The Legendary Hero Chapter 1461 – Information Form Anchor (4)

Chapter 1461 Information Form Anchor (4)

Ancient Star Desert, a certain dead planet.

Green moonlight hung in the sky, and the cracked black earth was in perpetual silence. Not a single blade of grass could be seen, and there was not even a hint of green. Occasionally, broken buildings could be seen stuck in the ground, and the parts that emerged were filled with mottled traces of wind erosion. The exquisite carvings were already blurry, and there were also shattered statues of people lying on the ground. Some only had half a head, while others only had half a body.

This area seemed to be the ruins of some abandoned city buried by time.

A small spaceship was hovering one meter above the ground, emitting a light blue field that covered dozens of kilometers, providing remote energy and life support functions. The silver-gold spaceship had a narrow front and wide back, forming a triangular shape. Its exterior armor was also engraved with the insignias of the Supers Holy Land, Black Star Army, and Floating Dragon Island. This was a special high-end spaceship that had yet to be mass-produced by the army’s logistics department. It was equipped with all kinds of cutting-edge technology and could break through the speed limit of level five warp speed to reach level 17.7. It was quite expensive.

At this moment, under the spaceship’s life support field, about five hundred meters underground, two figures were slowly trekking through a maze-like ruin.

“These are the ruins of the capital of the Fifth Dynasty, and also the last remains of the people of Tersrand. Their civilization perished at the end of the exploration era, and the scavengers later dug out some ancient objects, which allowed the ruins of this civilization to see the light of day again. Speaking of which, they were unlucky. Who would have thought that their mother planet was once the resting place of a group of giant galactic beasts countless years ago? The awakening of the ancient beasts brought about a disaster to their civilization…”

Harrison stroked the blurry engravings on the wall of the underground palace as he spoke. Jenny hugged the child and listened with interest.

Jenny had already given birth to a child. After recuperating on Floating Dragon for a few months, Harrison’s desire for adventure grew, and Jenny could not stay idle either. The two of them set off immediately. Using their connections, they took a cutting-edge spaceship from the army logistics department for free and explored everywhere.

Because they were carrying a child, it was not suitable for them to go to places that were too dangerous. Thus, Harrison decided to take Jenny to tour archaeological sites. For this reason, he specially joined the Spacetime Research Council and read the records of a large number of lost civilizations. He was determined to be a ‘good tour guide’.

The three of them were currently wearing the new generation interstellar exploration mechanical suits produced by the army. It could withstand all kinds of extreme environments, and the baby’s mechanical suit was specially made, and even had a series of functions such as mental stability, sleeping, and automatic diaper changing… Harrison stopped in front of a row of broken statues, pointed at them, and smiled.

“This is the underground palace that the last King of Tersrand built for the past kings when he was young. In the eyes of ordinary people, he built it to honor the previous kings, but in fact, according to the records in some books, he built this underground palace to cover up a natural tunnel that goes deep underground. There was a young Ancient Beast inside, and he wanted to tame it secretly. He wanted to use this external force to break the grip that the Prince Regent had on his authority… It sounds boring, right? It’s also a boring political struggle in the palace, but you definitely won’t be able to guess what happened.”

“He accidentally awakened more ancient beasts and destroyed the civilization?” Jenny was curious.

“Haha, you guessed wrong. He awakened this ancient beast, but he fell in love with it. Due to the special genes of the ancient beast, the closer the last Tersrand King got to the ancient beast, the more his bloodline mutated. In the end, he transformed into a new ancient beast at the court assembly and personally led the ancient beast to destroy the capital…”

“Is this love that transcends species? Or is this a mental hint from the ancient beast?”

Jenny’s eyes widened. Although interspecies dating was very common, it was still quite impactful to hear of it.

Harrison shook his head. “I’m not sure. Only the person involved knows.”

“What happened then?”

“After that, the slumbering ancient beasts woke up one after another and escaped into the starry sky. The last Tersrand King was nowhere to be found. Some said that he disappeared into the starry sky with the ancient beasts. Some said that he stayed with his partner in the ruins of his mother planet and wandered in this dead land forever…”

“Sounds a little romantic,” Jenny said.

“Haha, we might even be able to find their corpses here. This is the purpose of our exploration.”

Harrison laughed.

