The Peremptory Casey Davies Chapter 353 Do His Justice

“It’s Scott! He actually came back!” “This bastard! He even dared to come back! What right does he have to oppose?”

“Catch him. He actually killed his own mother. He deserved to die!”

After seeing Scott, everyone in Davies family was full of anger. They had believed Margaret’s words and felt that Sasha had been killed by Scott.

Margaret didn’t expect Scott to return to B City so soon. It was obvious that he came here to make trouble.

She rolled her eyes and hurriedly shouted at Scott in an angry voice, “Scott, you devil! My sister wanted to make peace with you, but I didn’t expect you to be so cruel and kill her. In order to get Davies family, you are so vicious. Do you think that you can get Davies family in this way? You wish. No one in Davies family will accept you!”

“You have to pay the due price for killing my sister. Since you dared to come back, don’t want to walk out of here alive!”

Everyone in Davies family was angered by Margaret’s words. Now Scott was their enemy. They must let Scott pay the price for Sasha’s death.

Everyone stared at Scott, as if they might pounce on Scott at any time.
Scott glanced at them, he looked calm. He just walked toward the front, as if he hadn’t taken these people seriously at all.

They didn’t know why they felt a little breathless pressure on Scott. Every time Scott took a step forward, the pressure on them increased.

Because of this pressure, none of the more present dared to speak casually.

“Margaret, your acting skills are really good. Even I almost believe in you. Are you trying to avenge Sasha, or do you want to kill me through the anger of those people in Davies family so that you can control the whole family?” Scott’s voice was calm, but with strong penetrating power. It echoed in everyone’s ears in the courtyard.

A trace of resentment appeared between Margaret’s face. She said coldly, “Don’t quibble here. Where is my sister?” “She is indeed dead.” Scott said.

Everyone was in an uproar. Although they were all shocked when they heard Margaret said that, it was a different kind of shock when they heard Scott say it personally.

Sasha was really dead!

“But it was not me who killed her.” Scott added.

“Do you think we are idiots? My sister went to J City to find you. But for so many days, no news came back. None of the people I sent to investigate came back. Now you are here and confirmed that my sister is already dead. If it wasn’t you, who else would do it?” Margaret shouted bitterly. Since she had to act, she naturally had to continue.

Margaret and Sasha were sisters. Margaret did have some feelings for her sister. Sasha was dead. Naturally, Margaret hated Scott.

But Margaret was the real cruel person. This kind of person always put interests first. Sasha’s death would make her sad for a while at most. What she cared about more was that who could get Davies family after Sasha’s death.

Everyone in Davies family naturally didn’t believe Scott. If it was not Scott who killed Sasha, then why would he appear here now?

“Bastard! There is such a bastard in Davies family! Today, I will teach you a lesson for Davies family. You killed your mother. You deserved to die a hundred times!”

Standing behind Sasha, Filip could no longer bear it. He already wanted to teach Scott a lesson the last time. So this time, he would not let Scott go.

He rushed towards Scott in a quick step, with a vicious look in his eyes and a strong murderous aura.

“Filip can definitely capture this bastard. He dares to come back alone. It’s really stupid.” Seeing Filip’s move, Antonio showed a sneer on his face.

Many people in Davies family thought that Filip would definitely be able to subdue Scott. Although they didn’t know why none of the top masters who protected Sasha came back and they didn’t know what method Scott used to deal with those masters, Scott couldn’t be stronger than Filip who was the strongest in Davies family.

“Brat, go to the hell!”

Filip hit Scott in the chest.

Scott narrowed his eyes, then moved quickly. He was so easily evading Filip’s move.

“How much benefit did Margaret give you that you can’t wait to attack me? Are you sure what she said is right?” “Hmph, the fact is here. Whether she is right or not, you deserve to die!”

Filip rushed towards Scott again with vicious tricks. It seemed that he desperately wanted to kill Scott.

At this time, Scott had determined that Filip must have been bribed by Margaret.

Since Filip wanted to kill him so much, there was no need for him to show mercy to Filip.

After resisting Filip’s punch, Scott kicked directly towards Filip. Then Filip quickly retreated towards the back. At this time, Scott kicked again. Filip didn’t have the opportunity to hide.

There was a hint of horror on his face. Obviously, he didn’t expect Scott to be so fast.
“How is this possible! Why is he so fast?”

When Filip was thinking, Scott’s feet had already kicked Filip’s body. Filip flew out and fell heavily to the ground, spitting out blood. His face turned pale in an instant.

