The Peremptory Casey Davies Chapter 351 Lily’s Idea

After finishing eating, they walked out together.

Wyatt was standing at the door at this time, talking to the two waiters. After seeing them coming out, he walked up with a smile.
“Mr. Natan, did you finish eating so soon? Do you need me to ask the chef to prepare something for you?” Wyatt asked.

“No need. Today’s meal money will be credited to my account. We’re leaving now.” Natan said.

“It’s just a meal. My treat.” Wyatt said with a smile.

Natan didn’t say anything more. He really didn’t care about the cost of a meal.

Wyatt walked out with them together. He glanced at Scott, with disdain in his eyes.

After they went out, Wyatt said to Natan and Lily, “Mr. Natan, Lily, see you next time.”

He thought that if Scott didn’t leave with Natan and Lily together, he would follow up and ask Scott who the hell he was. Scott actually dared to covet the young lady of Tianyuan Chamber of Commerce.

But what Wyatt didn’t expect was that Scott was getting on the extended Hummer with Natan.
This made Wyatt clenched his fists, his eyes full of jealousy.

Was this guy going home with them? How could Scott be so valued so highly by the chairman of Tianyuan Chamber of Commerce? What did Lily see in Scott? He was just a poor. Why did Lily fancy about him?

After watching the Hummer leave, Wyatt returned to the door and walked in front of the two waiters.

The two waiters were slapped by Wyatt a few times. Now they were so scared that they didn’t dare to pant loudly.
“You two are sure that the guy came on a shared bicycle?” Wyatt stared at the two people and asked.

Both waiters nodded quickly, without daring to hesitate at all.

“Yes. He still wanted to park the shared bicycle at the entrance of our hotel. We let him go elsewhere. He didn’t refuse.
Otherwise, how could we dare to treat him with that kind of attitude?” One of the waiters spoke.

Wyatt nodded thoughtfully. He narrowed his eyes and sneered.
“It seems that he is just a poor. I don’t know how he knew Natan. He definitely doesn’t want Natan and Lily to know that he can’t even afford a car and even have no money to take a taxi. So he came here early on a shared bicycle and waited here.”

“Huh, if that’s the case, there are so many ways to deal with this brat. It seems that I have to tell those top rich playboys who are interested in Lily to teach this brat a lesson. If I can’t get Lily, I absolutely can’t let such a poor get her.”

After muttering a few words to himself, Wyatt took out his mobile phone and went into the hotel to call those rich playboys he knew.

In the villa of Lowe family.

As the chairman of Tianyuan Chamber of Commerce, Natan was rich. The place where he lived was naturally not a luxury mansion that ordinary people could afford.

His villa was built on a piece of land alone. On this piece of land there was only a mansion, along with a few houses for servants.
The rest of the land was built up some recreational facilities for Lily to have fun.

This mansion even had its own golf course. The money spent on maintaining the lawn every year was enough for ordinary people to buy a few houses in B City.

There were all kinds of entertainment facilities around the mansion. Lily grew up in this environment. This was her castle. She had only lived in this castle since she was a child. So she knew very little about the outside world. This was also the main reason why Lily had such a character.

When she brought Scott to her castle, she looked quite excited. She couldn’t wait to take Scott to visit the entire castle.

Seeing Lily taking Scott around in the castle, those servants all cast a curious look at Scott. Obviously, they had never seen Lily took others to visit the castle like this.

Besides, Lily directly told these servants that Scott was her Mr. Right, and Scott would be the male host here in the future.

The TV series that Lily usually watched were basically recommended by these servants. Most of them preferred romantic dramas. When Lily saw they liked to watch it, she would watch it with them together. So she thought as long as she slept with a boy in the same bed, she had to marry him and she would have children.

Seeing those servants looked embarrassed, Scott whispered to Lily that if she said that again, he would go out to sleep tonight.
Then Lily shut up immediately, but she still held Scott’s arm and showed him around the castle.

After finishing visiting, Lily let Scott go.

Natan arranged a room for Scott in the villa. After Scott briefly took a shower, he went back to the room to think about the things about going to Davies family tomorrow.

At about eleven o’clock in the evening, Lily who wore organza came to the door of Scott’s room, with makeup on her face. She looked a little s*xy. She was only nineteen years old. But under the cover of makeup, she was charming like a mature woman right now.

The light organza on her body made her graceful figure look so well. Her bra and underwear were looming, giving people a hazy and s*xy feeling.
An innocent and lively little girl suddenly turned into a s*xy woman, which could attract the eyes of countless men.

