The Peremptory Casey Davies Chapter 363 You Have No Right to Intervene

When Edith saw the key in Scott’s hand, she was really shocked.
“Scott, are you kidding me? This crystal castle is yours?”

Scott didn’t explain to Edith. He directly used the key to open the small door in front of him, and then made a welcome gesture to Edith, and said seriously, “Welcome my princess to visit the castle.”

Looking at the opened door, Edith was so shocked. She didn’t know what to say.

“I’m not dreaming, right?” Edith asked.

“Can I pinch you?” Scott said with a smile.

Edith immediately rolled her eyes at Scott, and then walked into the castle with excitement.

Scott took Edith to the castle hall, where the sparkle embellished by crystals was brilliant. The various decorations all set off the beauty of the castle. In the castle, she felt like she was dreaming.

Looking at the surrounding scenes, Edith seemed to be taken into the fairy tale world by the golden castle.
Seeing Edith dumbfounded, Scott asked with a smile, “Do you like it?” “Is this for me?” Edith still looked at Scott in disbelief.

Scott nodded and said, “Our wedding will be held here, and then we will become the focus in J City. You will become the happiest bride in the world.”

Hearing what Scott said, Edith felt like she was dreaming. She had fantasized about where her wedding would be held countless times, but she didn’t expect that Scott would have built a castle specifically for her, which could only exist in the fairy tale world.

It could be said that there were not many who could enjoy this kind of treatment in this world.

Right now, she felt she was the happiest woman. The bliss Scott had brought to her could no longer be described in words.
She stared at Scott excitedly, then swept Scott up, and whispered in Scott’s ear, “Thank you. You are the most romantic person I have ever met.”

A satisfied smile appeared on Scott’s face. Edith said he was romantic. For Scott, it was definitely something to be happy about.

He looked down at Edith, and then slowly leaned in and kissed Edith’s lips.

The two kissed for a long time before Scott reluctantly separated from Edith.

Edith flushed, like a shy girl.

“Come with me upstairs and have a look. There are many rooms specially prepared for you.”

Scott said to Edith, then took her hand and walked towards the second floor of the castle.

Because the entire castle was crystal-ike, almost in a semi-transparent state. People outside the castle could vaguely see some scenes inside the castle.

Scott walked towards the second floor with Edith. The figures of the two people could be seen by the people outside the castle, but those people couldn’t see exactly who they were.

“See, there are people in the castle!” A man pointed in the direction of the second floor of the castle and shouted.

Everyone looked in the direction the person pointed. After seeing the people inside, there was also a touch of surprise on their faces.

Both Scott and Edith had very good figures. In this situation, others could only see the figures, as if they were like the prince and princess living in the castle, which made others fascinated.

“Wow, is there a prince and a princess in the castle?” “Oh my god, it’s so enviable. I want to go inside this castle too.”

“They are so matched. I really want to go in and see who they are.”

After that day, the matter about prince and princess living in the crystal castle spread throughout J City. Everyone said that the prince and princess lived in the crystal castle. Many people even said that they had seen the prince and princess with their own eyes and even had dinner with them in the castle.

All sorts of weird guesses about the castle were spread one by one. Some people even said that the reason why others were not allowed to enter the castle was because the prince inside was actually an evil dragon. Only by staying with the princess could the prince remain human shape. Once seen by others, the prince would turn into an evil dragon and burn the entire castle with flames.

Of course, those who believed in these legends were only ignorant children. Adults all knew that it was fictitious. As for who this crystal castle belonged to, it would have to wait until the owner of the castle personally came to announce.

When everyone was thinking about the crystal castle, the owner of the castle played a game of evil dragon with the princess…

That evening, in a restaurant in J City, Scott and Edith were sitting aside, across from them were Amara who looked gloomy, and Nicolas who was silent.

Because Scott and Edith had decided to hold another wedding, they felt that this matter should be discussed with Amara and Nicolas.

Edith felt that after so many days, Amara should have calmed down. After all, they were still family. It was not good that the two of them always lived outside.

