The Peremptory Casey Davies Chapter 355 The Position of Master of the Davies Family

“Does anyone disagree?” This sentence echoed in everyone’s ears. Everyone looked at Scott. Some of them had complicated feelings, some were resistant, some felt it was hard to accept, and some saw hope in Scott.

Although over the past few years, their impression of Scott has been on top of his being a waste, abandoning his son, and believes that Scott is not qualified to inherit the forest family industry at all.

Although in the past few years, their impressions of Scott only remained that he was a wimp and was abandoned son, thinking that Scott was not qualified to inherit the Davies family’s industry.

Today, they all understood that the image that Scott was a wimp was created by Margaret and Sasha. Scott had never done anything wrong to the Davies family, and the strength shown by Scott proved that he was not a wimp.

Scott was Terence’s only son. Without Sasha’s obstruction, after Terence left, it would be Scott who inherited the Davies family.

It was just that Scott’s image in everyone’s mind changed too quickly, making them a little uncomfortable.

Priya stared at Scott obsessively with both eyes. At this moment, she no longer had the prejudice against Scott, and she even regretted it. So not long after hearing Scott’s words, Priya stood up.

“I would like to recognize Scott as the new master of the Davies family!”

Not long after Priya came out, Jordan also stood up and said loudly, “Scott deserves to be the master of the Davies family. I am willing to serve Scott all my life!”

After Jordan and Priya stood up, a lot of people from the Davies family members immediately followed to express their attitude.

Scott came back today with the people from the Tianyuan Chamber of Commerce and Yunxi Martial Club. These two forces were the strongest in B City. The ability of Scott to have a good relationship with them already showed Scott’s strength.

And if Scott became the master of the Davies family, coupled with the cooperation of Tianyuan Chamber of Commerce and Yunxi Martial Club, the Davies family would definitely develop better than it was now.

After weighing this point clearly, most people naturally knew how to choose at this time.

However, there were still many people who were skeptical about Scott. They still couldn’t get rid of the cognition that Scott was a wimp. They felt that if the Davies family was taken over by Scott, the Davies family would decline.

Antonio was one of the people who most disapproved of Scott becoming the master of the Davies family. He was kicked by Logan at that time, and he had not been relieved until now.

Seeing everyone agreeing that Scott was the master of the Davies family, Antonio snorted and stood up and said, “I don’t agree to let him be the master of the Davies family. Even if he is good at fight, he is still just a wimp. How can we let a wimp take of the Davies family? He will ruin the Davies family!”

Everyone turned their heads to look at Antonio, and shook their heads a little helplessly. They felt that when Antonio came out to say such things at this time, he was simply making himself in trouble.

Scott glanced at Antonio and said, “Those who are dissatisfied can leave the Davies family now. With the Family Token, I am

the master of the Davies Family. This is the rule set by my father. Anyone who disagrees can leave.”

Antonio was full of anger. He shook his arm and said, “Go. I don’t care the Davies family with you as its master. Anyone who wants to leave the Davies family with me? With our so many years of accumulation, I don’t believe that I can’t make any achievement without Scott!”,

“Who doesn’t want to be under Scott, the wimp, just go with me. I promise to be able to have a much better development than Scott!”

Immediately, many people came to Antonio’s side. These people felt that the Davies family had no hope in the charge of Scott, and they were not loyal to the Davies family. They had been encroaching on the Davies family over the years, and they had accumulated enough capital for a long time. Even if they left the Davies family, they could have a good life as a duck takes to the water.

When Antonio saw so many people supporting him, a triumphant smile appeared on his face. He felt that with his ingenuity, and the resources in these people’s hands, it would not be difficult to create another Davies family.

Scott stared at these people and said, “Is there anyone else who wants to join them?” A few minutes later, a few people who had been vacillating also walked out and stood on Antonio’s side.

Antonio sneered at Scott and said, “Scott, although we are only a small part of the Davies family, with the resources in our hands, it is easy to surpass the Davies family you lead. And you, who choose to support Scott, wait to regret it in the future!”

Scott did not pay attention to Antonio, but glanced at everyone, and said, “Today they announced that they are leaving the Davies family. You are all witnesses. Since they are no longer members of the Davies family, they are not eligible to use any resources related to the Davies family. I will freeze all their assets under the name of the Davies family, and announce their

departure from the Davies family to the outside.”

After speaking, he turned his head to look at Antonio, and said with a smile, “I hope you can build a force that surpasses the Davies family without relying on the resources of the Davies family. Good luck to you.”

Antonio snorted and said, “The resources we have accumulated before are all our own. What qualifications do you have to prevent us from using them? Scott, I am afraid you are not so capable of freezing all of our accounts.”

