The Peremptory Casey Davies Chapter 352 I Object

After Lily left, Scott sat by the bed for a long time. He couldn’t figure out when he became so attractive. Scarlett liked to go to his room at night when he was in QY City. This time, Lily also did such a thing.

When Lily went out, she looked so sad. Scott knew that he rejected her directly, which made her feel sad, but he couldn’t deceive Lily on matters like feelings. Only when he made things clear earlier could he avoid even greater misunderstandings.

Maybe Lily would only be sad for a while. After some time, she would no longer be interested in him. As the young lady of Tianyuan Chamber of Commerce, there were so many excellent people around her. So Scott felt that someone would soon take his place.

Besides, Scott really didn’t have the mood to think about this kind of thing now. He would return to Davies family tomorrow and take back everything that belonged to him. Nothing was important than this matter.

No longer thinking about Lily, Scott lay on the bed again. After a while, he fell asleep again.

He didn’t know that Lily didn’t sleep that night. All she was thinking about was how to snatch Scott from Edith.
The next day, in the Davies House.

In the main courtyard, there were many members in Davies family already standing here.

Priya, Antonio and others were already here. Not long ago, Margaret notified everyone to come to the main courtyard to gather, saying that she had an urgent matter to announce and it was related to the survival of Davies family.

When everyone received this news, they were full of surprise. No one dared to refuse, so they rushed to the main courtyard immediately.

“Have you heard that this time it seems to have something to do with Scott.” A person whispered.

“What? Didn’t Margaret say that this matter is related to the survival of Davies family? How could it have something to do with Scott?”

“Yes, didn’t it say that Scott is dead some time ago? Why is the matter now related to Scott again? Couldn’t it be a mistake?”

“I don’t know. I also heard from others, but I can be sure that Scott is not dead. Someone took a photo of Scott in Eglor County not long ago. I heard that he still had a relationship with the young lady of Tianyuan Chamber of Commerce.”

“Holy crap. This guy’s luck is too good. Didn’t it say that he killed the lady of Tianyuan Chamber of Commerce so he was killed by the chairman of Tianyuan Chamber of Commerce? Are all of these news fake?”

A group of people discussed a lot, and made a lot of guesses about this matter. Priya couldn’t help frowning when she listened to these people’s discussions.

What happened after Scott came back last time had changed Priya’s attitude towards Scott. She had always thought that Scott was a wimp, so she was very contemptuous of Scott.

But after seeing the chess game, even Mr. Williams couldn’t defeat Scott. So her view of Scott completely changed.
She seemed to have recovered the kind of worship she had for Scott. After that day, she wanted to go to Scott to apologize.

But after that night, she never saw Scott again. It didn’t take long time that some people said he killed the young lady of Tianyuan Chamber of Commerce and he had been caught by the people of Tianyuan Chamber of Commerce.

It was just that these were rumors. Sasha had also controlled this matter very well. She just let everyone know that there was such a rumor, but no one knew whether this matter was true or false.

Regardless of whether the rumors were true or false, after that day, Priya had never seen Scott again, which made her feel a little disappointed.

Now she heard someone say that Davies family’s survival was related to Scott, which made her feel a little absurd.

“Scott is just good at fighting. He is only the abandoned son of Davies family after all. How could it be that he is related to the life and death of Davies family? It’s ridiculous.” Standing next to Priya, Antonio said with disdain.

Since the last time he failed against Scott, Antonio had always had a grudge. Even if he lost to Scott, he was still unconvinced.
So he kept reminding himself the fact that Scott was the abandoned son of Davies family to make himself feel better.

When everyone was talking about it, Margaret led a lot of executives in Davies family to walk towards the main courtyard. They looked a little gloomy. They walked together, giving people a feeling that something big happened.

Bath Filip and Jordan were among them. Jordan looked a little sad, while Filip looked a little angry.
Margaret and others walked in front of everyone. The entire courtyard fell silent in an instant. No one dared to talk aloud. They

could tell from the faces of the executives that the incident was definitely not trivial this time.

Margaret glanced at the people in the yard. There were hundreds of members in the entire yard. These people were the elites of Davies family in all walks of life. After Margaret knew that Scott might come back to snatch Davies family, she realized that she had to fool these elites first.

