The Peremptory Casey Davies Chapter 364 Banquet Invitation

After Amara heard the words “You have no right to intervene”, she immediately widened her eyes and looked at her daughter.
She raised Edith up so hard. But now, her daughter actually said this to her now.

“Edith, I am your mother! Why can’t I take care of your business? I don’t agree with you to have another wedding with Scott. If you dare to held this wedding with him, you will not be my daughter!” Amara shouted at Edith angrily.

“I’m already in my twenties. I don’t even have the right to make my own decisions? No matter what you say this time, I won’t listen to you. I’ll have the wedding. Even if you don’t come, I will also hold it!”

Edith did not back down. After shouting to Amara, she grabbed Scott and led him out of the restaurant.

Watching Edith and Scott leave, Amara picked up the cup on the table angrily, and was about to throw it out immediately.
“It’s not our cup. You will compensate it if you break it.” Nicolas hurriedly reminded her.

When Amara heard Nicolas’ words, she immediately stopped.

After hesitating for a while, she put the cup back on the table. Although she was now the owner of TC International Hotel, she was still stingy.

“This is your good daughter. Now she doesn’t even listen to what I said. She has been completely brainwashed by Scott. Look at her attitude towards me now, it’s so annoying!” Amara had no place to vent her anger, so she could only shout at Nicolas.

“If she doesn’t listen to you, you will say that she has been brainwashed. You just want to completely control your daughter. She is an adult now. It’s time for you to change your attitude. Children have their own lives. She doesn’t have to listen to you.” Nicolas whispered.

Amara’s eyes opened wider. She didn’t expect that not only Edith would fight her, but now even Nicolas started to talk back to her frequently.

She felt that her status was seriously threatened. The reason was Scott.

“Nicolas! What did you say? Do you want to be kicked out by me? You dare to talk back. Don’t you know who is the head of our family? Huh?”

When Nicolas was scolded by Amara, he didn’t dare to speak again. But he was still unconvinced. He thought that he had been so useless for so many years, but now he even couldn’t speak for his daughter. It was really shameful for him to have lived like this.

After sighing helplessly, Nicolas stood up and said, “Let’s go back too. It’s useless for you to be angry here.”

Amara snorted coldly and murmured, “Hmph, I won’t let you successfully hold this wedding. No matter what, I am the owner of TC International Hotel. Others will respect me. Did you guys want to hold the wedding in that crystal castle? It must be Scott who rent it. I will go back to send someone to call the staff from crystal castle and ask them not to provide you with a venue. Let’s wait and see!”

After speaking, Amara got up and left the restaurant with Nicolas.

The next day, there was news that, ten days later, a grand banquet would be held in the crystal castle. Some people would be invited to the banquet. Those who were not invited would have chances to go in to watch this banquet according to the real situation.

Because Scott wanted to surprise everyone, he didn’t directly say that the upcoming wedding of crystal castle was his and Edith’s.

At first, everyone thought this was just a rumor. It was just others gossipy. But after a while, a passageway was set up at the main entrance of the crystal castle, which seemed to be used for ticket checking.

Moreover, there was an extra small house at the entrance of the castle, which was specially used by the party responsible for this banquet to settle matters related to the banquet.

Someone went to the small house to ask and then confirmed that the banquet was true. The news undoubtedly made the whole J City uproar.

Everyone went to the little house and asked how to get the invitation letter for the banquet. The person in charge explained to them that, except for some people who were determined to be invited, the remaining places would be randomly selected on the day. If you were lucky enough, you could enter the castle to participate in the banquet.

Those who had seen the crystal castle were very eager to enter the castle. This news undoubtedly excited them.

Some people even went to the crystal castle every day to ask when they could get the invitation letter. The small house in front of the crystal castle could be said to be blocked by a lot of people every day. The person in charge inside felt annoyed by these people.

Two days later, the person in charge of the banquet sent out the first batch of invitations. In this batch of invitations, it was written to invite them to attend the wedding of Scott and Edith.

Those who could receive these invitations were all friends who had a good relationship with Scott and Edith, including families and powers that had had some intersection with Scott.

Two days later, the second batch of invitations were sent out. This time, the invitation just read inviting them to attend the banquet. No other redundant information was written. The ones who received these invitations were relatives from the Patel family, classmates and colleagues who had had grudges with Edith, and relatives from Amara’s family who had big prejudices about Scott and Edith.

The reason for inviting these people was to let them see that Edith marrying Scott was a very happy thing, not was like what they thought at all. This wedding would definitely change their mind.

