The Peremptory Casey Davies Chapter 357 The Cooler

“Who told you that I was in love?” Lily stared at Archer, with a hint of coldness in her eyes.

Archer didn’t expect that Lily would suddenly become like this. He was also taken aback for a while, turned his head to look at Wyatt at random, and said, “Wyatt told me.”

Lily looked at Wyatt and said coldly, “If you dare to talk nonsense again, I will have your mouth sew on.”

Wyatt shuddered, wondering why Lily suddenly became so angry, and explained quickly, “Lily, didn’t you come to my restaurant for dinner with a man last time? You still said he was your man, so I thought…”

“He’s not my man, he’s a bastard, bastard, heart-breaker!” When it came to Scott, anger arose in Lily, and all the words she learned from TV dramas came out.

When others heard Lily, they exchanged glances, and Archer asked, “Lily, were you deceived by that person?”

“You were deceived! I am so smart, how could I be deceived? It is obviously that he is blind and can’t see my advantages. It really irritates me,” Lily said angrily.

They thought that Lily was deceived by Scott. After all, only those who were deceived would say such things. They didn’t know that Lily scolded Scott just to vent her unhappiness.

“Lily, in fact, we asked you to call that kid over to see how he is. Since this guy dared to lie to you, then we can’t let him go. Why don’t you call him over now? You just ask him to have dinner, and we will beat him up for you, okay?” Archer said at this opportunity.

Lily originally wanted to reject Archer. After all, they didn’t know what she was angry at, but she thought of that Scott refused her when she came to his bed. When she thought of this, she was angry. She felt that if Archer and others were able teach Scott a hard lesson, she would be able to vent her anger.

So she asked Archer, “Are you sure you can beat that guy up?”

“Of course, I have already figured out a way. It will definitely make him suffer. You only need to call him over,” Archer said confidently.

Lily nodded, took out her phone, dialed Scott’s number, thinking that if Scott didn’t answer her call, she would rush to the Davies house to get even with Scott.

Fortunately, after two rings, it was connected over there.

“Come to me right now. If you can’t get there within half an hour, I’ll…I’ll…” Lily thought for a long time and didn’t figure out what to say to threaten Scott, “You have to come anyway!

After speaking, she hung up the phone.
But after a few seconds, she realized that she seemed to have forgotten something.
Wyatt stared at Lily and asked carefully, “Does he know where we are?”

Lily was immediately embarrassed, and then she remembered that she hadn’t told Scott where she was at all.

“Do you think I’m stupid? I just don’t want to talk to him too much, I will tell him where we are by text message,” Lily said angrily.
Wyatt nodded quickly, not daring to say anything.
The Davies House.

Scott was sitting in a living room. Opposite him sat Jordan and a respectful man. This man was about fifty years old and his hair was a little gray.

This person was the chairman of Baiyun Real Estate, Leighton Robinson, who came here today to discuss cooperation with the Davies family. He happened to learn about the transfer of the master of the Davies family, so he wanted to get to know Scott.

Scott was holding his phone at this time with a dazed expression. Lily called him just now and yelled to ask him to come to her, but she didn’t say where she was.

Fortunately, within a few minutes, Lily sent him a message. There was an address with an angry expression behind it.
Scott looked at the expression, thought Lily was a little cute.

He thought of that he had just dealt with the Davies family’s affairs in the past two days, leaving Lily’s affairs completely forgotten. However, Lily left his room in tears that night.

It just so happened that the Davies family’s affairs were almost handled, and Scott also needed to relax and appease Lily by the way, so he said to Jordan and Leighton, “I have something to do, so let’s talk another day.”

Leighton didn’t dare to have any objections, and said quickly, “I am really sorry to disturb you, Mr. Scott. I was lucky today and learned that you took office. My son is about your age. If there is an opportunity, I will introduce him to you. Even if you ask him to be your fellow, it is an honor for Baiyun Real Estate.”

Scott nodded to him and said, “If you have anything to do in the future, you just need to explain to Jordan. As for my appointment as the master of the Davies family, don’t tell others.”

Leighton nodded quickly, not daring to neglect.
Then Scott asked Jordan to arrange a car for him and went out

It didn’t take long for Scott to get out of the car when he arrived at the restaurant Lily said. He asked the driver to drive the car back.

He walked into the restaurant and found the private room where Lily was located. After pushing the door to enter, he immediately felt the atmosphere in the private room was a little weird.

Apart from Lily in the private room, there was also Wyatt who he met at Triumph Hotel that day. As for the rest, Scott didn’t know them.

At this time, including Lily, everyone was staring at Scott with a hostile look, which made Scott very strange.