She took a step forward, cleared her throat, and said loudly, “I believe many of you already know why I called you all over. What I want to announce today is related to the life and death of Davies family, so I assemble you guys here.”

“As of today, my sister, the head of Davies family, Sasha, has been missing for ten days in J City. I have sent countless people to J City to investigate this matter. However, no one of them come back.”

“You should all know that the abandoned son of Davies family, Scott, is in J City. Some time ago, there were rumors that Scott was dead. Later I sent someone to verify it. Scott was not dead at all, and he is now in J City.”

“Many of you should all know Scott came back last time. He showed great talent and strength. He proved to all of us that he is not a wimp. However, he came back just to demonstrate with us. That’s it.”

“After realizing Scott’s potential, my sister wanted to make peace with him. But Scott didn’t appreciate it. After the demonstration, he left here. Before leaving, he said that he would let us regret kicking him out of Davies family that year.”

“You all know that Scott was expelled from Davies family back then because he wanted to kill his mother and seize control of Davies family. My sister has forgiven Scott over the past few years. Davies family needs an heir. So after thinking about it, my sister went to J City alone, wanting to make peace with him.”

“However, there was no news from her after she left. The people I sent over also lost contact. Until yesterday, one of my subordinates risked his lives to send back news that my sister had fallen into Scott’s hands. Maybe she was died…”

Speaking of this, Margaret stopped. Her voice became trembling.

Many of her words were made up. There were some things she couldn’t let them know, so she made up some words based on the most beneficial aspects to her, and made everyone think that Scott killed Sasha. He was the sinner of Davies family.

After listening to Margaret’s words, everyone was shocked. They were all indignant.

“I didn’t expect Scott to be so cruel. He even killed his mother…” “It’s really hateful. How can there be a demon like him in this world!”

“We can’t let him go. No matter how powerful he is, he can only hide himself in that small place. With the strength of Davies family, it is not difficult to kill him. We should send someone to kill him now. ”

After seeing everyone’s reaction, Margaret sneered. Then she said with a pained expression, “Scott is indeed cruel, but my purpose for calling all of you here today is not to kill Scott. When my sister went to J City, she was surrounded by top masters from Davies family. Even they couldn’t kill Scott. Even if we planned carefully, I’m afraid it would be difficult to kill him.”

“I asked you guys to come here to remind you one thing. My sister has Family Token with her. If she is killed by Scott, Family Token will definitely fall into Scott’s hands. According to the rules of Davies family, Scott is my sister’s son. Besides, he has Family Token. So he is qualified to be in charge of Davies Family. If he returns with Family Token to inherit Davies Family, it will be a disaster for us.”

Everyone began to think about the seriousness of this matter. They all felt that Margaret’s words made sense.

“So I have a proposal. Before confirming whether my sister is died or not, I can be temporarily the head of the Davies family and abolish the rule about Family Token, so that even if Scott comes back, we only need to unite. As long as we don’t not hand over Davies family, he had no ways.”

This was Margaret’s main purpose. She had to control Davies family, so that even if Scott returned, he had no way to snatch Davies family back. After all, everyone present here was the foundation of Davies family. As long as they didn’t accept Scott, he would not have any chance. By then Margaret would be able to control the whole Davies family.

“This matter is also the result of discussions among our senior leaders. Margaret has experience in managing Davies family. It is reasonable to let her take the position of the head of Davies family temporarily. After killing Scott, we can decide who can be the head of Davies family.” Filip echoed.

Half of Davies family’s senior leaders were the confidants of Sasha and Margaret. Otherwise, Sasha and Margaret would not have been able to control Davies family for so many years. Filip was naturally one of them.

“Now everyone can express your views. If there is a better way than this plan, you can put it forward. If no one opposes it, Margaret will be the head of Davies family.” Filip continued.

No one objected to them. In the past few years, Sasha and Margaret had cleaned up those who opposed them in Davies family in order to keep Davies family in their hands. Even if the rest of them don’t know Sasha and Margaret were vicious, they had no opinions at all.

“Is there no objection? If not, I will be the head of Davies family temporarily. The first thing I will do after taking the position is to kill Scott!” Margaret said loudly.

She had determined that no one would stand up to be against her.
“I object!”

At this moment, a voice sounded. Then everyone saw that a thin but imposing figure walked into the main courtyard.


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