The Legendary Hero Chapter 1457 – Plan

Chapter 1457 Plan

In a certain military-restricted area in the Central Galaxy, the location of the Sanctum channel that had once been summoned had already been tightly sealed. There were densely packed space armed fortresses and large fleet troops scattered all around, and the security was tight.

Suddenly, a beam of light lit up in the darkness and slowly expanded, turning into three Sanctum channels that led to the white world. They floated quietly in space like three miniature white holes. In the dazzling light door, three black shadows gradually grew larger and larger. They were the spaceships that the three Universal Civilizations had sent to explore the Sanctum.

A group of soldiers immediately flew out from the military base and led the three spaceships back to the fortress. The members of the ship walked out under the support of their comrades. Most of them looked dazed, as though they were out of their mind. Their eyes were dull and their reactions slow.

Only Clotti, Oulou, and the Beyond Grade A from the Arcane Church seemed to be in a better state. However, their faces were still filled with shock, and their legs were trembling.

Right at this moment, a faint light flashed, and the remote projection of the three Universal Civilizations’ Rulers appeared. They immediately surrounded the group with a nervous expression.

“How’s the situation? Did you guys get the information from the Sanctum?”

Clotti’s eyes were focused, and he was stunned for a few seconds before he seemed to come back to his senses. He nodded with a serious expression.

“The scene in the Sanctum is exactly the same as what Black Star said. We have already seen the records on the Sanctum’s message board. The truth about the Alterations of the Universe is indeed on it. In addition, we also obtained some information about the Alterations of the past from the Sanctum. Although it’s not much, it’s still a piece of evidence.”

Hearing this, the heads of the three Universal Civilizations took a deep breath. Although they knew that Han Xiao was not lying, they were still shocked.

At this moment, Louis suddenly lowered his voice and said, “Has the Sanctum Revival experiment succeeded?”.

“It’s true.” Clotti raised his palm and showed the Sanctum Revival mark on the back of his hand. It was exactly the same as in the records.

The three of them finally relaxed and nodded silently. In order to prove the authenticity of the Sanctum and prevent themselves from being tricked by Black Star again, the three Universal Civilizations took out a few mediums of their late direct descendants and gave them to Clotti and the others to test if the Sanctum Revival was feasible. If it failed, it would mean that the Sanctum that they had entered was full of tricks. It could be that Black Star had deliberately built this alternate dimension to trick them. If they succeeded, they would be able to prove that it was the real Sanctum.

Back then, when he asked Black Star to help revive the direct Beyond Grade As, the three Universal Civilizations’ Ruler had said that he had taken out all the mediums of the late direct descendants, but he had actually hidden a small portion of the late direct descendants, claiming that he did not have these mediums, so as to guard against Black Star and prevent any accidents. Even when Black Star proved that the Sanctum Revival was reliable, the three Universal Civilizations did not reveal this. They planned to use it as test material when they researched the Sanctum in the future, and it was now useful.

Ta ta ta…

At this time, the sound of footsteps could be heard from afar. Han Xiao, who had teleported over, walked over in large strides. Before anyone could say anything, he grabbed Clotti’s hand and raised it in front of his eyes.

“What are you doing?” Clotti was shocked. He subconsciously wanted to break free, but he realized that he could not move Han Xiao’s fingers at all.

The heads of the three Universal Civilizations thought that Han Xiao was concerned about the Sanctum Revival Mark, and their hearts tightened. They were worried that Black Star would hold a grudge against them for trying the Sanctum Revival in private.

However, they were wrong. Now that things had come to this, Han Xiao would not pay attention to these details. He revealed his Sanctum authority mark, and Clotti’s palm immediately produced feedback, showing his own Sanctum authority mark as well.

One of the symbols was complicated and exquisite, while the other was simple and plain. This was the difference between a max-level authority and a level-one authority.

Seeing this, Han Xiao then let go of Clotti and said,

“How is it? How does it feel to enter and exit the Sanctum? Does it feel like you were hallucinating?”

Clotti rubbed his painful wrist and hesitated for a moment before saying, “Indeed, I feel like I’m sleepwalking. Although I can still control my body, my senses seem to be separated by a layer. It’s not like I can move freely under normal circumstances. It’s more like I’m controlling my body through a third-person perspective. My brain and body are no longer one…” “This was your first time in there, so it’s normal for you to feel this way… although I’ve never experienced the feeling of having a low authority.” Han Xiao patted his shoulder. “Your authority is too low, and you spent a lot of time. We’ve been waiting for you in the main universe for a long time.”

Clotti and the others looked at the time and were shocked. It had been a year or two since they left. They had only stayed in the Sanctum for a few hours.

“Just get used to it. When your authority gets higher, the flow of time in the Sanctum will slowly converge with the main universe.”

Han Xiao casually explained before turning to look at the heads of the three Universal Civilizations.

“How is it? Did you guys get the information you wanted? Do you believe me now?”

Marbruce nodded. “We’ve confirmed the truth about the Universe Iterations. It’s exactly as you said.”