But he didn’t care, he walked directly towards Lily and said, “Lily, I’m really sorry. I’ve been busy with family affairs for the past two days. So I haven’t had time to find you. Are you mad at me?”

Lily curled her lips and said, “Who is angry with you, don’t take yourself too importantly, I don’t care you.”

Scott smiled and didn’t say anything. Obviously, Lily was talking in anger.

“Lily, didn’t I tell you that I prepared exciting activities for you tonight? Since you are full, let’s go now.” Wyatt smiled and said to Lily.

“Okay.” Lily nodded immediately, and then stood up directly from the chair.

She turned to look at Scott and said, “I asked you to come here to let you know that I have many pursuers. The people here are not worse than you. If you follow us today, you will know that they are much more interesting than you.”

“That’s great. I hope there will be one of them you like.” Scott said with a smile. He said this from the bottom of his heart. No one hoped that Lily could find someone she liked more than him.

Hearing what Scott said, Lily clenched her fists immediately, and her tears almost came out again, but she held back.
Did Scott feel nothing about her? Couldn’t he see that she was deliberate? It was so sad to hear his words.

Archer and Wyatt all looked at each other with a sneer in their eyes. Soon they would let Scott know what it would be like to make Lily angry.

A group of people left the restaurant and walked towards a nearby bar.

On the way, Scott followed Lily and apologized to Lily for what happened that night, but Lily didn’t want to pay attention to him at all, so she kept her head down and said nothing.

Looking at Lily’s expression, Archer hated Scott even more. This guy dared to make Lily suffer such a grievance. It was unforgivable. He would make Scott feel regret later.

At the entrance of the bar, Archer did not lead everyone into the bar. Instead, he entered a small door next to the bar. The door led to the underground. A muscular man with tattoos guarded the door. Archer gave that man some money, the man immediately let them in with a smile.

When they came to the underground, they soon heard cheers and shouts not far away. Archer led the people towards the inside.
Soon, they saw a ring not far away. All around the ring were full of people, all cheering for the players on the ring.
Lily’s eyes brightened up when she saw the ring. She was still very interested in this kind of thrilling confrontational competition.

“This is an underground boxing arena invested by my family. In the past few days, we have found several powerful fighters.
Today they happen to have a match. I think you will definitely like it, Lily,” Archer said with a smile.

Lily walked quickly towards the ring. She was depressed now and needed to vent on this occasion. Therefore, she soon cheered along with the people around the ring.

Scott also stared at the two fighters on the ring, and found that the fighters in the Underground World of B City were much better than those in J City, and the strength of the two fighters on the stage was about to catch up with Morgan.

Soon after a game ended, Lily’s mood improved a lot.

At this time, Archer and Wyatt looked at each other, and then they said something in Lily’s ear. Lily turned to look at Scott, and then followed them to the depths of the underground boxing ring.

When Scott saw this, he followed. When they walked to a place where no one was there, Lily asked Scott to wait here for a while, and she wanted to discuss something with Archer and others.

Scott didn’t think much, just stood there and waited.

Not long after that, the boxer who had won on the ring before brought a group of people to Scott. These people were the top boxers found by Archer’s family. They came and cleaned Scott on Archer’s order.

At this time, Archer and a group of people were standing not far away and looking towards here, with smirking smiles on their faces.

Lily looked at the situation there with some worry. Although she wanted to teach Scott to vent her anger, in the final analysis she still felt distressed for Scott.

“Is it wrong to let so many people beat him? What if something goes wrong?” Lily said.

“Lily, didn’t this guy lie to you? Why do you still care about him. And I also told them, and asked them teach this guy a lesson.
Nothing terrible will happen,” Archer said with a smile.

“Yeah, Lily, don’t think about this kind of person at this time. Since he lied to you, he should be punished.” Wyatt also agreed.

Lily thought they were right. Did she call Scott here just to make him suffer so that she could vent her anger? She shouldn’t have any pity for this bastard.

At this time, a man ran up to Archer and said, “Master, the chairman is here and he said he wants to see you, and he has important things to tell you.”

After speaking, the man stretched his finger and pointed not far away, and Leighton was walking towards this side with a smile.

Leighton came to Archer, naturally, to tell Archer something about the new master of the Davies family. If Archer could become friends with the new master of the Davies family, it would definitely be a great thing for the Robinson family.

“I knew you are here.” Leighton said with a smile, and after seeing Lily, he politely greeted her.

Archer also smiled and said, “Dad, it’s really time for you to come. Come here. I’m asking the boxers to beat up a hapless guy.
Let’s have a talk after that kid is beaten up.”


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