The Peremptory Casey Davies Chapter 1001 A New Adventure

In the border between C Country and S Country, a figured appeared in an unmanned valley – Thomas.
Thomas made a complex print on both hands, gushing out spiritual power that enveloped the whole valley.
Before long, Thomas found an anomaly. He stretched out his hand and felt ripple in the air, which was quite weird.

“After looking for so long, I finally found it. It seems that it is only a small channel that only allows one person to come through. It will be two or three years before anyone wants to come out of this channel.” Thomas murmured to himself.

Thomas then took out a few pieces of something like a charm, making a complex print.
The charms flew into the air, releasing strange forces that made the black spiral channel visible and sealed it.
In this way, when people in Cangyuan World wanted to use this channel again, Thomas could feel it in the first time.

And he could activate the power of the charm, so that the channel became unstable and he could easily kill the people in the channel.

Thomas took out a walkie-talkie from his clothes and said, “I have done my work, you can locate it.” “Roger that!” There was a voice came from it.

The system was located quickly in the headquarters in the Northern Border, followed by some operation.
A missile launcher at a military base in the Northern Border began to rotate toward Thomas’ location.

In the future, if there was any change in the channel, the missile would be fired at any time and completely destroyed the channel.

With these preparations, C Country no longer had to worry about the invasion of Cangyuan World.
“The missile is ready, you can come back, Thomas.”

Hearing that, Thomas smiled.

‘I guess we have to trust science.”

With no more thought, Thomas jumped directly up to the hill of dozens of meters and then disappeared.

The headquarters of the Pantheon in Kunlun Mountains

Scott went straight in and announced that he had taken over the position of the Lord of the Pantheon.

Even if there were people could not accept it, but in face of the strong strength of Scott, they surrendered.

Vermilion Bird was upset seeing that Scott controlled the Pantheon.

Scott was indeed more and more powerful, but it also meant that the gap between her and Scott was bigger and bigger.

Of course, Vermilion Bird knew in her own heart that her thoughts were, in the end, nothing more than fantasies, which would eventually fizzle.

After the announcement, Scott came to the small hut of Thomas.

According to Thomas, Scott opened the mechanism in the corner of the hut and got into the channel through the mountain interior.

At the end of the channel was a huge cave. As he entered, torches on the walls lit up the cave.

The first thing he saw was a smooth stone wall like a mirror.

In the middle of the stone wall, a black strange force converged into a whirlpool, looked quite gloomy.
When Scott wanted to get close, there was a figure on the stone wall in front of him.

He was a gray-haired old man, his figure erratic and transparent.

“Are you a man or a ghost? Why are you in this wall?” Scott looked at the figure warily.

The man smiled and said, “Although I am not a man, I am not a ghost. You can call me Mayo Byrne. I am Thomas’ teacher. Did he ask you to come here?”

Scott’s pupil shrank. His ear echoed with Mayo’s words, and he felt incredible.

Mayo saw that Scott had doubts, he smiled and explained, “I am a wisp of residual soul, you have awakened your god soul and should be clear of it specialty. My body has died, I only have this residual soul, relying on external force to maintain existence.”

“In order to prevent the people of the Cangyuan World from coming to earth, I sealed this channel with my god soul.” “I am not dead, but I will never be able to escape from this wall. I have been in here for a hundred years.” This was the channel to the Cangyuan World!

Scott was very shocked that this person, in order to seal the channel, trapped his god soul in the stone wall, which was no doubt considerable pay.

Scott said politely to Mayo, “Please tell me something about the Cangyuan World.” From Mayo, Scott knew that the earth was full of anima, and there was a group of its powerful practitioners, called immortals.

They occupied countless resources, but then there was a great war, which caused anima begin to weaken, and soon the world ceased the possibility of practicing.

A group of immortals rack their brains in order to continue the way of practicing.

At this time, they found the existence of the Cangyuan World, so they gathered force to open a channel, and sent their people there.

And this channel was the channel of Kunlun Mountains.

Since then, the way of practicing had declined on the earth, and the people who stayed on the earth have evolved the original practicing method into the current martial art.

The channel here had been sealed to prevent the return of the powerful immortals from upsetting the balance of earth.

The establishment of the Pantheons was also to prevent the people of Cangyuan World from returning to the earth to seize resources and search for relics.

More than 100 years ago, Mayo took on the task of guarding the channel. Not long after that, the people of Cangyuan World tried to invade the earth and break the seal. The situation was urgent, Mayo had no choice but to sacrifice his own body and strengthen the seal with his god soul, which was able to resist the invasion of those people in Cangyuan World.

Scott understood that the Lord of the Pantheon was the successor of the guardian for the channel.
He also knew that he had to shoulder the burden, after all, he was now arguably the strongest person on earth.
The responsibility of safeguarding world peace was on him!

But Scott was not to simply guard the channel, he wanted to go to Cangyuan World to see if he could completely solve the problem.

So, Scott led the Pantheon to remove the remaining dangers, such as the dangerous people wanted in the Pantheon reward list.

While doing the final preparation, he accompanied with Edith and Sherry.
After all, once he went to the Cangyuan World, he didn’t know when he could come back.

He wanted very much to accompany his wife and daughter, but people in the Cangyuan World would not give up. He could not only care about his family and ignore the overall situation.

The time passed little by little, and three months later, Scott made all the arrangements and gave a letter to Edith explaining everything. Then he went into the channel leading to the Cangyuan World without hesitation.

Scott began his new adventure and the story would be continued.
But that was another story. Let’s look forward to his return and See you!

The End.


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