The two of them chatted casually as they went deeper into the underground palace. Most of the time, Harrison was the one talking, while Jenny was the one listening. Not long after, they finally arrived at the end of the underground palace. There was a tunnel blocked by rocks.

Harrison casually shattered the rocks with a punch, revealing a broken staircase that descended diagonally. He walked in with Jenny, and after walking for a long time, they finally arrived at the end. It was a cave-like space. Two beast skeletons were hugging each other as if they were lying dead in each other’s arms.

“Could this be the last Tersrand King and his partner?” Jenny was curious.

“I think so… Looks like they decided to stay here to accompany each other and sleep together forever.”

Harrison’s eyes sparkled. He recorded a series of videos, picked up a few bones, and stored them. He planned to bring them back for research.

However, right at this moment, the ground suddenly shook. The two of them felt the cave shaking, and the tremors gradually grew larger. Soon, the ground began to shake.


The sound of the earth veins moving could be heard. It was getting louder and louder, like the earth was roaring.

“Is it collapsing?”.

Harrison’s heart skipped a beat, and he immediately flew back with Jenny.

However, halfway through, the entire underground palace collapsed.

Hong Long LongCountless rocks fell, filling up all the gaps. Looking down from above, the ground had instantly collapsed, turning into a huge crater.

However, right at this moment, a force field with a faint green glow suddenly descended from the sky, tearing the surface of the planet apart. Under the guidance of the force field, a round ball of soil broke out from the ground and flew for a distance before finally landing beside the spaceship.

The ball shook, and the dirt and rocks on it fell off, revealing a round blue shield. The armors of Harrison and the other two could sense the impact of the outside world, so they automatically opened their shields. This small scene could not cause any damage to them, and the three of them were completely unharmed

This time, Ames, who was wearing a black dress, landed from the sky and floated in front of the three of them. With a helpless expression, she said with dissatisfaction,

“How could you be so careless? I saw that you were buried alive the moment I arrived. Since you’re carrying a child, don’t go to such a dangerous place.”

“Ahem, an accident, an accident.” Harrison was embarrassed. Although they would not be injured in the collapse, it would still take some time for them to climb out. He did not expect Ames to see them, which made him very embarrassed.

Jenny, on the other hand, did not have much of a reaction. She had been out with Harrison for more than a year, and they had been buried alive seven or eight times. Anyway, she would not get hurt, and she was used to it.

With extraordinary strength, her definition of danger was definitely different from ordinary people. Jenny was not afraid of taking a small risk with her child, so she asked curiously, “Sis, how did you find us?”

Phillip suddenly appeared and sat on Ames’ shoulder, giving her a thumbs up.

“Of course it’s because of me, hum… I can locate all the spaceships produced by the army, hum…”

“Alright, I almost forgot that Black Star gave you the authority to mobilize the army’s artificial intelligence… Then why are you looking for us personally? Can’t we talk through the communicator? Why are you disturbing our time together?”

Jenny curled her lips.

Ames turned to look at the sleeping child in Jenny’s arms, a gentle smile on her face. “I missed my nephew. Can’t I come and take a look? Quick, let me play with the child.”

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“Don’t even think about it! Don’t you know how heavy your hand is? Every time I give him to you, you don’t know how to cherish him at all. You don’t care if it’s not your child, right?”

Jenny immediately objected and turned around to protect the child in her arms.

However, Ames did not listen to her. Ignoring her objections, she controlled her force field and took the child from her arms. Then, she opened the mechanical suit and used her fingers to rub the child’s chubby face, waking the child up. “Hey! Be gentler!” Jenny grabbed Ames’ arm and yelled at Harrison, “What are you still doing there? Come and help!”

Harrison smiled bitterly.

The sisters were having a fight, so he did not dare to meddle.

“What do you know? I’m using my energy to clear his body and build a good foundation for him.”

Ames ignored Jenny and continued to rub the baby’s face. Although she controlled her strength, she did not have any parenting knowledge, so she still made the baby cry.

Jenny could not win against Ames’ strength, so she had no choice but to coax the child.

“Don’t you dislike children? Why are you always pestering me?” “Just because I didn’t like them before doesn’t mean I still don’t like them.”

Ames did not even turn around and continued to tease the child, finally making him laugh.

