The Peremptory Casey Davies Chapter 2 My Woman Must not be Insulted

Scott was shocked, he did not expect the Davies family to be so generous to give him ten billion. Maybe not even a single company in J City would be able to provide such an amount.

Indeed, the Davies family proved to be the elite family of B City.

“Young Master, the money in this card is just a compensation for the past years, whether you agree to come back with me, this money belongs to you.”

“Besides, there is still a need for you to go over to TY Real Estate Company to complete the handover. I have already instructed the people there, as long as you go over, they will help you complete the handover right away.”

“Here’s my phone number, young master, think it over. After you have thought it through, ring me up. I’ll be waiting at all times.”

Jordan handed Scott a card with only his phone number written on it before turning around and leaving the place, not giving Scott another chance to speak.

Scott stared at both the bank card and business card in his hand for a while and remained silent for a long time.

“It’s just that after all these years the Davies family owes me too much, much more than money can buy. Besides, PY Welfare House is really in a dire need for money, and I can’t fork out the money for some reason. I’ll just keep this card.” Scott muttered to himself.

After taking another look at the children in PY Welfare House to make sure that the money donated by Jordan was received and that there was also enough to eat, Scott left and headed home.

Edith’s family lived in an old neighbourhood far away from the urban area. It was a two-room shabby hut.

Scott’s father-in-law, Nicolas Patel was not a favourite in the Patel family, and since Nicolas’s daughter was married to a loser like Scott, Francis was even more displeased with their family.

Nicolas could not get anything from the Patel family. In the past few years, they relied on Edith to stay alive.
When Scott arrived home, Amara and Nicolas were both sitting on the sofa with gloomy faces. Edith had also returned from the office, standing in front of the bookshelf, lost in thoughts.

“You rascal, you still have the nerve to come back, our family can’t afford to support you anymore, so get out and never come back!”

Amara’s long-accumulated anger instantly erupted, picking up a teacup on the table and throwing it at Scott.
Scott dodged quickly and the teacup fell to the ground. If it wasn’t for his quick reaction, he would have left a hole in his head.
Amara glared at him and shouted, “You broke my cup, you must pay for it, ten times more.”

“Got it, mom. I’ll pay for it,” Scott said, now that he was a man with ten billion dollars, not to mention a cup, even if it was ten gold cups, he could buy it back.

Amara thought that Scott was provoking her and blew her top, roaring, “Daughter, look at this shameless thing, he even dared to talk back, and you still don’t care about that?”

“Mom, I didn’t mean that,” Scott explained quickly. He couldn’t tell Amara that he had 10 billion directly now, these few years of concealment had made him understand the importance of hiding his own strength.

He understood that it takes time and pain to build a stronger self, so he couldn’t say anything about his worth yet.

Edith turned to look at Scott, sighed and said, “Mom, don’t make it difficult for Scott. It’s getting late, let’s all go back to our rooms and sleep.”

“Sleep? This wimp has cost us so much today, do you think we’ll be able to sleep? Now that he’s back, I’m going to talk things straight! Both of you have to get a divorce, or you can’t live on like this!” Amara shrieked aggressively.

Edith stared at her, not expecting Amara to force her to leave Scott.

Scott became a little nervous and looked at Edith.
“I won’t file a divorce with him, so don’t mention this matter again in the future,” Edith said firmly.
Scott let out a sigh of relief.

Amara, who was filled with anger pointed at Scott and scolded, “What’s so good about this rascal that can’t do anything else but rely on his wife? Why won’t you divorce him when our family is having such a bad time because of him?”

“Alright mom, I’m a bit tired, I’ll go back to sleep first.” After saying that, she looked at Scott, Scott understood her and immediately followed her back to her room.

Although marrying Scott was her dying grandmother’s will, and Scott was having such a bad reputation to his name, Scott had always been serious when washing, cooking and cleaning the house in the past three years. He was able to provide two hundred percent of his efforts to be good husband to Edith. This was the reason why Edith couldn’t divorce Scott.

Everyone had feelings. Three years was not long nor short, Edith has already accepted Scott deep down in her heart.

Amara watched the couple enter the room and stomped her feet in anger, “This family of ours, sooner or later, will fall in the hands of this rascal!”

In the room, Scott had already set up the beddings on the floor. For the past three years, he had been sleeping on the floor and had never gotten into the same blanket with Edith.

Edith laid on the bed and after a long time, spoke up and said: “I still have 20,000 yuan here, although it’s not much, take it as a small token from me, you can bring it to PY Welfare House tomorrow.”

Scott was touched when he heard this, he quickly replied, “No need, there are already kind-hearted people funding PY Welfare House, those children won’t go hungry anymore.”

“That’s good, you grew up in PY Welfare House, you will definitely have feelings for those children, now you can also feel relieved.”

“The matter of buying TY Real Estate Company’s office building is still unsettled, the other party still won’t sell. They think that our bid is too low, and grandpa won’t pay more. This matter will have to be worked out again. I’m a bit tired today, I’ll go to bed first.” Edith said and turned to the other side.

Scott’s eyes lit up when he heard what Edith was agonizing over. TY Real Estate Company, isn’t that the business that the Davies family bought for him?

He had not planned to go to TY Real Estate Company for the handover but seeing that his wife in distress over this matter, he decided to make a trip to TY Real Estate Company tomorrow.

“Honey, you have suffered a lot with me these past few years, I promise you that this situation will never happen again, I will make a great achievement to show you,” Scott said.

After a long silence, Edith spoke: “I don’t want you to have any incredible achievements, I just want you to be upright and live like aman. At the very least, don’t be mocked as a good-for-nothing wimp.”

Scott nodded seriously and said: “From now on, I will never allow anyone to look down on you again.” “I hope so,” Edith replied in a low voice.

Scott’s was determined, Edith had suffered the mockery and insults from others because of him for the past three years, and now it was finally time for Scott to do something for Edith.

He wanted everyone to know that his woman must not be insulted.


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