At this time, the Pope said, “It’s just that our authority is too low, so we can’t see all the information on the Sanctum’s message board. Therefore, we still can’t investigate the secrets of the Final Three Universal Civilizations and the Dark Side Universe that you mentioned…”

Hearing this, Han Xiao opened his eyes wide and found it funny.

“Why? Don’t tell me you want me to help you access the Sanctum until you unlock all the messages on the boards?”.

“If you don’t mind, we would be honored…”

“Get lost.”

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“Ahem, we can understand why you’re not willing…”

The three of them looked embarrassed.

“It’s true that I can help you complete the great deeds that you have done for many generations, but don’t push your luck.” Han Xiao crossed his arms and said with a frown, “I have already done enough for the galactic society. I have already given you enough sincerity, but you guys are still skeptical of me. It was like this when we dealt with the World Tree, and it is still the same now. To be honest, if you guys still doubt me, we can just dissolve this partnership.”

“Don’t, don’t, don’t. We just need to think about it because of the big picture. We don’t suspect you… Let’s go to the office and have a chat.”

The three of them quickly surrounded Han Xiao and explained, leading him to the private conference room.

After closing the door and confirming that there were no outsiders, Marbruce coughed and said,

“Black Star, we believe in the intelligence of the Dark Side Universe. Now that we’ve verified that the Sanctum’s intelligence is not fake, let’s talk about the topic we didn’t finish last time. How do you plan to break the seal of the Dark Side Universe and let us return to the real universe?”

“Two ways.” Han Xiao raised two fingers.

“What are they?” The three of them perked up and listened carefully.

Han Xiao paused to gather these thoughts before explaining slowly.

“The first is to follow the route of the three Universal Civilizations in the first two dark sides and use the Information Form Materialization device normally. Although the World Tree has mutated and changed its nature, it still has the core function of being an Information Form Materialization device. I’ve already dug it out.”

“What about the second one?”

“Secondly, I still have to use the Information Form Materialization device, but it has to be combined with my Virtual Creation ability.” The three of them looked at each other in confusion.

Marbruce said with a puzzled tone, “Aren’t both of them using Information Form Materialization devices? What’s the difference?”

“The difference is in my position. In the first plan, the success rate depends entirely on whether the information interference bridge has met the prerequisite requirement for conversion, which means that this predetermined route may still fail. As for the second plan, I can use my own abilities. The principle is… well, let’s not talk about the principle. Anyway, none of you can understand it. In any case, I feel that it can increase the success rate of conversion… The only concern is that the two previous dark side iterations have never tried my new method before, so there might be some uncertain factors.”

Han Xiao shook his head.

The first plan was to use him as a tool, a ‘medium’ to activate the Information Form Materialization device. In the second plan, he was the executor of the device… The difference between the two was the leader.

After fusing with the World Tree, Han Xiao studied it carefully and finally allowed his (Virtual Creation) skill to transform. After removing the ‘Pseudo’ part, the effect of the skill had changed drastically. It had the same function as the core ability found in the Information Form Materialization device and could resonate with each other.

The three of them hesitated and discussed softly. Han Xiao did not rush them.

After a few minutes, Marbruce looked up and asked, “What is the estimated success rate of these two plans?”

Han Xiao shrugged. “The first plan has a fifty percent success rate, and the second plan has a seventy percent success rate, but the risk is unknown.”

Louis pondered and said, “Why don’t we try the first plan? If it doesn’t work, we can try the second one.”

“Hmm, it can be done, but the stable interference bridge might be damaged in the case of a failure. At that time, even if you want to regret it, you won’t have the chance to do so. Therefore, I personally suggest that it’s best to do it in one go.” Han Xiao shrugged.

“…We need to think about it.”

“Alright, you have plenty of time, but the preparations for the two proposals are more or less the same. During this time, mobilize the galactic society and get ready.” “Okay.”

The three of them nodded and disconnected from the remote projection. They could not wait to go back and discuss it.

Han Xiao was the only one left in the conference room. He looked at where the three of them disappeared and curled his lips.

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In fact, he had hidden a third plan, which was to use the World Tree to swallow the entire universe and “compress” it in his body, forming a complete and independent “information assembly”. This way, it would reduce the difficulty of the actualization of information. In his opinion, the success rate of this plan could exceed eighty percent.

However, even if he used his chest muscles to think, he knew that the three Universal Civilizations would definitely not agree to this plan. They might even start to doubt his motives for helping. In addition, this process was truly too long. Who knew how long it would take for the World Tree to devour the entire dark side universe? Just the journey alone would take countless years, and he did not really want to utilize this plan. Therefore, Han Xiao decided not to say anything and kept it to himself.

“I hope the three Universal Civilizations choose the second plan… Hmm, but even if they don’t choose the second plan, I’ll still do it.”

Han Xiao clicked his tongue.

Letting the three Universal Civilizations choose was mainly to give them a feeling of ‘participation’… When the galactic society was ready to officially begin the transformation, it would still be up to him.


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