The Peremptory Casey Davies Chapter 358 She Really Fell in Love with Him

Hearing what Archer said, Leighton felt a little puzzled and asked, “Who is the guy that you should ask the boxers of boxing ring to hit?”

“Come and have a look, and you’ll know. That guy is but a loser. He has designs on Lily and cheats her. I’m going to teach him a lesson for Lily.” Archer said, after which he looked at Scott.

Seeing that, Leighton also cast his eyes at Scott. The moment he saw Scott, he froze.
Wasn’t he the new head of the Davies family?

At this moment, the boxers, who surrounded Scott, had rushed towards Scott. Scott planned to beat them up. Just now, he asked these people why they wanted to hit him, but they weren’t going to explain it to Scott.

In this case, Scott could only defeat all of them first, after which he could ask them to give him a clear explanation.
Watching those boxers rushing towards Scott, Leighton was almost scared to death.

Archer smiled at Leighton and said, “Dad, I really can’t understand him daring to cheat Lily. Today, after being hit by boxers of our family, he should know the consequence of annoying Lily.”

It took Leighton quite a while to realize what had happened. After hearing what Archer said, he immediately became extremely angry. In his opinion, it was the people of Tianyuan Chamber of Commerce that should deal with the issues involving Lily.
Besides, Archer was inviting trouble for the Robinson family by taking the initiative to do it!

He was the new head of the Davies family! Archer was not powerful enough to punish him no matter what Scott wanted to do.

Before, Leighton wanted to introduce Archer to Scott and let them be friends. Now, Archer asked the boxers of the Robinson family to beat Scott. If Scott was really badly injured, it was highly possible that the Robinson family would be destroyed.

“You stupid guy! Why are you so meddlesome? Do you know who he is? How dare you ask boxers to hit him? Don’t you want to live?”

Leighton directly kicked Archer on his body with no mercy.

After that, Leighton fell to the ground. He looked at Leighton with a puzzled expression, not knowing why he suddenly became so angry.

“Dad, he is but a loser. Why did you hit me?” Archer asked.
“In my opinion, you are a f*cking loser! Now, ask those boxers to stop! If he is injured, I’ll break your legs!” Leighton said angrily.
Unfortunately, it was too late. Those boxers had already begun to fight with Scott.

Scott moved quickly and fought with them with great skills. Not as good at fighting as Scott, those boxers were knocked down by Scott in a short time.

Seeing that Scott was so good at fighting, Wyatt and his companions’ expression changed greatly. It was impossible for Scott to be so good at fighting if he was really just a loser. After taking Leighton’s reaction into consideration, they immediately realized that Scott was definitely not an ordinary person.

“Well, I suddenly remember that I’ve got something to do. I’m leaving now.” Wyatt ran out quickly after saying these words.

After figuring out the situation, the rest of them also said that they had got something to do and left in a hurry.

Archer was astonished. He had never expected such a consequence.

Leighton had no time to have a few more words with Archer. He ran towards Scott in a hurry.

When Scott was about to ask those boxers who sent them to hit him, Leighton came close to him and said apologetically, “Lord Davies, I’m sorry for what happened just now. It’s all my fault. I failed to discipline my son well. He was so impetuous that he asked these boxers to fight with you.”

“Your son?” Scott was surprised when he saw Leighton. Now, he noticed Archer and Lily who were far away from him. After a little thought, he realized what had happened.

He walked towards Archer and asked in a cold voice, “Did you ask these person to fight with me?”

Leighton followed him and said angrily, “Tell him the truth. He is the new head of the Davies family. I’min a hurry to please him while you should make trouble for him. You’re trying to destroy the Robinson family!”

When Archer heard that Scott was the new head of the Davies family, he was thunderstruck and felt as if there was a ringing in his ears.

“Dad…Dad, could it be that you’re mistaken? How…How could he be the new head of the Davies family?” Leighton gave him a kick and said, “I have just seen him the Davies House today. Do you think it possible that I’m mistaken?”

After Archer swallowed his saliva and cast his eyes at Scott, he instantly realized the seriousness of what had just happened.
Then, he crawled towards Scott and knelt down before him.

“I’m too ignorant to recognize you. It’s my fault. Please forgive me once. I won’t do it in the future again.” As Archer said, he slapped himself in the face several times. Inwardly, he blamed himself for being so stupid and believing that Scott was a loser after hearing what Wyatt said.

If Scott was really a loser, how was it possible for him to have contact with someone like Lily?

Leighton also explained, “Lord Davies, Archer really didn’t know who you are. He is so meddlesome and stupid that he interferes with you the issue involving only you and Miss Lowe. Later, I’ll definitely teach him a lesson. I n the past years, we always obey the orders from the Davies family. For this, please forgive Archer.”