It took a lot of effort for Lily to dress up. Scott always treated her as a child, so she wanted to ask Scott to come to her home so that she would have a chance to show her s*xy side to Scott.

She also wanted to sleep in the same bed with Scott for another night. This time she learned enough knowledge. She knew lying in the same bed wouldn’t have children. For this reason, she also watched some porn films. When she watched those films, she was so shy and blushed.

She prepared all this to be able to let Scott accept her. She didn’t want Scott to treat herself as a younger sister. Her feelings for Scott were true, not because she watched too many TV series. She wanted to fight for her own happiness.

When it was nine o’clock at night, Lily had already told the servants in the villa, saying that Scott had important things tomorrow so that none of them would bother them. Then they wouldn’t be able to get close to this room.

So no one would come to Scott’s room at this time.

Lily took a deep breath, then took out her mobile phone and checked her makeup. After making sure that there was nothing wrong, she walked to the door of Scott’s room and gently opened the door.

At this time, Scott had fallen asleep. Because tomorrow’s affairs were very important to Scott, he must ensure that he would have enough energy to deal with Davies family’s affairs tomorrow.

Lily saw that Scott was already asleep. She showed an excited smile. Then, she cautiously walked to Scott’s bed and lay next to Scott.

Lily was a little nervous. But before coming, she reviewed the content of those porn films, so she still remembered the specific steps.

However, she soon discovered the problem she was facing. The people in the film were all unclothed, but Scott slept in clothes.
Lily didn’t know what to do.

Help him take off his clothes first? But Scott was so heavy, how could she lift Scott up and then undress him?

They couldn’t do that stuff while wearing clothes?

Oops, Lily didn’t know that aspect at all. She regretted that she had not fully understood that aspect. How did she know that she couldn’t do that stuff while wearing clothes?

She stared at Scott’s lips. Her heartbeat speeded up immediately. No matter whether she should take off his clothes or not, kissing him was okay.

Since childhood, Lily had only seen people kissing on TV. She wanted to try it very early, but she never met a suitable person.
This time she must not let Scott go.

Thinking like this, Lily leaned toward Scott’s lips directly.

At this moment, Scott in his sleep suddenly felt that there was a person in his bed. He opened his eyes. Then he saw that Lily was about to kiss him. He immediately pushed Lily away, jumped up from the bed, walked over and turned on the light.

“What are you doing? Don’t you need to sleep? Why did you run to my bed in the middle of night? You almost scared me to death just now.” Scott looked at Lily on the bed with helplessness on his face.

Lily didn’t expect Scott to wake up at this time. Her feelings disappeared immediately. She looked at Scott with resentment on her face and said, “You are such a bummer. I want to kiss you. I have wanted to experience this feeling for a long time, but you ruined it.”

Scott looked at Lily speechlessly. Only then did he find that Lily had makeup on her face and was wearing such s*xy clothes.
He immediately understood what Lily wanted to do.

“Lily, I still have very important things to do tomorrow. Can you stop doing this kind of thing at this time? Why are you wearing this kind of clothes? It’s not suit for you. Go back to your room and change it.” Scott said.

Lily pursed her lips, snorted, and said, “Don’t you men like this? I’m dressed like this. You are still not satisfied. What do you want me to do? Do I have to come over naked?”

“I didn’t mean that…” Scott said.

“Hmph, I don’t care what you mean. You have ruined my plans. You must make up for me. Sleep with me tonight. Otherwise, I will tell my father that you want to rape me.” Lily looked straightforward and confident.

“Well, I have to find your father now. Otherwise, I really can’t explain it clearly to your father.” Scott said.
Lily suddenly became a little frustrated. She wanted to smash the bed under her to vent out her anger.

“Scott, why are you so annoying? I like you. Why are you doing this to me?” Tears welled up in her eyes, as if she would cry out at any time.

Seeing Lily looked so grievance, Scott was a little overwhelmed. He had never wanted to hurt Lily. But he didn’t do anything wrong.

“Lily, I always treat you as my sister. If someone dares to bully you, I will stand in front of you and protect you, but there is only one woman I love in this life. She’s my wife. I won’t love others anymore, so…”

Lily got off the bed, lowered her head, and walked out without saying a word. Tears fell drop by drop.
Scott called her again, but this time she didn’t respond to Scott.

Scott’s words made Lily realize that what she needed to do now was not to let Scott accept her. If she wanted to get Scott, the first thing she had to do seemed like to deal with Scott’s wife…


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