The Legendary Hero Chapter 1460 – Information Form Anchor (3)

Chapter 1460 Information Form Anchor (3)

Holy Accord’s headquarters.

Han Xiao teleported over. Under everyone’s surprised gazes, he passed through the complicated corridor and arrived at the confinement room of Destiny’s Child.

Destiny’s Child, who was soaking in the solution, woke up. He leaned closer and placed his hand on the inner wall of the container. Han Xiao smiled and placed his palm on the container.

This time, an experimenter walked over and asked curiously, “Your Excellency Black Star, what are your orders this time?” “Release Destiny’s Child.” Han Xiao pursed his mouth.

The experimenter was stunned and said with uncertainty, “Are you kidding? If we let it go, it will be very difficult to catch it again…”

“Let it go.” Han Xiao shook his head.

“Er… although you’re also the leader of the Holy Accord, it’s best if His Excellency Beiger gives the order personally…”

“It’s alright. I’ve already told him.”

Han Xiao showed Beiger’s message and patted the researcher’s shoulder.

“…I understand.”

The experimenter did not understand, but he still did as he was told. He terminated the operation of the information stabilization device and put away the storage container, removing all restrictions on Destiny’s Child.

Destiny’s Child was finally exposed to the outside world, but he did not immediately enter the high-dimensional information form to escape. Instead, he floated beside Han Xiao and looked around curiously, as though surprised that he was released.

“You’ve helped me quite a bit. I believe that freedom is a pretty good reward.” Han Xiao smiled and raised his hand to show the Destiny’s Child mark on the back of his hand. “Also, we’ve already formed a connection. I just hope that you can help me one last time…”

With a slight exchange of consciousness, Destiny’s Child understood what Han Xiao meant. He nodded lightly, and his body slowly turned into a high-dimensional information form, disappearing without a trace.

“Will this really not be a problem? If we don’t control Destiny’s Child, and allow him to trigger the information state disturbances again, many more children will be born…” the experimenter could not help but say.

“It’s alright, that’s what I’m hoping.”

Han Xiao waved his hands.

He had formed a connection with Destiny’s Child, and their consciousness could communicate at any time. He hoped to use the information connection between Destiny’s Child and many of his children to form a large net, forming a new information anchor point.

In addition, he suspected that Destiny’s Child was not simple. Ever since he entered the dark side universe, he seemed to have been indirectly entangled with Destiny’s Child… He had a feeling that Destiny’s Child might not be a pure Primal Esper Ability Entity.

“If I’m not wrong, Destiny’s Child has a special ability mechanism. He might have some kind of special connection with the Dark Side Universal Consciousness. He might even be one of the unconscious incarnations of the Dark Side Universal Consciousness.”

Han Xiao thought to himself. He put on the King and disappeared.

One day later, in the conference room of the upper echelons of the Supers Holy Land.

There were more than ten Beyond Grade As in the room, and Aurora sat in the main seat, maintaining her sisterly posture. Her long hair was tied up, and her slightly round and exquisite face tried to maintain a serious expression. “…I have already reviewed the recent reports. I discovered that the results of your work did not meet the expectations of the previous quarter. Although the Supers Holy Land has a stable position now, we are a force that has been established for just a few years. It is not the time to be lazy. I hope that everyone can take their jobs seriously…”

Aurora kept a straight face and criticized the people present.

This meeting had already been going on for some time. She had initiated this small-scale meeting to encourage some of the upper echelons so that they would not slack off. Black Star had not been in charge recently, and Aurora had been acting as the leader for a long time. Now, she had also built up some prestige. The dozen or so people present gave her face and silently received the criticisms.

After talking for a while, Aurora finally stopped and said in a gentler tone, “Alright, that’s all for today. I hope everyone can go back and supervise their respective departments and relay my message. Meeting dismissed.”

Everyone nodded and left the room.

Only then did Aurora relax her body, no longer maintaining her smart and capable attitude. She grumbled at Han Xiao for not doing anything and left through another door.

After everyone left, Han Xiao’s virtual figure appeared in the room. He looked in the direction where Aurora had left and smiled with relief.

Although Aurora liked to act young in front of him, they were actually around the same age. Han Xiao was quite happy to see Aurora acting dignified and serious. Now, she had more or less the aura of a leader, and she no longer needed someone else to protect her.

“She’s no longer the little girl who needs protection…”

Han Xiao shook his head and smiled before walking around.

A weak song suddenly sounded, and Han Xiao followed the sound to the rooftop.

Feidin was holding onto Chen Xing, and the two of them were on a date. They were sticking to each other as though superglued together.

The Soul Swapper had separated their souls a long time ago, but the experience of existing as one had allowed the two of them to know each other’s personalities even if they were separated. They only needed one look to guess what the other was thinking. There was no wall of hearts that could not be understood by the two, only the tacit understanding of soul mates.

Han Xiao still remembered the reason Feidin and Chen Xing had coexisted as one. It was as if they had met by fate, and in the end, it became a puzzle that fit into their lives.

All these years, his life had been smooth sailing, and it was also because of Feidin’s good luck. His military medals, a small part of them was due to Feidin. “Tsk, a winner in life…”

Han Xiao looked at them from afar and left the rooftop quietly.

