The Legendary Hero Chapter 1459 – Information Form Anchor (2)

Chapter 1459 Information Form Anchor (2)

The dark and deep universe seemed to be decorated with a curtain of diamonds. A silvery-white planet was rotating quietly. The surface of the planet was made of metal, and there were mechanical towers with sharp edges. They were connected to each other in the air, forming matrix-like patterns. The neat layout had an exquisite mechanical aesthetic.

This was the new main planet of Han Xiao’s machinery civilization. It was located in the Supers Holy Land and was completely created by the Mechanical Lives. The size of the planet was extremely large, and it was integrated with the matter of several planets. The former Planet Apostle was also broken down and integrated into this planet.

Originally, Psionic Prime and the other Mechanical Oracles wanted to name this new main planet ‘Black Star Planet’ as a sign of respect for the Lord God Black Star, but they were firmly rejected by Han Xiao. In the end, Psionic Prime and the other Oracles changed their minds and named this planet ‘Holy Planet’.

On the bustling alloy path, mechanical lives of all shapes and sizes were bustling about. Some mechanical life’s feet clashed with the ground as they walked, and some mechanical life’s tires rubbed against the ground as they drove. Some mechanical life’s engine tanks were constantly rumbling, and some mechanical life’s exhaust pipes would spurt out gas from time to time, forming a strange tune with a strong mechanical feeling.

Han Xiao walked among the mechanical army. His entire body was covered in camouflage, and he looked like an ordinary mechanical life form. All the nearby mechanical lives could not detect his presence. “This place is becoming more and more prosperous…”

Han Xiao was glad.

After taking in the World Tree, he no longer needed the machinery civilization to produce mechanical soldiers all day. Thus, he stopped the basic command of troop production and allowed the machinery civilization to develop on its own. This was the first time he had carefully observed the changes of the machinery civilization after the war.

Han Xiao’s walking speed was slow, as though he was taking a stroll. His eyes kept looking left and right, sizing up the machines on the street.

Although the Mechanical Lives were produced in batches, and many of them had the same model, there were almost no identical Mechanical Lives on the streets. Even if they were Mechanical Lives of the same model, they added all kinds of personalized structures to themselves through self-modification. Some liked guns, some liked sharp blades, some liked heavy equipment, and some liked to run around naked… From the perspective of a normal life, it would be like the difference in clothes, hairstyle, makeup, and accessories.

In the shops along the street, Han Xiao also saw all kinds of products. Most of them were modification shops and parts malls. There were all kinds of mechanical parts and even different colored paints. The customer flow was huge, and there were mechanical lives coming in and out every second, ‘trying on clothes’.

Other than that, he also saw the specialty snack shop. The chef robot inside was cooking oil, lubricant maintenance gel, energy blocks, and other items. It placed them in a large pot to stir and cook, making all kinds of strange foods. Han Xiao took one and tried it. It tasted so bad that it almost broke his defenses.

However, the other Mechanical Lives that came to purchase left in satisfaction and enjoyed their meal. In their eyes, it was a rare delicacy. There were also a few pairs of couple-like Mechanical Lives feeding each other.

Han Xiao also saw the sensory stimulation shop. To mechanical lives, it was like an entertainment venue. Inside, it was connected to all kinds of senses and emotions, directly stimulating the artificial intelligence core. At the cost of a large sum, the mechanical lives could even directly upgrade their own emotion module through the shop’s main system.

In a small alley at the side, Han Xiao saw a few small robots surrounding the alloy wall and doodling. Seeing that someone was coming, they quickly dispersed and flew away on electromagnetic wheels, like a bunch of rebellious street kids. The doodling on the wall was extremely wild, filled with a large amount of twisted bright colors. One could vaguely see that it was a portrait of the Supreme Heavenly Venerate.

In the originally cold and strict mechanical group, there was a strong personalization. A free culture was popular, and Han Xiao could see worldly customs from a group of mechanical bodies.

“The life of a Mechanical Life is quite similar…’

Han Xiao smiled.

All along, he had mainly treated the machinery civilization as a weapon factory and did not pay much attention to the changes in the life of the machinery civilization. It was only when he allowed the machinery civilization to reproduce freely that he finally saw the cultural trend.

