The Peremptory Casey Davies Chapter 360 Drive Him away from Your Family Forever

After hearing what the exorcist said, Amara looked at him in shock with her eyes wide open and murmured, “Ma…Master, how do you know that?”

At this moment, Amara was completely shocked by him. She had never talked to him about the family members in her family.
How did he know that there was a person whose family name was Davies in her own family?

“I have your fortune told.” He said.

“Then, master, do you mean that it’s the person whose family name is Davies that incurs the misfortune?” Amara had already guessed something. It was in accord with what she previously thought.

“Yes. That person incurs the misfortune to your family. If I’m not mistaken, he’s not at home now. The reason why I succeed in helping you get rid of the evil is that he is not here. Your family will be safe when he is not back. However, after he comes back, your family will always in trouble, just like before.” The exorcist said as if it were true.

Previously, Amara had always believed that it was Scott that cause them to be in so much trouble. After hearing what the exorcist said, she was more convinced of it.

“Master, please help us. Before, I always thought that it was Scott that incurred many disasters. Please find a way to deal with it for us!” Amara pleaded.

Edith, who sat not far away from them, had thought that the so-called exorcist went too far when Amara gave him the money.
Now, hearing him say so, she couldn’t help speaking.

“Mom, he is but a liar. Could he help us get rid of the evil by making several random gestures in our home? Just now, you shouldn’t have given him 20000 dollars. However, to set your mind at ease, I didn’t say anything about it. Now, I really can’t accept him saying such words. He is lying to you.” Edith came close to Amara.

Amara turned her head, glared at her and said, “If he is lying to me, how is it possible that he knows that there is a person whose family name is Davies in our family? Scott isn’t at home now. However, he knew his family name. Couldn’t it prove something?”

“In J City, a great amount of people know that Scott is a member of our family. How do you know that he knows it by telling fortune? What if he has already known who we are?” Edith retorted.

“You’re talking nonsense! He never cares about what is going on in the world. How could he know who we are? Don’t be so stubborn. Are you going to continue to defend Scott after master has told us that Scott is the person that incurs disaster? Last time, I had my fortune told online and I was told that Scott would incur disasters. Now, it appears that it’s right.” Amara became anxious and shouted at Edith.

The exorcist also looked at Edith with his face darkened and said, “I kindly reminded you, but you should say that I’m a liar. It seemed that I shouldn’t have helped you to get rid of the devil. Forget it. When you’re in any trouble and all regret in the future, don’t turn to me for help.”

After saying that, he began to put away his belongs and then left angrily.

Seeing that, Amara hurriedly followed him while shouting, “Master, don’t be angry. We didn’t say that you were a liar. My daughter was blinded by Scott who incurred disasters. Please show mercy and save my daughter, master!”

Seeing that, Edith couldn’t help biting her lower lip. There were tears in her eyes. It never occurred to her that Amara would be prejudiced against Scott even now.

She couldn’t imagine what their life would be like after Albie and Nyla had done all that if it wasn’t for Scott. Maybe she had lost her job a long time ago. How was it possible that they could live in this house and that she could be the Chairman?

Amara always complained about Scott, but she could never know what Scott had done for their family. It was really too unfair to Scott.

In the corridor, Amara caught up with the exorcist, grabbed his arm with both hands and pleaded, “Don’t be angry, master. My daughter is too ignorant. I really believe what you said. Please find a solution for me, otherwise we’ll still be in trouble because of Scott.”

The exorcist said with a cold expression, “I just kindly remind you. There is no reason for me to help you. What’s more, after your daughter said something like that, why should I help you?” Amara’s eyes rolled. Then, she hurriedly took out a stack of money from her pocket and put it into his hand.

“Master, I apologize to you on behalf of my daughter. Please don’t mind what happened just now. These money is the compensation I give you. I’m so sincere, please give me a solution.” Amara said with a flattering smile.

Seeing the money, the exorcist adopted a milder attitude. After putting the money away, he spoke to Amara, “It’s not necessary for me to help you. However, you’re sincere. So I’ll give you a solution. It’s the person whose family name is Davies that incurs the disasters. If you don’t want to be in trouble, you had better drive him away from your family forever. Except it, there is no other way to permanently solve the problem.”

After saying that, the exorcist pressed the button of the life and entered the lift.

Amara stood there, murmuring, “Drive him away from my home. Drive him away from my home. I should have done it earlier. But Edith stopped me.”

“Now, with the instruction of master, I must drive Scott out of my home. I can’t let him stay in my home anymore. Of course, it will be best if he won’t come back from B City all his life.”

Being determined to do that, Amara turned around and went home. In her plan, however hard Edith tried to defend Scott this time, she would drive Scott away from her home.

Before, Jennifer came back. Find that there was something wrong with the atmosphere at home and that there was a smell of the burning of incense in the house, she felt puzzled.

However, she didn’t ask about it. She had her own worries. When she was on her way back, her daughter made a phone call to her, complaining to her about what had happened to her recently at school. Then, she began to worry about her daughter.

Although her daughter said that she was fine, Jennifer knew that her daughter would not call her and complain to her if she was really fine.