In acompany in J City, Leyla opened a courier that she had just received. After taking it out and seeing the invitation letter inside, she was taken aback for a moment. Then she opened it quickly and looked at the content inside. Then she jumped up excitedly.

“I have received the invitation letter of the banquet from the crystal castle!” Leyla shouted.

When others who were busy with their things in the company heard Leyla’s shout, they immediately turned their heads and looked at her. Many girls hurriedly came over, staring at the invitation letter in Leyla’s hand. They all showed a look of envy.
“Is this really an invitation letter from the crystal castle? Why are you invited?” At this time, someone asked.

“That must be because I’m beautiful. Maybe the owner of crystal castle has taken a fancy to me.” Leyla immediately said with a narcissistic expression on her face.

The people around all looked at Leyla contemptuously. Obviously, they didn’t believe her.
But Leyla did receive the invitation letter, which made them all envious.

Leyla stared at the invitation letter in her hand with a smug face, then narrowed her eyes, and said to herself, “Edith, Scott, you guys must have never expected that I would receive the invitation letter for the crystal castle, right? I think you are definitely not eligible to receive such a high-level invitation letter. No matter why the owner of this crystal castle sends me an invitation letter, this is an opportunity for me. Maybe I can meet a rich and handsome guy at the banquet. At that time, you will definitely be trampled under my feet!”

“Wait for me, especially Scott. Sooner or later, I will let you know what the ending is after provoking me!”

A remote community in J City.
At Nyla’s home.
Nyla’s father Jakub and her mother Sally sat on the sofa, staring at the invitation letter on the table with emotion.

They hadn’t heard from Nyla for a long time. Not long after Nyla went to Eglor County, her phone couldn’t get through. The two of them went to Eglor County to look for Nyla, but in the end, they didn’t have any clues. Finally, they had to give up.

When Nyla finally contacted them, she said that she had found a rich boyfriend, and then they couldn’t hear from her news at all.
Jakub once thought that Nyla didn’t want them after she found a rich boyfriend. After all, Nyla caused the family went bankrupt.
Now, since she was rich, it was not impossible for her to abandon these two burdens.

But they didn’t know that Nyla was begging in a corner of Eglor County.

“I didn’t expect that we could also receive the invitation letter from this crystal castle. Could it be that our family become lucky?” Jakub said with both hands trembling.

“Yes. We were kicked out of the Patel family, bankrupted, and our daughter ran away with the rich. No one in the world could be more pitiful than us. It must be God who can’t stand it anymore, so he gives us an opportunity to stand up.” Sally said confidently.

Jakub took a deep breath, narrowed his eyes, and said excitedly, “This banquet is an opportunity for us. When we make a comeback, we must let Scott pay the price. It’s him who caused us like this!”

“Yes, we have to kill him! And Edith, her family is so bad. We have to let them regret what they had done!” Sally echoed.

In ZC Community, at Albie’s Home.

At this time, Albie’s family were all sitting around the table, staring at the invitation letter on the table. The name of their family was written on the invitation letter.

This invitation letter was for their family!

“Albie, I didn’t expect that this crystal castle banquet would invite our family over. I also went to see the crystal castle. It is indeed a very luxurious place. Its owner is definitely not an ordinary person. He actually can invite us.” Alan said excitedly.

“Of course, our son is so excellent. It must be that Albie’s business is getting better and better recently. The owner of the crystal castle thinks that Albie has a bright future, so he sent us this invitation letter. Yes, I believe that after attending this banquet this time, Albie will have more opportunities, and then our family will be able to rise to the top.” Leia looked at Albie with a smug face.
She was quite satisfied with her son.

Albie also smiled, obviously not expecting that he would receive an invitation to the crystal castle banquet.

“Perhaps this is really an opportunity for our family. If I can get the appreciation of the owner of the crystal castle this time, then I will surely be able to get a lot of achievements in the future. At that time, Edith and Scott will be worthless in my eyes!” Albie said with pride.

Leia also said, “Now they have been trampled under our feet. I saw that Amara had refused to let Scott come back. It must be that their family can’t afford to support Scott anymore. Maybe, it will not be long before they even have to sell the house here.”

When Albie heard Leia’s words, he immediately laughed and said, “I didn’t expect that this is the case in their family now. It’s God’s retribution for them.”

“Did their family also receive this invitation letter?” Alan suddenly asked.
“Absolutely impossible!” Albie and Leia said immediately in unison.

“You haven’t seen Amara’s face these past few days. She always pulls a long face. How could she receive such a high-level invitation? Now their family is worried about their livelihood. How could they be invited by the crystal castle?” Leia said confidently.


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