The Peremptory Casey Davies Chapter 354 Someone Is Not Convinced!

Margaret was embarrassed by Logan’s words. Others might think that Logan was slandering Margaret, but Margaret knew that these words were indeed the most appropriate words to describe her.

She started to feel anxious. Today, Tianyuan Chamber of Commerce and Yunxi Martial Club all came forward to help Scott. It was almost impossible for her to incite Davies family to kill Scott.

Everyone was talking about it. They all knew how powerful Yunxi Martial Club was. Compared to what Logan said, they paid more attention to why Yunxi Martial Club was willing to help Scott, such an abandoned son by Davies family.

Seeing that Logan had arrived, Scott took a step forward again, glanced at everyone in Davies family, and said loudly, “Since everyone is here now, I will state my purpose today. I am here today to take back Davies family!”

“Why did I call them over? I want you guys to listen to me calmly, instead of fighting without knowing the truth.” After hearing Scott’s words, everyone in Davies family showed disdain.

“You’re not qualified to take back Davies family. You are just an abandoned son of Davies family! Don’t dream here!” Antonio shouted, touching his chest.

“Oh? I am not qualified? So is this woman qualified?” Scott pointed at Margaret, “Excuse me, are you surnamed Davies or Jenkins?”

Scott’s question directly made everyone silent. In the past few years, it was Sasha and Margaret who controlled Davies family.
Because Sasha was Terence’s wife. After Scott was kicked out of Davies family, it was normal that Sasha took over Davies family.

But they all overlooked one point. Davies family didn’t belong to Jenkins family. Even if Sasha was in power, Davies family still belonged to Davies family.

Until now Scott put it forward, these people realized it.

Hearing Scott’s words, Margaret quickly retorted, “Even if your surname is Davies, can you kill your mother to seize power? I am only the head of the family temporarily. When we kill you, naturally we will discuss the candidate for Davies family’s head in a fair way.”

“I have already said that Sasha was not killed by me.” Scott said.

“Don’t quibble here. Who killed her if you didn’t kill her?” Margaret stared at Scott. She was sure that Sasha could only be killed by Scott, otherwise Scott wouldn’t stand here.

“Tyler.” Scott said lightly.

“Impossible! You are lying!” Margaret refuted Scott without even thinking about it. She felt that Scott was kidding her.
Everyone in Davies family was wondering who Tyler was.

Scott did not argue with her, but turned to look at Natan. Natan nodded, then clapped his hands. A group of people came over with things like projectors and screens outside the door.

Those people quickly set up a venue where everyone could watch the projection outdoors, and then, under Scott’s instructions, they played a video.

“Bluffing.” Margaret also stared at the projection suspiciously, not knowing what Scott wanted to do.

“The next thing I want to show you is a video. I believe you will know who killed Sasha after watching this video.” Scott finished speaking and turned to a person next to the projector. The person nodded and immediately started playing the video.

This video was the scene of Tyler strangling Sasha to death in the villa of Hazelfield Estate.

At that time, Scott had anticipated that he needed to explain Sasha’s death clearly, so he asked Conor to arrange for someone to record the event at that time.

After Margaret saw the footage in the video, she was shivering. Although Tyler in the video was thin and sloppy, she still recognized the person was Tyler.

Sasha felt creepy when she saw Tyler strangle Sasha to death. She didn’t expect that Tyler killed Sasha even if Sasha was so good to Tyler. When Tyler was strangling Sasha, he was cursing Sasha.

In this scene, even a cold-blooded person like Margaret couldn’t help taking a breath.

“Although the person in the video is a lot thinner and sloppy, we can tell that that person is you. Scott, do you think we can’t see it?” Antonio said.

Scott smiled and said, “That person just looks like me. Because he and I are both Sasha’s sons, but that’s all.”

After speaking, Scott asked the people next to the projector to show some photos of Tyler, which he asked Natan to help find out. In addition to Tyler, there were many bodyguards from Davies family in the photos.

“You all know that I am the abandoned son of Davies family, so naturally I will not have any intersection with Davies family. There are many bodyguards from Davies family in these photos. I believe that many of you here know them. You think these people will treat me so respectfully?” Scott asked.

Everyone was silent again. Tyler and Scott did look alike, but there was still a big difference in temperament. These photos clearly showed the temperament of Tyler. He and Scott were basically two types.

