The Peremptory Casey Davies Chapter 359 The Exorcist Help Amara Get Rid of the Evil

“JZ, Miss Priya cooks some soup for you. It’s the third time that Miss Priya cooks in person. Are you not going to have some?” Jordan stood in front of Scott’s desk.

Scott shook his head and said, “Tell her not to cook for me anymore. She doesn’t know my taste. Ask someone to bring the soup back to her.”

“As a matter of fact, Miss Priya…”Jordan still wanted to say something.
Scott looked up at him and put a finger in front of his lips, suggesting Jordan not to mention it anymore.

After dealing with Lily and Scarlett, Scott realized that being loved by someone was very troublesome. Scott didn’t want Priya to fall in love with him. If that happened, he would be in more trouble. Therefore, he directly tried to prevent something like that from happening.

“I’m going to go back to J City tomorrow. Book me a flight. I’m going back after getting everything done.” Scott went on.
“You’re leaving so soon?” Jordan was somewhat surprised.

“I have something more important to do. Besides, I have promised to hold a terrific wedding for Edith. It’s time for me to go back and prepare for it.” Scott said with a smile.

“Shall the people of the Davies family do something about it? You can take her here and hold a wedding here. By the way, you can announce your being the new head of the Davies family. Then, it can certainly cause quite a sensation.” Jordan said.

“There is no need to do so. These years, I have been used to living in J City and people there are more human. I’ll inform you if I have any need at that time.” Scott said.

Hearing him say so, Jordan didn’t say anything more, turned around and went to book Scott a flight.

“For so many years, people in J City all regard me as a loser. Edith suffers too many grievances because of me. Compared with holding this wedding ceremony for Edith, the more important point is to show something to all the people in J City.”

“This time, I would let them know that Edith doesn’t become a joke by marrying me. All people in J City will definitely be envious of this wedding!”

In CZ Community, J City.
On a path leading to a high-rise residential area, Amara was walking carefully with her head down.

Right at this moment, a middle-aged woman who was about the same age as Amara suddenly appeared in front of Amara, looked at Amara with a horrible smile, and said in a mocking voice, “Oh, is that Amara? Why do you take a path where few people take instead of a broad road? Could it be that you’re afraid to meet me?”

Amara stared at that middle-aged woman with extremely angry eyes, but she wore a stiff face.

“Leia, is there anything wrong with your mind? Does which way I take have anything to do with you? Are you so idle every day that you come to meet me every time I go out and come back?” Amara scolded her in an impolite way.

Leia was the mother of Albie and the wife of Alan. Since they knew that Amara’s family had moved to CZ Community, Leia would search for Amara and Nicolas in the community every day. As long as she found them, she would showed her contempt for them.

Although Amara’s house was much bigger than hers, Leia didn’t care. Amara’s family’s moving from the central villa in Hazelfield Estate to CZ Community meant that Amara’s family had become poor.
When they lived in the same community, it meant that they were in the same class now, even though Amara’s house was bigger

than hers.

Now, Leia’s family could be said to be extremely poor. The only fun of her family was to tease Amara’s family, as if they could get endless fun by making them realize that they were in the same class again.

“What are you talking about? Why did you say that I come to meet you? I also live in this community. Could it be that you can tell me where I should go? Don’t think that you still live in Hazelfield Estate. In CZ Community, I can go wherever I want. No one can stop me.” Leia said brazenly.

Knowing that it was meaningless to argue with such a person, Amara continued to walk with her face darkened, ignoring Leia.

“Oh, why are you leaving? Could it be that I’ve touched your sore spot? The reason why you move here must be that you’ve become poor, right? Let me tell you something. Every dog has its day. Do you think that your family will always be rich? Impossible. As long as your family become poor, you will never be able to become rich again.” Leia spoke while following Amara.

In so many years, it was the first time for Amara to lose a quarrel. Before, she had explained to Leia several times that the reason why her family moved was that they wanted to live in a different place instead of being broke.

However, Leia didn’t believe her. In her opinion, no one would move from a villa to an apartment in a high-rise building when had money. She thought that Amara was just trying to fool her.

Amara couldn’t tell Leia the real reason why they moved out of the villa. She also couldn’t tell Leia that they just lived in CZ Community temporarily. Although Amara was vain, she still preferred safety to her face.

Failing to explain to Leia, Amara didn’t want to talk to her. Therefore, she would keep away from Leia every time she came out.

Seeing that Amara tried to keep away from her, Leia was more sure that Amara lied to her. Besides, she was idle every day.
Therefore, she always wandered around in the community, looking for any chance to tease Amara.

“Every dog has its day. However, your family didn’t become rich. In my opinion, it’s your family that can’t become rich anymore.” Amara murmured.

Leia’s face was suddenly dark. She said coldly, “Don’t curse us. We’re going to make a fortune soon. JH had recently made a big deal. Soon, we’ll be able to move into the villa where you used to live. I’ll see what you can say about it at that time.”

Amara twitched her lips and murmured in her heart, “Just move in. You’ll be scared to death by ghosts at night!” When Amara was home, she finally got rid of Leia and was much relieved.

“Damn it. Scott was so stupid that he bought an apartment in the community in which Leia’s family live in. Now, being badgered by Leia, I’m always angry.” Amara murmured.

