The Legendary Hero Chapter 1455 – Crushing Dry Weeds and Smashing Rotten Wood

Chapter 1455 Crushing Dry Weeds and Smashing Rotten Wood

The Star Alliance also had individual strengths, but compared to the three Universal Civilizations, they had too few top-tier combatants and were too weak. With Han Xiao’s abilities, he could do whatever he wanted here.

In addition, the entire virtual network of the Star Alliance was under the surveillance of Han Xiao, a Legendary Mechanic. The whereabouts of the upper echelons of the Star Alliance could not be hidden at all. Han Xiao was like an eagle pouncing on a chicken, constantly teleporting and flashing, accurately intercepting the fleets of the upper echelons of the Star Alliance. Not once did he fail. Even the Star Alliance Leader was captured by him. Within a few days, the leaders of the forty-six civilizations and the upper echelons of the Star Alliance were all captured by Han Xiao.

One civilization after another lost its command from the upper echelons. Some civilizations had a good system and continued to maintain the implementation of the migration plan through the base chain of command. Some civilizations were quite decisive, and there were some who took the position of the upper echelons, but most of them fell into different degrees of chaos.

The intelligence of the World Tree and the three Universal Civilizations was a secret of the upper echelons of the Star Alliance. The citizens and the officers did not know anything about it. They did not know what the World Tree fleet represented, nor did they have the strong fear of the World Tree Civilization like the upper echelons had developed over the years of war reports. Therefore, after the upper echelons of the various civilizations disappeared, many civilizations launched an intense counterattack.

However, due to the collective vacancy of the upper echelons, the internal secrets were leaked out under the influence of a certain force, and it quickly spread throughout the Star Alliance base. Most people understood the source of the disaster and knew how terrifying the World Tree Civilization was, as well as how the World Tree Civilization was currently at war with the three Universal Civilizations.

As for the actions of the upper echelons of the Star Alliance, trying to reap benefits but inviting trouble instead, they were not announced under Han Xiao’s control.

Because the World Tree’s mechanism was too terrifying, the morale of many civilizations was immediately reduced by half.

What completely destroyed the will of the Star Alliance civilizations was the invasion of another armed force. This time, it was the three Universal Civilizations army that was supposed to fight the World Tree in the news! They had also become the attackers!

The morale of the Star Alliance completely collapsed. Facing the pincer attack of two Universal Civilizations, they no longer had the courage to resist and could only flee in panic.

The entire Star Alliance’s battle situation slid into the abyss at lightning speed. All the resistance forces were paralyzed and wiped out by the three Universal Civilizations and the World Tree. Countless spaceships escaped from the Star Alliance’s territory, and it was a complete mess. Only a month had passed since the World Tree Civilization and the three Universal Civilizations invaded the Star Alliance.

In reality, if the Star Alliance could unite all their forces, they would at least be at the Universe Grade, and would not be so weak. They could still work together to resist for a period of time. However, the situation was too sudden, and there were too many internal conflicts, so they could not form an effective counterattack… The current situation of the Star Alliance was like the three Universal Civilizations that were attacked by the World Tree in his previous life, and the situation was even worse. They were caught completely off guard.

If the Star Alliance was given some time, they might be able to recover from the chaos after suffering heavy losses and form various scattered civil resistance forces. However, they had no chance now.

All the upper echelons of the Star Alliance civilization that were captured by Han Xiao were not executed, nor were they immediately devoured and transformed by the World Tree. Instead, they were locked in the same cage without any physical torture.

There were only virtual screens floating in the cage, showing the tragic situation of their various civilizations under the attack of the World Tree all day long. All the upper echelons of the Star Alliance could not rest peacefully and were suffering from psychological torture.

Every day, as they watched the World Tree fleet destroy the Star Alliance, they were furious, terrified, and desperate.

After the scene of the three Universal Civilizations attacking the Star Alliance was shown on the screen, all the upper echelons of the Star Alliance were stunned.

They had originally thought that the World Tree was fighting on two fronts, but they did not expect the three Universal Civilizations to attack them too. In an instant, their previous guesses were overturned, and everyone was horrified.

“Why would the three Universal Civilizations invade our territory together with the World Tree Civilization? Aren’t they still fighting ?” The Star Alliance Leader said with a hoarse voice, unable to hide his shock and confusion.