Scott took out his phone directly, logged in to the Davies family’s general account, and froze the accounts of all these people who had left the Davies family, including Antonio.

Only the senior management of the Davies family knew about the general account, so this time none of the senior management of the Davies family was divorced from the Davies family except Filip.

Antonio and others didn’t even know that the master of the Davies family could operate all the property belonging to the Davies family through general account. They thought naively that they could be able to take away all the money and resources they got from the Davies Family after leaving.

After less than five minutes, Antonio and others all received a text message. After seeing the content on the text message, expression on everyone’s face changed instantly.

“Why was my account frozen?” “What’s going on? Why are all the shops under my name transferred to the Davies family?”

“Why have all my stocks become the public property of the Davies family?”

Everyone was shocked. No one thought that Scott’s words just now were not joking.
Antonio also stared at his phone with a gloomy look, and it took him a while to react.

Then he looked at Scott, with a hint of anger on his face, and said, “Scott, what have you done to our property! Return our property!”

Scott stared at him contemptuously, and said, “You know whether the property belongs to the Davies family or you. Since you have left the Davies family, you can’t even think about taking a penny from the Davies family.”

“What qualifications do you have to move our property? We have to apply for court arbitration!” Antonio became anxious.
“I am the master of the Davies family. Do you think I have this qualification?” Scott looked at Antonio coldly.

Some senior officials of the Davies family were originally skeptical about whether Scott had the password for the general account, but now that they all knew that Scott had s the password for the general account. In this case, the entire Davies family’s economic lifeline was in his control. No matter who left the Davies family, it was impossible to take away a single cent.

Many people were beginning to rejoice that they didn’t follow Antonio to leave the Davies family on impulse. Those who didn’t know what was going on were also scared.

“Since you have left the Davies family, don’t continue to waste time here. The master has the right to take back any property belonging to the Davies family. All your frozen and recovered property belongs to the Davies family. There can’t be any mistake in this matter. Now that you have made a choice, you must be responsible for your choice,” Jordan said and stared at Antonio and the others.

Antonio’s group was dumbfounded right away, they knew that the master of the Davies family had this right.

“Antonio, you bastard, we are now penniless because of you, I will kill you!”

Those people immediately surrounded Antonio, venting their anger on him.

“Kick them out, here is the Davies family’s site, let them go outside,” Jordan ordered several men from the Davies family.

The few people immediately drove out Antonio and others, and the people who stayed were grateful.

After that, Scott asked someone to dispose of Margaret’s body. After almost everything was settles down, he thanked Logan and Natan, and then let them go back first.

After Logan and Natan left, Scott called a group of senior officials of the Davies family into the Davies family’s meeting room.
Now that Scott had become the new master of the Davies family, he naturally had to do some handover work with them.

The follow-up was probably enough for Scott to be busy for several days.

Priya’s attitude towards Scott had changed considerably after Scott became the master of the Davies family. On the way to the meeting room, Priya leaned towards Scott a little shyly.

“Scott, congratulations on becoming the master of the Davies family, and I believe that the Davies family will surely become brilliant under your leadership,” Priya said.

Scott just nodded at her politely.

Priya was full of disappointment. Afterwards, she put her arm around Scott’s arm and said, “I admired you very much when I was a child. At that time, I thought that when I grew up, I must marry you. I’m sure you won’t dislike me.”

Scott frowned and threw Priya’s hand away, and said coldly, “I’m married. Please watch how you conduct yourself. ”

Priya was stunned after hearing Scott’s words, not because Scott said that he was married, but because Scott treated her like a stranger.

It seemed that what was missed back then was irreparable after all.

Inside the mortuary of a hospital in B City.
A person was putting a corpse into the morgue refrigerator.
This corpse was the corpse of Margaret that was transported from the Davies family.

For those entities that died abnormally, each force had its own solution. The Davies family’s property included many hospitals.
So, when the Davies family killed people, the most convenient way to deal with the body was to put the body into the hospital mortuary.

In this way, not only would these corpses not be found, but they could be cremated cremate these corpses without being aware.

The person in charge of putting the corpse just opened the bag containing the corpse, and suddenly felt that there seemed to be some body temperature on the corpse in his hand.

A person walked to Margaret’s body. If Scott was here, he would find that this person was Margaret’s bodyguard, Eric.
Eric stared at Margaret’s body, then took out a small bottle, opened Margaret’s mouth, and fed her the medicine in the bottle.

“The poison she took will reduce her breathing and heartbeat to an imperceptible level. If she takes the antidote within three hours, she will still have a chance to wake up, otherwise she will really lose her life. I hope it’s not too late.”

Eric stared at Margaret’s face with a trace of distress.


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