“Mom, so many days have passed, are you still angry? You can’t stop Scott from coming back just by someone’s words. Please don’t get angry.” Edith said sincerely.

“The ‘someone’ you mentioned is a master. He predicted that Scott is the source of disaster. I’m not angry. But itis true. We can’t change it. Don’t persuade me. I won’t let Scott enter the house.” Amara said firmly.

Edith sighed. She had thought that Amara would change her mind after a few days, but now it seemed that she herself was still a bit naive.

“You really shouldn’t be doing this to Scott. That we can live like this now is because of Scott. But now you don’t let him come back. It really goes a little too far.” Nicolas spoke up for Scott, which was rarely seen.

Amara immediately turned to glare at him, and said, “What kind of life do we have? Did you know that Leia would block me.
downstairs every day? I get upset every day. This is caused by Scott, isn’t it?”

“Why don’t you go back to the old house before? There will definitely not be anyone blocking you downstairs.” Nicolas muttered softly.

Amara directly stretched out her hand to pinch his arm. She yelled, “What did you say? You want to be driven out, right? You actually speak for Scott now? Did he give you any benefits?”

Nicolas was immediately scared. He was sitting in the corner with his head down, not daring to say a word.

After scolding Nicolas, Amara glanced at Scott again, and said to Edith, “Daughter, actually, you think about it, there is nothing good about Scott. If you are with him, you will not be happy at all.”

“Do you know the crystal castle that everyone is discussing recently? I specifically asked someone to investigate. In fact, there are no people living in it, and there is no so-called princess. The crystal castle was built by a very wealthy businessman. Maybe he built this castle for the purpose of marrying a girl in the future.”

“I have a friend who said that he can find the owner of this crystal castle. You’re so beautiful. Few girls in the whole J City are more beautiful than you. I will take you to see the owner of this crystal castle. Perhaps he will fall in love with you. Marrying the owner of this crystal castle is ten thousand times better than staying with Scott.”

Hearing Amara’s words, Scott and Edith looked at each other. Both of them showed a strange look on their faces.
“Mom, actually… I am the owner of crystal castle.” Scott said.

Amara snorted at Scott. She felt Scott was like a fool, and then she said, “Do you think I’m stupid? You still want to use this method to trick me? No way! I have already met the owner of the crystal castle. Although I have not spoken to him, he was more temperamental than you. You want to pretend to be the owner of the crystal castle? Are you insane?”

Scott immediately guessed that the person Amara talked about should be Charles. After all, all things about the crystal castle were done by Charles.

Scott was a little surprised that Amara knew that the crystal castle was related to Charles. However, thinking that Amara had TC International Hotel now, she could be regarded as a member of the upper class, so it was normal that she could get some news. But Amara’s news was not correct. It was her own wild guesses.

“Mom, Scott didn’t lie to you. He…” Edith also explained for Scott.

“Okay, don’t fool me. Even if he is really the owner of crystal castle, I won’t let him enter my house. It doesn’t matter whether he has money or not. He will bring us bad luck. No matter how rich he is, if he walks into my house, it won’t be good for us.” Amara resolutely said.

Scott sighed when he saw Amara’s attitude so tough. But no matter what Amara’s attitude was, he would have this wedding with Edith.

“Mom, let’s not talk about the fact whether you let me in. We are here to inform you and Dad that Edith and I are planning to have another wedding. The venue will be in crystal castle. I hope you two can join our wedding. Please tell Jennifer by the way. Let her come over.” Scott said.

Amara patted the table directly, stood up, and shouted, “What are you talking about? How dare you hold the wedding again? Is that wedding not enough embarrassing? You really get on my nerves!”

Scott glanced at Amara calmly, and said, “This wedding, I will let everyone change their minds.”

“No, I don’t agree. Edith is my daughter. If you want to have a wedding with her, you have to get my opinions. If I don’t agree, you can’t hold this wedding!” Amara screamed.

At this time, Edith also stood up and said with firm eyes, “Mom, we are just here to inform you. Whether you agree or not, this wedding will be held. This is a matter between Scott and I. You have no right to intervene!”


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