The Legendary Hero Chapter 1458 – Information Form Anchor (1)

Chapter 1458 Information Form Anchor (1)

Han Xiao teleported back to the office in the Supers Holy Land’s main planet. The meeting with the three Universal Civilizations went much faster than expected, but Ames did not wait. She had already left, and the room was empty. “Where did she go?”

“Her Excellency Ames has gone to look for Aurora. Should I inform her to come over?”

“There’s no need. I’ll look for her later.”

Han Xiao casually expressed his concern and did not ask further. His expression was not as relaxed as when he was talking to the three Universal Civilizations’ rulers, but rather, he had a lot on his mind.

He told the leaders of the three Universal Civilizations that he was worried that the stable interference bridge would be damaged during the conversion. This was not a lie, but a real concern.

After this period of testing, he realized that as a medium for conversion, when he officially activated the Information Form Materialization device, he would suffer a large amount of information impact and temporarily form a connection with the universe consciousness. During the process of reverse conversion to the True State, the interface, as a specialty of the dark side universe, would gradually lose its effect, so the Character Summon Cards could not be used continuously during the conversion process. If he wanted to maintain his consciousness and maintain the effect of (Virtual CreationTrue], he would need to strengthen his Information Form base and add some ‘Information Form Anchors’ to prevent himself from being unable to hold on and cause the information interference channel to break.

He did not disclose these details, and no one else could help him. It would only add to his troubles.

“The so-called Information Form Anchor should be my understanding of myself, my connection with the World Tree, and my past memories…”

Han Xiao pondered.

This was a rather mysterious perception. If one did not reach the Transcendent Grade, they would not be able to have such an intuition-tracing back to the past and commemorating the past might be the way to deepen the Information Form Anchor.

“The three Universal Civilizations are about to start preparing. I have to start preparing too…”

Han Xiao then changed into another King and disappeared from the room.


Shattered Star Ring, Planet Aquamarine. The planet that had been abandoned for more than ten years was rebuilt after the people of Planet Aquamarine relocated. The old buildings covered by nature were demolished and rebuilt. The entire planet looked completely new.


There was only one place that had not been renovated. The large ruins were already covered in wild green vegetation, and the large number of building wreckage stuck in the ground had already rusted. These were the ruins of the Germinal Organization. It laid quietly on the wasteland, as silent as ever. Only the traces left behind by time seemed to be telling the past.

Three people were strolling around the ruins, stopping from time to time to observe. “…Back then, your godfather and I fought side by side and destroyed the Germinal Organization. He infiltrated this place alone and stole countless key secrets. He even saved Hila and Aurora, who were still young at that time. He fought for thousands of miles before giving the information to us. In the end, the war was decided in one fell swoop, and the Six Nations no longer had anything to worry about. The Germinal Organization was destroyed with a nuclear explosion. It was also on that day that Planet Aquamarine was reborn.”

Bennett caressed the remains of a huge metal plate. He wiped off the rust on it with his palm, revealing a blurry Germinal Organization insignia. A complicated look appeared in his eyes, as though he was reminiscing about the war years ago.

Nero, who was standing behind him, took a few steps forward and placed his hand on the metal wreckage as well. “I’ve seen these things in my textbooks, but every time I come to the Germinal Organization ruins, I always feel as though I’m there, as though I’ve experienced a battle that changed the fate of this planet.”

Bennett turned to look at him, shook his head, and laughed. He then took back his hand and sighed. “Thinking about it carefully, Black Star’s appearance when he was young is like a completely different person compared to the current him. Sigh, when one is old, one loves to reminisce about the past.” “You’re not old yet,” Mia, who was holding a baby, said with a smile.

Bennett laughed out loud and walked to Mia. He bent down and looked at the baby in Mia’s arms. At this moment, he was staring at him with his eyes wide open. He chuckled and extended his short arms.

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“Yo, my good grandson, let grandpa carry


Bennett’s face was filled with kindness, and his arm, which could easily crush steel, carefully took over his grandson. He held his grandson in his arms and shook him gently.

Nero also came over with a face full of envy.

Although he was the child’s father, the moment he hugged his son, the child would cry nonstop. Instead, his son would only be able to sleep peacefully in his grandfather Bennett’s arms.

After the war ended, Nero and Mia had a baby, which made Bennett feel very happy.

Considering that Nero had become the acting Army Commander and that Planet Aquamarine was on the right track, Bennett decided to give up his position as the leader of the Aquamarine Federation after much consideration. Originally, many of the upper echelons did not agree and wished for Bennett to be re-elected. However, he had already made up his mind and was determined to give up his position. He was no longer in charge of any duties and had retired to enjoy the happiness of a family.

Bennett played with the baby for a while before asking Nero, “Have you tested his Super-Gene?”

“I did. The report said that his Super-Gene is extremely active and rare. He might be an extremely talented Esper in the future.” Nero was overjoyed.

“Is that so? That’s not too bad.” Bennett nodded and stroked the baby’s sparse hair. The three of them played with the baby and walked away slowly.

Suddenly, the space around the area fluctuated slightly, and Han Xiao’s figure walked out. He stood still and watched as the three left.

“How beautiful…”

Han Xiao muttered to himself and turned to look at the Germinal Organization ruins. His path was already very far, but when he looked back, his past on this planet seemed to be right before his eyes, just yesterday.

Old memories flooded in like a tidal wave, and in a daze, images flashed past his eyes. He had transmigrated to the Germinal Organization base, spent half a year in darkness, escaped with great difficulty, drove an off-road vehicle under the moonlight, left Stardragon and transformed into Black Phantom, walked alone in the Wasteland, infiltrated the Germinal Organization to steal intelligence, and was chased for thousands of miles. The headquarters of the Germinal Organization had been reduced to ashes in the dazzling nuclear explosion…

Similarly, human figures flashed in his eyes. The young Hila who was determined to enter the Abyss but was eventually dragged back by him, the young Aurora who was still optimistic about being saved by him despite being tortured, Bennett who worked hard to end the battle, the Germinal Organization leader who did not regret even after reaching the end of the road…

The tragedy of the Mutation Disaster that followed also appeared before his eyes. The chaotic world, the crazy crowd, the endless beast tide, the spaceships that fell from the sky, the blazing cannons… everything came from DarkStar.

“Two full versions of disasters. This place is really full of trouble and misfortune…”

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Han Xiao closed his eyes. The storyline of Version 1.0 and Version 2.0 flashed through his mind.

After a long time, he opened his eyes. He felt that his mind was calm, and there seemed to be some subtle changes in his body.

Somehow, the foundation of his Information Form seemed to have become thicker. It seemed like he had already set the first Information Form Anchor and connected it to Planet Aquamarine.

“Planet Aquamarine…”

Han Xiao slowly rose into the air. He looked down at the ruins of the Germinal Organization, then at the bustling city at the end of the horizon. He turned around and disappeared.


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