Her daughter was all her hope. If anything happened to her daughter, it would definitely be a great blow to Jennifer. Therefore, she was not in the mood to ask what had happened.

That night, Scott told Edith that he was coming back to J City tomorrow.

Knowing that Scott had got everything done in B City, Edith was very happy. However, she still felt bad when she thought of the attitude of Amara.

When they were having a meal, Amara clearly told Edith that Scott was not allowed to enter their apartment, no matter what happened in B City.

This time, Amara was very determined and didn’t allow Edith to negotiate with her. They almost quarreled with each other. They didn’t calm down until Jennifer and Nicolas tried hard to persuade them.

Now, TC International Hotel was owned by Amara, so she had confidence. No matter Scott lived with her or not, she would live a wealthy life.

In her opinion, even if Scott successfully solved the problem of the Davies family and even took over the Davies family, he was still the person who would incur disasters.

Therefore, she had to keep away from Scott. Only in this way could she live a good life. Otherwise, she would still be afraid every day. Besides, her hotel might go bankrupt one day because of Scott.
Shortsighted as her, she always focused on whether she could gain benefits. Therefore, whoever came to talk to her, she

wouldn’t change her mind.

She was born to be mean. Once she had a stereotype about someone, she would believe that that guy might go bankrupt at any time even if that guy had become the richest person in the world.

Scott could improve her living conditions, but he could never change her being self-righteous. After all, she had been self- righteous in the past decades.

Edith was completely disappointed at Amara. In her plan, if Amara really refused Scott to enter their home, she would move out with Scott.

Now, the company had a great development prospect and Edith earned a very high salary. It was quite easy for her to move out.

Of course, she knew that Scott would get everything prepared if they were really going to move out. However high her salary was, Scott earned a lot much than she did.

The next day, after leaving J City airport, Scott was not in a hurry to go home.

He saw that a Rolls-Royce Phantom parked on roadside that was not far away from him. Many people were curiously looking at the car with envy in their eyes.

Scott walked towards that car with a smile. After the window of the car was rolled down, Scott saw Charles sitting inside with sunglasses and smiling at him.

“Excuse me, make way for me. I need to go there.” There were too many people gathering around the car, so Scott had to find a way to come close to the car.

“Bro, stop. However close you get to the car, you can’t sit in this kind of luxury car. Just take a look at it from a distance. You’ll feel bad if you find that you can’t afford such a good car.” A man said with a smile.

“The person in the car is waiting for me. How can I get on the car if I don’t go there?” Scott answered with a smile.

That man immediately looked at Scott in shock with his eyes wide open and said, “You must be kidding me. How is it possible that the people in the car is waiting for you? You don’t look like a boss of a company. Are you kidding us?”

People around all looked suspiciously at Scott and thought that Scott was bragging.

It took Scott great effort to come close to the car. After the door of the car was opened, Scott directly got on the car. Seeing this, people around were so surprised that they were open-mouthed.

“Oh my God, he should really got on the car!” Many people exclaimed.

After sitting in the car, Scott turned his head, looked at Charles and said, “Can you drive a low-key car the next time you come out? It took me a long time and a lot of effort to get on the car.”

Charles looked at Scott with embarrassment and said, “Cough. Cough. It’s already my most low-key car. Others are sports cars, looking even cooler.”

Scott rolled his eyes at him and said, “Start the car now. Let me see if you’ve finished the task I gave you.”

Then, that Rolls-Royce Phantom was driven out of the airport when people looked at it with envy in their eyes.

Before long, the car stopped at the center of J City where a project was under construction.

Scott and Charles got off the car and walked towards the construction site together.

Because it was still under construction, the construction site was surrounded by iron sheets. No one knew what it was inside.

“According to your requirement, we have built the only crystal castle in the world. I believe that it will definitely be the most romantic place to hold a wedding in the world.” Charles said with a smile.

Scott nodded and entered the construction site. When he saw the crystal castle, he was stunned.
Although it was he who asked Charles to build a crystal castle, he was shocked a lot after seeing it.

It was indeed the most romantic place he had ever seen.

Looking at the bright and luxurious crystal castle, Scott couldn’t help smiling.

He had asked Charles to build a crystal castle after he had an idea of holding a terrific wedding for Edith.

Since he had intended to hold a terrific wedding for Edith, then he should prepare a wedding venue that was different from others.

In Scott’s opinion, Edith was a princess. Therefore, the best place to hold a wedding for her was of course the crystal castle.

Scott only told Charles his plan. Moreover, it was constructed secretly. To prevent others from knowing what was being built here, Charles specially asked someone to surround the whole construction site with iron sheets.

Fortunately, the crystal castle was not high. After it was surrounded, no one could see it from the outside.

Scott went into the hall of the crystal castle. When he saw the magnificent and glittering decoration, he began to imagine what the wedding ceremony would be like.

He couldn’t wait for this now.
Now, the crystal castle had been completed. It was time for him to show it to the people of J City.

Scott turned his head, looked at Charles and said, “Remove the iron sheets around it in three days. I want everyone to see the crystal castle. The wedding of me and Edith will draw worldwide attention!”


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