“Could it be that they’ve stopped the war and reconciled? No, how is that possible? One should not have stopped until the other died. Isn’t the World Tree unable to coexist with any civilization P” someone murmured in disbelief.

Savignes’ eyes were bloodshot and his voice hoarse, “There’s only one possibility. The three Universal Civilizations have been devoured by the World Tree and turned into slaves of the World Tree. They have lost their freedom… In other words, their civilization has been destroyed! Hahaha… Wuu wuu…”

As he said that, a twisted expression appeared on his face. It was as if he was laughing and crying at the same time. There was an indescribable sense of viciousness and joy.

Among all the Star Alliance civilizations that were attacked, the Lore Civilization was the most miserable. They were targeted by the World Tree and the three Universal Civilizations. Savignes watched the tragic scenes of his race every day, and his mental state was on the verge of collapse. In his eyes… although he was about to die, at least the three Universal Civilizations were gone. His revenge had succeeded, and he had already dragged his enemies along with him to die, destroying the prosperous world of the three Universal Civilizations.

Hearing this, everyone nodded silently. They all agreed that the three Universal Civilizations had become the World Tree Civilization’s vassal.

However, unlike Savignes, the other upper echelons of the Star Alliance did not feel any joy, only fear.

Originally, one World Tree Civilization was enough to destroy the Star Alliance. Now, they had even ‘absorbed the forces of the three Universal Civilizations. It was equivalent to two Universal Civilizations attacking from both sides.

No matter how they thought about it, they felt that there was no chance that the Star Alliance would survive. They had already lost all hope in their hearts. Their expressions were numb, and they were like walking corpses.


At this time, the cell door opened, and everyone turned around to look. A figure walked in against the light from the corridor outside, revealing an expressionless face. It was Han Xiao.

“Everyone, how have you been?”

Han Xiao said emotionlessly.

“Black Star!”

Everyone subconsciously shrank back with fear on their faces.

Savignes was the only one who did not retreat. Instead, he took a few steps forward with a ferocious smile on his face. He stretched out his hands as though he wanted to grab Han Xiao’s shoulders.


Before he could even take a few steps, an invisible force sent him flying, and he slammed into the prison wall.

However, Savignes did not seem to feel any pain at all. Instead, he started laughing like a maniac.

“Hahaha— Black Star! Your three Universal Civilizations have also suffered a crushing defeat and become the slaves of the World Tree. We will also become a member of the World Tree. We are equals with you, and we all have the same ending. Don’t think that anyone has won! Haha… cough… haha…”

The upper echelons of the Star Alliance looked at the crazy Savignes and remained silent. There was only disappointment on their faces, and they even looked at Han Xiao with sympathy. Although they were destined to become a member of the World Tree and would not die, they would lose their sense of self. In their eyes, it was no different from death.

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Seeing this, Han Xiao knew what they were thinking. He shook his head and laughed.

“Do you think the three Universal Civilizations have become the slaves of the World Tree? A reasonable deduction, an interesting conjecture… Unfortunately, it’s a completely wrong conclusion.”

Without waiting for the others to react, he raised his palm, and a small World Tree phantom appeared in his palm. It spun around and exuded an astonishing high-level pressure, causing everyone present to feel weak all over. They could not even stand, and collapsed onto the ground one after another.

“Our war has ended, but you guys guessed wrongly. The World Tree was captured by me and has now become my Universal Treasure. In other words… I’m the master of the World Tree Civilization.”

As soon as he said that, Savignes’ crazy, hoarse laughter stopped, like a screaming chicken that had its throat pinched.

He stared at Han Xiao with his eyes wide open.

“Impossible! I don’t believe it! The intelligence said that the World Tree Civilization had the upper hand and almost destroyed your side…”

“Oh? You’re talking about the intelligence sent back by the spies you left in the desolate universe belt?”

Han Xiao interrupted him and said with a teasing tone, “I got someone to make up those battle reports. Isn’t that great?” As soon as he said that, it was as if he had pressed the mute button. Savignes’ anger froze on his face, and the others’ eyes widened.

The room fell silent.

