The Peremptory Casey Davies Chapter 3 The President

Early in the morning the next day, Scott finished the dishes, and took his electro car and left for TY Real Estate.
He stopped and parked his electro car in front of the building, and went inside.

TY was known in all of J City for their estates in higher class community. The houses they have are mainly villas, and anyone who was able to afford a house from them, must be really wealthy.

Scott hadn’t even reached the gate yet, when a woman dressed in uniform with a lot of makeup came walking towards him, she looked him up to down, and said to him, “Wait, you are here for plumbing work right? Go from the back entrance, from here you get into our lobby.”

Scott looked at the woman in an awkward manner, and said to her, “I am here to look for someone, not to repair the pipes.”

The woman looked at him again, especially at his clothes, that must be from some cheap place, her eyes were showing disguise.
Just in that moment, the woman’s eyes widened, and she said surprised, “Scott? You are Scott?”

Scott paused, and stared at the woman, asking her, “You know me?”

The woman started to laugh, “I am Violet, don’t you remember me? I was in the same class with you in high school!”

Scott thought about her words doubting, and suddenly, he remembered a picture from high school, “Oh right, I remember now, Violet, we even shared a table together!”

She really was his classmate, but they haven’t met in a few years, she started using makeup, which made her prettier than back then, so Scott couldn’t recognize her for that reason.

After Violet noticed who this man was, her attitude towards him changed immediately, instead of disguise, it was now more mockingly.

When they were in school, Violet always made fun of Scott being a child no one wanted, coming from an orphanage. Then he was adopted by the Patel’s, which resulted in him being the biggest joke of J City, and Violet often gossiped about him with her friends.

She stared at him another time, and said, “I heard you are going to marry some rich girl? I always said you wouldn’t make it to anything, who would have known that I was right all this time! You are pretty well known in J City now, even my colleagues know that you are just a useless man, god, I am dying of laughter.”

Scott’s mood darkened immediately, he didn’t expect that meeting his old classmate would result in being bullied by her.

“Oh, by the way, what are you doing here at our company? Don’t tell me you are here to buy a house, you know the houses we have are really big ones, and with what you are doing, you wouldn’t be able to afford it in your whole lifetime, maybe not even a stone in that house.” Now that Violet found out this person in front of her is that useless guy Scott from school, she didn’t care about her attitude at all anymore.

“I am here to talk to your manager.” Scott said.

Violet laughed hard, and said, “Okay, now you can really stop pretending. Have you ever looked at yourself in the mirror? Look at yourself, and you wanna see our manager?”

“You haven’t seen the real world yet have you? So that’s why you want to get in our building and see some big houses? Let me tell you, these are all villas, even if you can see them, you will not be able to afford them. It’s actually going to make you realize how useless you are, so I actually suggest you leave, because the way you are dressed, I think the guards will drag you out again.”

“I gotta get inside to work, I don’t want to talk to trash anymore.”

When Violet finished her speech, she turned and left.

Scott was very speechless about this incident, he was truly here to talk to the manager of YT, especially since he was here to talk about the transition. He didn’t expect for Violet to talk to him like that, she didn’t even give her a chance to explain himself.

Well, it didn’t matter, Scott didn’t really want to spend much more thoughts on her, they were in different worlds, and that meant that they had different opinions.

After Violet left, a person in suit arrived, he looked trained and smart, he walked to Scott, and immediately greeted him respectfully, “Mister Davies?”

“You must be Mister Davies! Sorry to have kept you waiting, I am Aryan, TY’s manager, please do follow me to the office.” Scott nodded his head, and followed Aryan into the building through the employee’s entrance.

In the elevator, Aryan looked at Scott secretly, he thought that this young man looked a little boring, without anything that stood out, and he was wearing cheap clothes as well.

But he was not looking down on Scott in any way, because he knew that this person is now the owner of YT Real Estates.

That day, the old man came and bought YT with double the price than they asked for, without even blinking his eyes, and what he told them was this company was the gift for their son at home.

Aryan has never seen anyone buy a company as a gift, which is why he knows that the power in their hands, is not within his imagination.

Scott is the person who received this gift, even though he looked very normal from the outside, but Aryan would never dare to judge him from that.

The two of them went into the office together, where Aryan took out a document, on which Scott signed, then Aryan gave him a set of keys, and said to him, “Mister Davies, from now on, you are the president of TY Real Estates, these are the keys to TY manor, which stands for who you are for them, please keep them well.”

Scott took over the keys, and nodded his head, “Please stay and keep everything managed here, I am here to talk to you that maybe the Patel’s family will buy some office rooms here, and when it comes to that, just do as I say, just please don’t neglect it.*

“Please do not worry about that, I will make sure everything is done according to your demands, and if you need, we can even give them a whole building.”

Scott only laughed a little, but didn’t reply to that, even though he could actually gift Edith the whole house, but he didn’t have that idea on his mind. His intentions were for others to look at Edith in a different way from that, so the only thing he will do in this situation is to help her out a little from his side.

“Mister Davies, why don’t we go to our sales lobby, there are a lot of models of our new villas, if you like any of them, you can surely have it as your own.” Aryan said.

Scott thought about it, and since he didn’t have anything else on his schedule, he decided to go along with Aryan and look at the situation downstairs.

The two of them were almost downstairs, when suddenly Aryan’s stomach started to be uncomfortable, he apologized to Scott awkwardly, and ran towards the toilet, but told him to feel free to look around in the lobby.

Scott didn’t mind that, so he walked into the middle of the lobby alone, looking at the models of the villas.

These villas and the gardens were really pretty, that he had to admit, especially that TY Manor were well known buildings in J City, and he was looking right at the model if it.

Just as Scott was walking around in the lobby, Violet caught sight of him, and immediately knitted her brows, she didn’t even think before yelling towards him, “Scott, I thought I told you to leave this place? This is not a place for you to be, so get the hell out of here!”


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