As the Creator, he could guide the culture of the machinery civilization, but he did not do so. Instead, he allowed it to take shape naturally.

Only now did he feel that the machinery civilization was a little ‘civilized’.

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As he walked, Han Xiao realized that he had arrived at a huge mechanical square. There were two statues standing in the middle of the square, both of which were him. One was his normal self, and the other was his body in the Supreme Heavenly Venerate mechanical body.

The mechanical lives in the square were endless, and no one paid any attention to the statues. At most, they would stop and look at them for a second before walking away to continue their own lives. Their respect for Han Xiao was no longer as rigid as before but rather placed in their ‘hearts’. Han Xiao came to the foot of the statue and looked up. Suddenly, he saw a tall mechanical life carrying a small mechanical body that looked similar.

He turned around and saw that it seemed to be a harmonious father and son pair. The father let the child ride on his neck and kept teasing him.

Han Xiao silently watched this scene. Images of the machinery civilization following him for the past few decades appeared in his mind. Countless mechanical lives were sent to the battlefield under his orders and used as cannon fodder. Countless unique sparks of consciousness were born in the AI chip circuit, disappearing into the cold universe together with the broken body.

Although he treated the Mechanical Lives as tools, due to the restrictions of the basic logic, they did not have any complaints. They buried their hobbies and interests and fought for him with their lives, still respecting him as the Creator.

“I don’t need you guys to fight for me anymore. Enjoy your new life…”

Han Xiao shook his head. He would not cancel the base logic of the Mechanical Civilization’s reverence for him, but he did not plan to order the Mechanical Civilization to fight either. He had already mastered the World Tree and (Virtual Creation-True), so he no longer needed these mechanical lives to work for him.

He took one last look at his statues, and memories flowed in his mind. He felt another Information Form Anchor being set up, and only then did he turn around and disappear into the bustling crowd.

In the new headquarters of the Black Star Army in Supers Holy Land.

Han Xiao strolled around the base and hid himself. No one noticed his presence.

The huge base was very lively. Countless members of the Black Star Army were working there. People came and went, and from time to time, there would be people talking and laughing as they walked past Han Xiao.

He strolled around slowly and arrived at the area where the upper echelons were working. He saw Herlous, who was working on the desk, Sylvia, who was still trying to break through to Beyond Grade A, Aroshia, who was staring at the starry sky outside the window, Lagi, who was slacking, and Reynold, who had been maintaining the logistics department for decades…

Looking at the current state of the Black Star Army, Han Xiao was a little dazed. The difficult memories from when he first started his force surfaced in his mind.

He remembered that he had just entered the galaxy back then, and he was still a ‘country bumpkin’ who had come from a surface civilization. He was completely broke, and the only thing he could rely on was the cannon in his hand.

These old comrades had followed him to build the army’s current foundation and grew to where it was today with a third-rate mercenary group.

Everything seemed to have happened yesterday, and his memories were still fresh. The scenes of Herlous, Aroshia, Sylvia, and the others becoming mercenaries with him appeared in his mind. At that time, everyone was very young and fought with their lives on the line. Now, almost a hundred years had passed, and everyone had become important figures in the galaxy. They no longer needed to do things by themselves, and they had already achieved success. They now had a different life.

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Thinking back, Han Xiao could not help but sigh at the passing of time. Everyone, including himself, had more or less changed. Perhaps they all missed their old selves even more… At the start, they were always the freshest, and in the future, they would always look at each other with disgust. As their careers progressed, their viewpoints changed, giving them the feeling of ‘if time could stop at the moment when we first started’.

However, even though he was emotional, he still preferred the spiraling trend of things, allowing the path ahead to continue expanding and welcoming all kinds of changes.

Memories of the rise and expansion of the Black Star Army flashed through Han Xiao’s mind. Suddenly, he felt another Information Form Anchor being generated. He nodded and disappeared.

At the same time, Herlous, Sylvia, Lagi, and the others, who were doing their own things, suddenly had a thought. For some reason, Han Xiao’s figure suddenly appeared in their minds, and they could not get rid of it. They subconsciously thought of the dusty memories when they first fought with Han Xiao, and they stopped what they were doing and remained silent.

“What’s wrong with me… Why do I suddenly miss Black Star so much?”


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