Edith had got off work. Now, she was sitting on the sofa watching TV. Hearing Amara’s words, she turned her head and asked, “Mom, what’s wrong with you again? Why do you look so angry after you just come back home?”

Amara walked towards Edith and sat down beside her, saying, “It’s the idiot Leia that annoys me. These days, she would come to tease me every time I go out and talk as if we’re in great trouble.”

“Don’t care about the words from people like her. We should focus on our own lives. There is no need to pay attention to them.
Besides, don’t tell anyone what happened in the villa, otherwise we’ll be really in great trouble.” Edith said.

“Ok, I’m not stupid. I know what I can say and what I can’t say.” Amara spoke.

At this moment, she put what she had brought back on the table.

Edith found that it was a stack of yellow paper and a bundle of incense after a glance.
“Mom, why did you buy these things?” Edith stared at Amara with a puzzled expression.
“It’s naturally of great use. You’ll know later.” Amara said mysteriously.

Feeling that there was something wrong with what she said, Edith gave her several suspicious glances. Generally speaking, Amara would make trouble for her again when she said that something was of great use.

More than ten minutes later, there was a knock on the door. Amara immediately stood up and went to open the door.

Not knowing who would come to her house at this time, Edith felt puzzled. Jennifer had just gone out to buy food, so it was impossible for her to come back so soon.

After Amara opened the door, Edith looked outside the door and found that it was a middle-aged man in his 40s that stood outside the door. He wore a coat with a worn-out box in his hand, looking raunchy.

“Master, you’re finally here. Come in please.” Amara talked to him in a respectful way.
With a hint of pride on his face, that man directly went into the apartment.

When he saw Edith, he was attracted by her beauty and was somewhat stunned. However, he soon looked away quietly, pretending that he ignored Edith.

Edith noticed his change and found that he was pretending at a glance. She wondered who Amara had invited to their home.
“Mom, who is he? Don’t let strangers come into our home in the future. There are many bad guy in the world now.” Edith said.

Amara’s expression changed. She hurriedly said, “Edith, don’t talk nonsense. I invite him, the exorcist, to help us get rid of the evil. Don’t annoy him.”

After hearing what Edith said, that so-called exorcist sneered and said, “What do you mean? You treat me like this when you want me to help you get rid of the evil? Do you really think that I usually help others?”

“Master, don’t be angry. My daughter isn’t sensible and speak before thinking. Don’t blame her.” Amara hurriedly apologized.
“Well, considering that she has some gift, I’ll forgive her this time. But if she dares to be impolite to me again, I’m afraid that I won’t be able to help you get rid of the evil. Besides, I’m afraid that there will be another disaster.” The exorcist said in a deep voice.

“Yes, of course. You’re the bigger person, so you’ll definitely forgive my ignorant daughter.” Amara said gratefully.

Hearing their conversation, Edith frowned, but she couldn’t do anything with Amara.

“Have you bought what I asked you to buy?” The exorcist asked while staring at Amara.

Amara nodded in haste and said, “Yes, here it is.”

As she spoke, she handed the yellow paper and incense to him.

After taking them, the exorcist put down his box. After he opened it, it could be seen that there was something like a censer, a sword made of peach wood and a sword made of copper coins.

After lighting the incense, he inserted the incense into the censer and made a few gestures in the room. After thinking for a while, he put the censer in the direction of where Edith stayed and stared at Edith for a while.

After that, he took off his coat and turned it inside out, after which it became a rope. He put it on again.
Seeing this, Edith was speechless. In her opinion, she felt it strange that Amara should believe such an obvious liar.

Amara thought that he was powerful after seeing what had happened just now. In her opinion, he was able to successfully help the get rid of the evil even if his clothes was shabby.

The exorcist made a small altar with his belongs in his box. Then, he wrote many strange symbols on the yellow paper Amara bought with something that looked like red ink.

Amara thought that it was mysterious while Edith found many holes. In Edith’s opinion, there was no regulation in what the so- called exorcist wrote and that what he wrote was just like what wrote by a child casually.

After doing all these, he picked up the sword made of peach wood and began to make some movements. It seemed that he had learned all these moves from the movie The Exorcist. Besides, he didn’t learn it well.

The exorcist spoke an exorcism spell and then shouted.

After shouting, he stopped his moves and stood there for five minutes, after which he breathed out slowly and became relaxed.
Afraid that she would disturb him, Amara dared not make any sound while watching him carefully.

“Ok, I’ve help you get rid of the evil in your home. You won’t be in any trouble in the future.” He said.

Amara looked gratefully at him and said, “Thank you very much. Recently, we have been in constant trouble. With your help, I can feel more relieved.”

“It took me a lot of energy to help you get rid of the evil. I hope you didn’t forget the reward we agreed upon before.” The exorcist said.

“Yes, of course. I’ll give it to you soon.” After saying that, Amara hurriedly went into her bedroom, got 20000 dollars and handed it to the exorcist.

After taking the money, there was a satisfied expression on his face.

After putting the money into his pockets, he stared at Amara for a while and said in a low voice, “Although I’ve helped you get rid of the evil, the problem isn’t permanently solved. After careful observation of your home, I found something unusual. Besides, I figured out the reason why your family is in trouble.”

Hearing it, Amara’s expression changed. She asked hurriedly, “Master, what is that? Please tell me!”

He seemed to be hesitating, but he still asked, “Is there someone whose family name is Davies in your family?”


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