“This person is Tyler. As for why he is in the world, you can ask Margaret. Of course, in order to save herself in front of you guys, she will say that it’s made up by me. But don’t worry. I have prepared something else. After you listen to it, you will know whether what I said is true or false.”

Later, Scott asked the people next to the projector to play an audio. This audio was recorded by Scott when her returned to B City. At that time, he was drugged by Sasha, then Sasha told her own story in her room.

Even though Scott was drugged at that time, in order to preserve evidence, he took a recorder and recorded Sasha’s words.
When Margaret heard this recording, she really couldn’t stand it. Because she knew that when everyone knew the truth, she would be screwed up.

“Scott, don’t use these fabricated things to fool people. Don’t believe in him. Kill him quickly. He is a devil. He killed his mother!”

Margaret ran towards the projector, trying to throw the projector down. But she was stopped by Jordan before she ran a few steps out.

“Let’s listen to it first. During the years when you and your sisters have controlled Davies family, there are indeed too many things hidden from us.” Jordan said coldly. Obviously, he had realized what was going on.

Margaret was anxious and didn’t know what to do. Now that there were so many people in the yard, she couldn’t even run away.

She glanced at Scott resentfully. She couldn’t wait to kill Scott. She did not expect that the prestige she and Sasha had been operating for so many years would be defeated by Scott so easily.

Soon after the audio was played, everyone in the entire yard fell silent. They turned to look at Margaret and showed disgust and hatred towards her.

In the recording, Sasha told Scott why she and Margaret drove him out of Davies family. Now everyone knew that Scott was wronged. The real culprit was Sasha and Margaret.

“Margaret, I didn’t expect you and your sisters to be so cruel. It turns out that you two planned all the things back then. Scott is just a victim!”

“I didn’t expect that Sasha would already have a child before she married into Davies family. If we knew this a long time ago, we would never agree to her to marry into Davies family back then!”

“You and your sister have controlled Davies family for so many years. If it wasn’t that Scott told us today, we will still work for you. You are really damned!”

Everyone began to denounce Margaret. The situation in the yard suddenly changed.

Margaret stepped back. The expression on her face became extremely dim. Her eyes were full of resentment.

She looked at Scott and said hysterically, “Scott, my sister and I worked so hard to have such achievements now, but it was ruined by you. You must die miserably!”

Scott glared at her and said coldly, “You are the one who will die miserably! Now everyone knows the truth of the matter. Today, I will let you pay the price!”

Then Scott walked towards Margaret, with an unparalleled aura.
No one from Davies family stopped Scott. They were so angry now, thinking that Margaret deserved to die.

Margaret watched Scott walk towards her. But she did not panic at all. Instead, she showed a sullen smile. She already knew that she would not be able to leave today. There were people from Yunxi Martial Club and Tianyuan Chamber of Commerce. She couldn’t escape.

“Scott, I really didn’t expect that you could make comeback successfully. It seems that I really underestimated you.” Margaret said unwillingly.

“The only thing I regret now is that I didn’t kill you directly. Otherwise, how could such a thing happen now? It seems that I’m still too kind to you.”

Scott snorted coldly and said, “Kind?” The expression on Margaret’s face suddenly changed. Her eyes showed the disdain looks.

“You must hate me so much. Over the years, many people who got close to you died in my hands. You are responsible for their deaths! I know you want to kill me, but unfortunately I won’t give you this opportunity. Even if I fail, I will definitely not die in such a wimp’s hands!”

“Even if you succeed, you will always be just a wimp in the eyes of my sister and me!”

After speaking, Margaret laughed loudly. Then, she took out a small medicine bottle and swallowed the stuff in one mouthful.
When Scott saw this, he had a bad feeling. He rushed towards Margaret, but Margaret had already died.

It seemed that what she ate should be poison that could kill people immediately.

Scott carefully observed Margaret’s body, and then stood up after confirming that she was dead.

Even Scott himself did not expect that Margaret would choose such a way to die in the end.

But he didn’t entangle it. As long as Margaret died, his hatred could calm down.

When everyone saw Margaret taking the poison, they were filled with emotion. The expressions on the faces of those who despised Scott before, and even wanted to kill Scott at this time were all complicated.

Then Scott turned around and looked at everyone behind him. He took out Family Token from his clothes, raised his hand, and shouted.

“Margaret is dead. Today, I, Scott, took over the position of the head of Davies family. Is there anyone who have objections?”


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