The Peremptory Casey Davies Chapter 361 You Such A Wuss

At CZ Community.
Scott walked into the community. He couldn’t restrain his excitement when he thought of the upcoming wedding with Edith.

Considering that Edith still had to go to work today, Scott did not tell Edith that he had arrived in J City. He arrived at the community alone and wanted to take the whole family out for a good meal tonight.

Not long after he walked into the community, Leia caught up with him. She stared at him with disdain, “Isn’t this Scott? I haven’t seen you for so many days. I thought you have already gone away. Because Edith can’t support you.”

Scott frowned when he saw Leia. After hearing what she said, he asked, “What do you mean?”

“Don’t you know what I mean? Edith’s family is poor now. You, such a wimp, can continue to stay at her home?” Leia said with disdain.

Hearing Leia’s words, Scott guessed what she was thinking. When Alan saw they moved here last time, he definitely thought that the company of the Patel family would close down.

Scott didn’t want to argue with such a person. He just walked straight to the front.

Seeing Scott did not refute, Leia felt that she must be right, so she wanted to go one step too far. She continued, “So am I right? What a pity Edith is! You don’t even want her. So funny!”

Scott ignored Leia’s words at all, as if he hadn’t heard it. Arguing with this kind of people was a waste of time. Whether Edith was pitiful or not. Everyone would know it when their wedding was held.

Seeing that Scott ignored her, Leia was angry. She ran in front of Scott and stopped him, asking, “Are you deaf? Didn’t you hear me? Her family is miserable now, right? Are you going to divorce Edith? Tell me and let me be happy.”

“Get out of my face!”

Seeing Leia stand in front of him, Scott yelled unceremoniously. If Edith had not been expelled from Patel family before, Scott might treat Leia more politely because she was an elder, but it was completely unnecessary now.

“What did you say? How dare you yell at me? Who do you think you are? Let me tell you, without Edith, you are not nothing, not to mention that Edith even can’t support herself. Her company will be closed down. You dare yell at me?” Leia was rendered furious immediately.

Scott directly pushed her away and continued to walk towards the front. If Leia continued to do some stupid things, he wouldn’t mind teaching her a lesson.

“You even dared to push me. Asshole, apologize to me!” Leia didn’t want to let Scott go.
Scott completely ignored Leia. No matter how she was angry, Scott just ignored her.

Leia was pissed off by Scott. What she hated most was that others completely ignored her. Scott knew this, so he just ignored her.

At this time, Amara came out of the building and walked towards Scott. Seeing it was Amara, Scott speeded up his pace immediately and wanted to go over to say hello to Amara.

Amara was still avoiding Leia. But now she saw Scott walking towards her. Leia was still behind him. Then Amara’s face instantly became terrible.
Scott actually could come back from B City safely. It was true that good men had short lives but evil ones lived long. Even the

Davies family in B City couldn’t kill this guy. No wonder the exorcist that Scott brought disaster to her family.

Moreover, Scott caused her trouble just as soon as he came back. She had thought she could avoid Leia today, but she didn’t expect that Scott brought Leia here directly.

“Mom, are you going out?” Scott asked with a smile.

“Don’t call me Mom. I want to live a few more years. Maybe if you call me Mom a few more times, I will lose a few years of life.” Amara said with a dark face.

Scott was taken aback, not knowing what was wrong with Amara. He asked, “Did you have some trouble? You seem to be a little unhappy.”

“Hmph, my biggest trouble is you. How can I be happy when I see you?” Amara said, “Since I ran into you here, I don’t bother to wait for you to come home and tell you again. From now on, you can’t go to my home, so as not to bring any harm to my family.
You can leave here now. Don’t go to my home anymore. I’ll tell Jennifer to pack up your stuff and give it to you. You just move out of here.”

Hearing Amara’s words, Scott was confused. He didn’t know why Amara was like this.

“Mom, what’s the matter with you? Why did you suddenly prevent me from going home? Could it be that something happened?” Scott asked.

“There is no reason. I just don’t want you to enter my house. You are the source of disaster. Entering my house will definitely bring disaster to my house.” Amara said impatiently.

After that, she walked towards the front and added, “I have changed the lock on the door of my house. You can’t enter. I advise you not to even enter this community, otherwise whoever runs into you is unlucky.”

After speaking, Amara quickly left.

Leia on the side saw this scene and immediately burst into laughter, “Scott, weren’t you so arrogant just now? See! She didn’t let you go home. So funny.”

Scott frowned and glanced at Leia. Instead of refuting her, he took out his mobile phone to call Edith, told Edith what happened just now, and asked her what was going on.

Edith told Scott that she couldn’t make it clear on the phone, asking him to go to the company to wait for herself, and then would tell him what happened when she got off work.

Scott hung up the phone. He walked out of the community. He thought that his return this time would be a good start. Davies family’s affairs were resolved. He would give Edith another wedding. All that was left was to find his father.

But he didn’t expect that Amara would make him another trouble just after he came back, which made him a little confused.

“Scott, I thought you wanted to abandon Edith because her company would almost close down. But I didn’t expect that it was Edith’s family didn’t want you. Well, well. It seems that they think you’re a wuss and can’t stand you. They don’t want a burden.” Leia said triumphantly.

Scott walked quickly out of the gate of the community and took a taxi directly to the company of Patel family, without saying a word to Leia from beginning to end.

Seeing Scott taking a taxi, Leia snorted, with a sneer on her face. She muttered, “The worse the situation in your family, the happier I will be. Sooner or later, our family will trample your family under our feet, just like before!”


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