Jenny said unhappily, “If you like them, you can have them yourself. Why are you always playing with my child?” “What’s the point of spending so much effort? Don’t you have one here?” Ames blinked.

Jenny’s mouth twitched. Sometimes, she really could not stand Ames’ straightforward style.

She was speechless for a while before asking curiously,

“Speaking of which, have you thought about whether or not you want to have a child with Black Star? He mentioned it more than once, but you never responded to him.”

“…I haven’t thought about it yet. Let’s think about it again.” Ames was a little hesitant.

“My good sister, how long have you been thinking about this?” Jenny was speechless. “Although you guys have a long lifespan, there still has to be a result from all the thinking about, right? Only Black Star spoils you. If it were someone else, they might have even created a race at this age.”

Hearing this, Ames glanced at her and clicked her tongue in wonder. “Weren’t you always unhappy about me accepting Black Star? Why are you now urging me to reproduce with him?”

Jenny pursed her lips and did not speak.

In the past, she was indeed unhappy that Han Xiao was together with Ames, but now that she had a child, she wished that Han Xiao could make Ames unable to get out of bed every day so that she could have a happy life. This way, she and her child would not be harassed by Ames.


Space rippled slightly, and Han Xiao stepped out from the void.

“Hmm? Why are you here too?” Ames looked over and was surprised. “You borrowed Phillip’s authority. Of course, I received the news.” Han Xiao shrugged.

“Then what are you doing here?” Ames narrowed her eyes and said with a strange tone. She still remembered what happened the last time and still had some emotions in her heart.

“My business is done for the time being. I came to accompany you.” Han Xiao smiled.

“Do you think I need you to accompany me now?” Ames raised Jenny’s child and snorted.

Han Xiao looked down at the child and saw Jenny giving him a look. He immediately walked forward, grabbed the child’s clothes, and placed him in Jenny’s hands. He smiled and said, “Since you like children so much, let’s have one too.”

“You are on that again?” Ames looked around. “Didn’t I reject you?”

Han Xiao hugged Ames’ waist as though there was no one else around. He smiled and said, “No matter how many times you reject, I will ask you again and again until you agree.”

“Hmph, shameless… I thought a bigshot like you wouldn’t have any obsession with your descendants. I didn’t expect you to still be so vulgar.” Ames did not break free from Han Xiao’s embrace. She only placed her hands on Han Xiao’s chest and leaned back slightly, not letting him get close.

Han Xiao pondered for a few seconds before speaking from the bottom of his heart, “The world is filled with ups and downs. No matter who we are, we need something to anchor our existence, be it ideals, beliefs, or feelings… I have already made a choice. Let everything enter a new era, turning us into unique existences. There will no longer be a cycle, so I don’t know what will happen in the future. I just hope that I have another place in this world that I will never forget.”

“Oh, how rare. You actually know how to coax me… Don’t you remember me well enough?”

“Isn’t it better to go deeper?”.

“…Are you teasing me?”

“What else? What do you think my hand is doing?” The two of them had been intimate with each other countless times, so they were not shy at all. As they exchanged glances, their words became more and more explicit.

Seeing that the situation was not looking good, Harrison and Jenny quietly boarded the spaceship. They quickly started the engine, and the thrusters shot out flames as they quickly took off.

Very soon, the spaceship left outer space, and the planet became further and further away.

However, before Harrison could catch his breath, the planet behind him suddenly shook violently, and the surface of the planet shattered. A huge crater that could be seen from outer space exploded, and the shockwave swept out, sending countless sand and stones flying. It was as if the planet had suffered an unbearable impact.

Immediately after, the planet seemed to have suffered an invisible blow. The surface of the planet caved in, and the entire crust shattered like an eggshell. All the matter caved in at the center, and the surface became riddled with holes.

“These two adulterers really think we don’t exist…”

Jenny was both angry and excited, as though she wanted to see the world burn. Her face was red, and she cheered them on in her heart.

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The next moment, a blinding light burst forth, and the planet exploded!


An intense wave of energy spread out and caught up to the tail of the spaceship. It even activated the protective shield and sent the spaceship flying. After a while, the spaceship stabilized.

Harrison wiped off his cold sweat and looked back at the scene of the planet’s explosion. He swallowed his saliva with a complicated expression.

“Luckily, we ran fast enough… It’s a pity that these ruins…”


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