Just now, Scott’s one move had hurt Filip’s internal organs, causing him to completely lose energy.
Everyone was shocked. They didn’t expect that Scott directly defeated Filip. No wonder Scott dared to appear here alone.

“Everyone, take actions together. Although he is strong, if you guys take actions together, he can’t cope with it. Only by working together can you subdue him!” Filip shouted anxiously, and then he vomited blood again.

“Mr. Filip is right. Let’s go together. He is alone and he certainly can’t resist us! The top priority is to subdue him first, otherwise he will definitely cause a huge disaster to Davies family!” Antonio shouted.

Everyone intended to rush towards Scott to subdue him together.

At this moment, a group of people in black uniforms suddenly rushed into the yard, standing in front of Scott, and then there was a laughter coming from.

“I didn’t expect that Davies family has so many idiots. You guys just take a move without getting things clear. It’s no wonder that Davies family’s development has been so slow in the past few years. It seems it’s because of you idiots.

Natan walked into the courtyard and stood beside Scott.

Seeing Natan, Margaret frowned. It was obvious that Natan came here to help Scott. No wonder that Scott dared to come here alone. It turned out that he was backed by Tianyuan Chamber of Commerce.

“Natan, this is Davies family’s affair. Anyway, it is not your turn to intervene. I advise you’d better not be nosy. We are not afraid of Tianyuan Chamber of Commerce!” Margaret shouted.

Natan snorted coldly, and said, “Nosy? When you and Sasha planned to harm my daughter, why didn’t you think of I would come to nosy? After all, Scott saved my daughter. I’m here to do his justice. Is there anything wrong with it?”

Natan’s words made everyone in Davies family look surprised. They didn’t expect that the chairman of Tianyuan Chamber of Commerce would say that Sasha and Margaret planned to murder his daughter. They had never heard of such a thing.

Margaret’s face looked terrible. She was a little worried. Natan came here. If he told others the matter about Lily, everyone would know Tyler’s existence, which was not good for her.

“Don’t listen to him being alarmist here. My sister and I have never murdered his daughter. He came to help Scott today. He definitely wanted to take this opportunity to deal with Davies family. Maybe my sister was killed by Scott and him. What he said was just to make up a reason for himself!”

“There are not many people from Tianyuan Chamber of Commerce. We have many people and many masters. We still have the hope of killing Scott. This is our family’s business. If we are stopped by the people from Tianyuan Chamber of Commerce, others will laugh at us!”

Margaret shouted. She was now anxious to kill Scott. As long as she could kill Scott, even if she was an enemy of Tianyuan Chamber of Commerce, she was not afraid.

“Your sophistry skills are really so perfect. It’s no wonder that Davies family can be controlled by you and your sisters.” Natan snorted coldly.

“Let go to kill Scott together. Even people from Tianyuan Chamber of Commerce are not qualified to stop us!” Antonio shouted, and then took the lead and rushed towards Scott, looking high-spirited.

Scott and Natan didn’t move. They just quietly watched Antonio rushing over.

At this moment, a figure fell from the sky and landed directly in front of Antonio, then kicked Antonio out.

Those who followed Antonio had originally planned to take a move, but this person who appeared suddenly made them dumfounded. After seeing Antonio’s tragic situation, no one dared to continue.

“It seems that I am not late. With so many people here, Yunxi Martial Club can join the fun.” After Logan glanced at the people in the yard with a smile, he also walked to Scott’s side.

When Margaret and others saw that the person was Logan, they were so chocked. Just now, they were surprised that Scott could let Tianyuan Chamber of Commerce help him. Now, they were frighted when they knew that Scott found Yunxi Martial Club to help him.

After all, the horrors of Yunxi Martial Club were known to all the people in B City. Yunxi Martial Club had not participated in power struggles for many years. But Scott could invite them over. Even if only Logan came here alone, those people in Davies family were all aware of the seriousness of the matter.

At least Logan was here. Everyone knew that it was impossible to kill Scott by force.

“Logan, isn’t your Yunxi Martial Club always not participating in power struggles? What do you mean by coming here? Is it because you think Davies family is a pushover?” Margaret questioned Logan.

Logan smiled and said, “I really don’t like to participate in power struggles, but there are always times when I can’t stand it. You reverse the right and wrong. You are sinister and vicious. What you did is so mean. I really can’t stand it. So I want to do his justice. Do I have to get your opinions?”


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