He could not help but think of Hila. Speaking of which, he and Hila had met each other by fate as well. On the first day he came to the dark side of the universe, he had already formed a bond with Hila. Back then, they were still enemies. He did not expect that they would support each other and travel together to this day.

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With a thought, Han Xiao arrived at Hila’s residence. She had built the house beside the advanced cultivation room. Even though it was peaceful now, she did not slack off.

Hila had just finished her first round of training, so she left the training room. She returned to her room and a strange skeleton beast resembling a dog and a cat pounced on her.

Hila’s usually indifferent face revealed a doting smile. She bent down and picked up the little skeleton beast, stroking its smooth and white bones. The little beast stretched comfortably in her arms.

Han Xiao tilted his head, surprised. This was the first time he had seen Hila raise a pet.

Although this pet looked a little scary in his eyes, in the eyes of Hila, who controlled the power of death, this little skeleton beast was probably quite cute. As the saying went, beauty lay in the eyes of the beholder.

Seeing Hila slowly play with her pet, Han Xiao felt a little strange.

“Raising a pet doesn’t seem like something she would do…”

In his eyes, Hila’s personality had always been strong and cold. She pursued greater strength and would not waste her energy on unnecessary things, making people stay away from her. Now that she had a hobby… well, having a hobby made her more of a normal person.

“This is good. She finally found some interest in life…”

Han Xiao turned around and left.

He strolled around the Supers Holy Land and observed the lives of the various Beyond Grade As. He saw many Beyond Grade As who no longer needed to fight with others and focused on their careers. It was as if most of them had found the peace and quiet that they had not felt in a long time. Very soon, Han Xiao arrived at the business department and saw it bustling. In the office, a group of executives was queuing up to receive Sorokin’s instructions.

He took a closer look and saw that Sorokin’s body was emitting a faint light, and he was in the revival state. His face was full of energy, and he was in high spirits as he arranged the business plans in an orderly manner.

Under Sorokin’s leadership, the economic development of the Supers Holy Land had been booming. Sorokin felt as though he had met a second spring in his career, and he had finally found a stage to showcase his strength.

Not long after, Han Xiao walked past all the departments and finally arrived at the square. There were statues of all the Beyond Grade As there.

His gaze swept across everyone’s statues, and the experiences he had with the Beyond Grade As over the past few decades surfaced in his mind. Under the hard work of himself and a few pinnacle Beyond Grade As, the Beyond Grade As had gone from a pile of loose sand to a tightly-knit collective of benefits. The creation of the Supers Holy Land gave everyone a place of refuge, bearing witness to the fruits of their decades of hard work.

Although there was some animosity between them, in the end, these hundreds of statues represented the Beyond Grade As who had fought alongside him for decades. They could be considered comrades who had fought together.

“We can be considered partners…”

Han Xiao closed his eyes and vaguely felt a new information anchor being generated. He then turned around and left.

At the same time, all the Beyond Grade As in the Supers Holy Land suddenly felt something and looked up in the direction where Han Xiao had disappeared.

Half a day later, Han Xiao, as an uninvited guest, arrived in the Mechanical Race territory.

The Mechanical Race was no stranger to a big shot like Han Xiao, and they welcomed him.

A young Mechanic came out to receive them and brought Han Xiao to the guest room.

“Your Excellency Black Star, may I ask why you’re here?” As soon as he sat down, the young Mechanic asked curiously.

“I want to meet Manison and catch up with him.”

Han Xiao smiled.

Among the many Beyond Grade A comrades, Manison was the most special one.

The two of them had been ‘in love’ for decades, and Han Xiao had even ‘inherited’ many of Manison’s abilities. Therefore, Manison had a special position in Han Xiao’s heart. He felt that Manison might be able to bring him a new Information Form Anchor, so he came to visit.

However, this young Mechanic shook his head and rejected his request.

“I’m sorry, Your Excellency Black Star. His Excellency Mechanic Emperor is going to conduct a long period of closed-door research. No visitor is to be allowed.”

“Me too?”

“My teacher has already instructed me, especially you…” the young Mechanic replied carefully. “Heh, this guy really doesn’t hide it at all. I thought our relationship had eased up a lot.”

Han Xiao then sized up the young man before him and asked,

“You’re Manison’s student? What’s your name?”

“Allow me to formally introduce myself. I am a new student that my teacher accepted two years ago. My name is Marigo Morgan, and I am temporarily in charge of the Mechanical Race’s affairs for him. Greetings, Your Excellency Black Star.” This person nodded politely.

“He actually accepted a new student and didn’t even inform me.” Han Xiao was amazed.

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Seeing that Manison was not willing to reminisce, Han Xiao did not hesitate and expressed his intention to leave.

Arriving at the Moon Platform, Han Xiao was about to board the ship and leave when he suddenly realized that a new Information Form Anchor had been created.

He looked back at the depths of the Mechanical Race territory and smiled mysteriously. He then closed the hatch, activated the spaceship, and escaped into space. At the same time, deep within the Mechanical Race’s territory.

Manison, who was in seclusion studying the technology, raised his head and looked in the direction that Han Xiao left through the wall. He did not say much and lowered his head to continue his research.

“Humph, annoying fellow…


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