Han Xiao blinked and slowly said, “Your spies have long been discovered by us and transformed into the servants of the World Tree. We have been sending fake intelligence to you all, making you think that we are still in the midst of war. In fact, we had already dealt with the World Tree more than a year ago. What you all saw was just an illusion we made


At this moment, everyone’s expression was extremely interesting. Thinking about how they had been surprised every time they saw the ‘battle report’ in the past year, everyone felt as if they had eaten a piece of incense.

It turned out that they had been laughing at the fake intelligence that others had fabricated. They had been complacent, proud, and had been toyed with!

At this moment, everyone wished they could tear off their faces and throw them somewhere they could no longer see.

At the same time, an even deeper sense of despair rose in everyone’s hearts. Knowing that this was a mixed attack, they had no hope at all. Their faces were extremely gloomy, knowing that the Star Alliance was finished.

Seeing this, Han Xiao shook his head.

In fact, he felt that the Star Alliance was quite unlucky. Even if these people did not take advantage of the situation to give trouble to the three Universal Civilizations, when he defeated the World Tree, he would still use the Information Form Warning Network to cover all the Star Fields in his territory. This way, the Star Alliance would still have nowhere to hide and would be exposed.

At that time, the Star Alliance would still receive the attention and vigilance of the three Universal Civilizations, and their outcome would probably not be any better. Therefore, the moment the Star Alliance sent their spies to gather information about the galactic society, their outcome was almost certain.

The Star Alliance Leader clenched his fists and gritted his teeth. “What are you going to do to us if you don’t want to devour us?”

Han Xiao glanced at them and said, “I need everyone’s cooperation. As you can see, we have the ability to destroy all the civilizations in the Star Alliance, but I will give your race a chance. Stop resisting, choose to submit, and become our subsidiary… Only then will we give you the right to continue surviving.”

“You could have swallowed us all, why would you do this!” The Star Alliance Leader was furious.

“I want to.” Han Xiao raised his brows, paused, looked at everyone, and continued, “Think about it first. You only have one chance…”

This time, Savignes suddenly roared and interrupted him.

“We will never give up our freedom to become the World Tree’s vassal! You will never be able to enslave us…”

However, before he could finish speaking, Han Xiao flicked his finger, and mechanical particles flew out, forming a sealed mechanical device that covered the lower half of Savignes’ face, blocking all of his roars.

Han Xiao retracted his gaze and said with a calm expression, “It seems like he has already made his choice. Before the destruction of the Lore Civilization, he will not be executed. He will stand here and watch the outcome of his choice… Everyone, it’s your turn. Because I was interrupted just now, I will repeat myself. The three Universal Civilizations won’t even need to put in the effort to destroy you all. If you reject me, you all won’t even have the chance to reproduce under the jurisdiction of the World Tree. Destruction or continuation, think carefully before you speak.”

Everyone’s expression was uncertain, and they fell into a dilemma.

They knew that this was a warning, but it was still very effective. They really wanted to say that they would never become slaves out of spite, but looking at the tragic state of their race on the virtual screen, they only felt the heavy burden on their shoulders become heavier, so heavy that they could not even speak.

At this time, mechanical particles flowed out from under Han Xiao’s robe and turned into a fixed cabin, locking Savignes up.

“There’s no need to hurry. You have plenty of time. Before our fleet destroys your civilization, you can hesitate as much as you want. After all, you’re not the ones who are dying.”

Han Xiao then turned around and left.

The cell door closed behind him, cutting off the sound of Savignes struggling.

Han Xiao did not stop, and the officers of the three Universal Civilizations were already waiting at the door. Seeing this, they quickly followed.

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“Your Excellency Black Star, thank you.” Teny nodded.

“It’s nothing. I’ll leave the rest to you.”

Han Xiao waved his hands.

He had already helped them to this extent, and the Star Alliance had already lost the ability to resist. The three Universal Civilizations would be more than enough to take care of the rest of the work. With the World Tree Civilization cooperating, he did not need to do anything anymore. The three Universal Civilizations still had the ability to handle such a simple concluding job.

I didn’t expect things to go so smoothly… A civilization that has stepped into the threshold of the Universe Grade was easily destroyed in such a short period of time. My force has already expanded to this level. Han Xiao sighed in his heart before walking away.


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