. Scott saw the people in the VIP lounge at a glance. Scott saw the woman and her assistants who he met in the parking lot.

“The woman who wears avant-garde clothes is Fidelia. Her design concept is more outstanding. So the price is higher. Sitting on the other side is Howard. His design concept is also very good, but he is not as famous as Fidelia. Howard has only been famous for two years. Fidelia is already a big shot in the design circle.” Charles introduced.

Scott nodded, but did not rush in. He walked to the front of the two large potted plants at the door, so that the people inside could not see him. He wanted to hear what they were saying inside.

“Howard, this time it’s a friend of the boss of TY Group who invited us. You only brought an assistant here. It sucks.” Fidelia stared at Howard and said with some disdain.

They had known each other before. Fidelia could be regarded as Howard’s seniors. But in this room, the two of them were ina competitive relationship, so Fidelia’s attitude towards Howard was not very good.

“I just need to bring my best design plan. No matter how many assistants I bring, I can’t produce good works. It’s just a bunch of people who do idle things.” Howard talked back.

Fidelia’s four assistants immediately looked at Howard angrily. Obviously Howard’s words pissed them off.

“Howard, what do you mean by this? You mean I can’t produce a work better than yours? How many years you become a designer? I’m already considered a senior in the circle. You are just a rookie. Actually, I think you shouldn’t have come over. No matter what, the boss will choose a designer with outstanding qualifications instead of you who is just whimsical.” Fidelia yelled.

“Design needs to be unconstrained and vigorous style. You have been in the design circle for so many years. You should be very clear about this. This time I want to let my strength prove myself. No matter what you say, it’s useless.” Howard calmly said.

“Huh, what a talker. Let’s wait and see. If the boss doesn’t choose your plan, how embarrassed you will be!” Fidelia muttered.

At this time, Scott walked in, smiled at Fidelia and Howard, and said, “I think he is quite right. Strength has nothing to do with qualifications. Your qualifications just make you defiant. It’s useless for design.”


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