Before Scott spoke, Lily sighed, stepped forward and said, “It was I who asked him to ask someone to beat you. It has nothing to do with them. It’s just that I am bitter and want to find a way to vent. Spare them.”

In fact, Scott had figured out that it had something to do with Lily. After all, it was Lily that asked him to come here. It was impossible that Archer and other people would plan to deal with him without the permission of Lily.

He also sighed helplessly. He could tell that there was a hint of embarrassment in Lily’s eyes. Perhaps even Lily didn’t know what she was doing now and that she just wanted to vent all her emotions.

“Leave here with your son. Don’t make such a mistake anymore.” Scott said.

After bowing to Scott in a hurry to show his gratitude, Leighton left with Archer.

Scott turned around and looked at Lily. Feeling somewhat sad, Lily lowered her head and thought about something.
“If you think that I did something wrong tonight, beat me. Anyway, I’m not as good at fighting as you.” Lily said.
Scott smiled and said, “How dare I beat you? If I do so, your dad would try his beat to fight with me.”

Lily sighed and said, “The reason why you don’t hit me is that you’re afraid that my dad will try his best to fight with me, not you love me. Scott, I hate you.”

The smile on Scott’s face suddenly disappeared. Looking at Lily, Scott had various feelings. He seemed to feel that Lily was becoming less and less pure and lively quickly. It seemed that she became unhappy.

It was good for a person to remain pure. However, the price of it was that the influence of certain harm on her would be many times greater than that on the average person.

Scott didn’t mean to hurt Lily, but he clearly knew that he had to shoulder some responsibility for the change of Lily.
“I’ll send you back.” After hesitating for a long time, not knowing how to comfort Lily, Scott could only say these words.
Lily didn’t refuse. Instead, she directly turned around and went out.

On the way, Scott walked behind Lily. Both of them walked quietly without speaking.

After a long time, Lily finally spoke, “Scott, do you know that I was happiest in my life when I was in Eglor County?”

“It was the first time for me to share a bed with someone else; it was the first time for me to go shopping with someone else; it was the first time for me to sit in other people’s racing car; it was the first time for me to have the idea of spending my whole life with a man; it was the first time…”

Lily expressed her feelings for Scott somewhat excitedly.

Scott listened silently and thought about Lily’s feelings for him. Until then, Scott finally understood one thing: both Lily’s watching too much many TV dramas and her being too young and too naive weren’t the reason why Lily always wanted to stay with him.

The true reason was that she really fell in love with him.

Scott couldn’t find out others’ feelings for him as quickly as others. It was already a miracle that he could understand Lily’s feelings for him now.

“However, this man doesn’t want to marry me. He already has a wife. Therefore, in his opinion, I’m being unreasonable and thoughtless when I did all those things.” Lily went on.

“Sometimes I blame myself for not meeting you earlier. In that case, I might be able to marry you, so that I won’t be troubled by all these. However, I know that it’s but my wishful thinking.”

“Although I’m only nineteen years old, I’m as mature as you are. I know that you can’t love me. You only love Edith.” As she spoke, she began to cry.

Scott didn’t know what to do. He really didn’t know how to deal with such a situation.

“Lily, I’m sorry.” Scott said.

Hearing what he said, Lily turned around and punched Scott, saying, “I don’t want you to say sorry to me. Don’t say sorry to me.”

Scott didn’t stop her. He just let Lily punch him in the chest in hopes that she would feel better.
After quite a while, Lily lost her strength and then embraced Scott.

Scott’s heart did a flip. He instinctively wanted to get rid of her. However, finding that Lily was holding him tightly and knowing that he would harm Lily if he got rid of her now, Scott didn’t do anything.

“Scott, can you give me a hug? I know that you won’t marry me, but I want you to hug me once. Can you give me a hug? As long as you do it, I won’t badger you anymore.” Lily spoke.

Scott took a deep breath and held Lily into his arms without saying anything.
Lily rest her head on Scott’s shoulder with a satisfied expression on her face.
After a long time, Lily left Scott’s arms and went on to walk without saying a word.

Before long, they arrived at the Lowe Villa. Scott stopped and said, “Lily, I’ll always treat you as my closest younger sister.
Whatever danger you’re in, I’ll help you. I will protect you from being harmed in the future.”

After standing for quite a while, Lily turned her head, made faces and said, “Humph, no one dares to harm me. It’s meaningless for you to say so. As for your treating me as your younger sister, I’ll consider it. If you don’t treat me well, I’ll still badger you.”

After saying that, Lily ran towards the villa.
Scott didn’t know the reason, but he was relieved after hearing her say so.
He shrugged, turned around and walked towards the Davies House.

Dealing with issues about feelings was really much more difficult than fighting!


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