The Peremptory Casey Davies Chapter 362 Crystal Castle

In a coffee shop near the company of the Patel family.

Scott and Edith were sitting opposite each other. Edith told Scott about yesterday that Amara asked the exorcist to come to their house for driving the ghost out. When Edith was speaking, her face was full of helplessness.

“That’s how things are. You also know how rigid my mother is. She now believes that you will bring us disaster, so she doesn’t want you to come back anyway. I quarreled with her, but she didn’t believe. I am afraid that she will never live in the same house with you again.” Edith sighed.

Scott also showed a helpless smile. When he learned that Amara found the exorcist to come to the house, he was a little speechless. But he knew that the reason why Amara really didn’t want to live with him. Sasha’s matters had a great impact on Amara. What the exorcist said was just an excuse.

“What do you think about this?” Scott asked.

“I have already figured it out clearly. If my mother insists on not living with you, I will move out. We can find a place for the two of us to live.” Edith said.

Hearing Edith’s words, Scott felt grateful and said, “I will try my best to prove myself to her. I believe she will accept me one day.”

Edith nodded. She had enough confidence in Scott. She felt that Scott had done better than most people, but Amara had a lot of prejudice to Scott, which couldn’t be controlled by anyone. So there were so many troubles.

“Well, don’t talk about my mother. It’s upset. How about you? Was everything going well in B City?” Edith asked.

“It has been completely resolved. There is no need to worry about troubles in B City in the future. We can prepare for our wedding.” Scott said with a smile.

Edith showed a look of expectation on her face, and a sweet smile appeared on her face.
In the evening, Scott took Edith to a hotel. Amara didn’t allow Scott to go home. They could only stay in the hotel until they found a suitable place to stay.

In fact, if Scott wanted to, he could also ask Charles to arrange a place for him immediately. It didn’t have to take much effort.
But Scott wanted to experience the pleasure of staying in a hotel with Edith.

In the past, when he and Edith stayed in a hotel, he couldn’t do anything. He felt he himself sucked.

Scott had never experienced the fun of having s*x in a hotel. Now it was different. He and Edith had already made love. So if they stayed in a hotel, Scott could do what he wanted to do.

At ten o’clock in the evening, Amara called Edith.

“Edith! Why don’t you go home yet? Are you with that wimp? I tell you, if you continue to be with him, you will not end well. Come back in half an hour. Otherwise, you will not be allowed to coming back!” Amara shouted hysterically.

“Mom, Scott is my husband. He will accompany me forever. But you can’t. If you don’t let him go home, I won’t go home. Let’s calm down during this time. I don’t want to fight with you every day at home.”

After speaking, Edith hung up the phone. Amara was so furious.

Two days later, the iron walls around the crystal castle were removed. The magnificent crystal castle inside and the decorative buildings around the castle were displayed in front of the people of J City.

On the first day the castle came out, it attracted countless people to watch. In just one day, the matter spread throughout J City.
Even the local newspaper reported the matter. Everyone began to talk about the castle.

Because crystal castle was too romantic, countless young men and women had come to visit. In just a few days, it had become a popular place for Internet celebrities to selfie in J City.

However, because the crystal castle was not open to the outside world, these people could only watch outside the castle. Just because there was no way to enter, everyone had a greater interest in what the crystal castle looked inside.

At first, everyone thought that crystal castle was a new tourist attraction in J City. After keeping others suspending, it would let people go in to visit by buying tickets. Many people said that even if the tickets here were more expensive, they would have to go in and see what it looked like inside.

But later people realized that this crystal castle was not a public venue, but private belongings. It wouldn’t open to the outside world.

Then people began to guess who the owner of the crystal castle was, and what was the purpose of building such a magnificent castle.

Those young girls used their imaginations to fabricate more than a dozen different versions of stories for this crystal castle, all of which were about love. Some people even wrote these stories into novels and published them on the Internet, which got a lot of favor from a large number of netizens.

Crystal castle was also very famous because of it. After some people outside of J City had heard of this place, they would come to J City to see the crystal castle. Crystal castle had become a hot spot in the entire J City.

Edith naturally heard about the existence of the crystal castle. After returning to the hotel in the evening, she told Scott about it.
She said the crystal castle was very romantic and wanted to go there with Scott to take photos.

Scott smiled and agreed to Edith. Then he followed her to the crystal castle.

Edith’s eyes lit up when she saw the crystal castle which was quite different from the surrounding buildings.

“Wow, it’s really beautiful. I always thought that this kind of place only exists in fairy tales. I didn’t expect someone to build it. The owner of this crystal castle must be a very romantic person.” Edith murmured.

“It’s not necessarily. Maybe he doesn’t know girls’ thoughts.” Scott smiled.

Edith turned her head and glanced at Case. She said, “How is it possible? He can live in this kind of place, which shows he is very romantic. How can he not know girls’ thoughts? Scott, I think you are jealous.”

Scott immediately glanced at Edith, then grabbed Edith’s hand, dragged her to walk towards the crystal castle.
Edith didn’t know what Scott wanted to do. She asked, “Scott, what are you going to do?” Scott said, “I’ll prove it to you whether I’m jealous.”

Because there was a large group of people in front of the crystal castle, Scott took Edith directly to the back of the castle. There was a small gate with few people around here.

When Edith saw Scott bring herself to the side of this small door, she was surprised with her eyes wide open, saying, “Scott, why did you bring me here for? Are you trying to pry the door and take me in? Don’t do this. If we get caught by the owner, we will be dead meat.”

Scott smiled and took out a key from his pocket, and said, “I have the key. Why should I pry the door? If I enter my own place, will someone come to catch me?”


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