The Legendary Hero Chapter 1454 – Give Them a Taste of Their Own Medicine

Chapter 1454 Give Them a Taste of Their Own Medicine

Within the Star Alliance, the Margus Star System.

A long and narrow spatial rift cut through the starry sky like a knife cutting open the belly of the universe, splattering out endless green tides.

Countless World Tree battleships flew out from the wormhole and formed an army. They turned into dense streams of light and dispersed in all directions, attacking the planets on the star map.

The World Tree fleet was traveling at an extremely fast speed. Before long, a prosperous planet was in sight. The defense troops of this planet had already taken off and were distributed in outer space, ready to fight against the invasion.


At this moment, there was a flash of light in the distance. A huge wave of starships covered in starlight approached rapidly. The outer armor of the starships was engraved with the Star Alliance’s insignia. This was the military’s rapid support unit. They were stationed at the nearby military fortress and were in charge of the daily security in the area.

In the main starship of the Star Alliance’s rapid support troops, the middle-aged commander with a strong temperament gripped the edge of the table tightly with both hands. He gritted his teeth and looked at the enemy troops outside the window, countless times more numerous than his own. His heart was in agony as he let out a hoarse roar:

“Unit 17 and 18, fall down. Immediately organize the people to board the ship and escape. The rest… attack! Stall for time!” As soon as the order was given, the rapid support troops immediately charged towards the incoming World Tree.

Facing an unrivaled opponent, the Star Alliance’s fleet still chose to counterattack. This scene was very tragic. It was like an isolated and helpless troop enduring the endless encirclement of countless enemies.

However, the difference in strength would not be reduced because of this. Their fearlessness could not stop the spreading of the green tide. The world-destroying green tide did not stop and easily drowned the armed fleet. The Star Alliance fleet’s counterattack only caused a small ripple before disappearing into the endless green tide.

Roots tore through the sky and pierced into the flourishing planet like straws, devouring the matter and energy inside and turning them into their own nourishment.

In the flagship of the World Tree fleet, the Heart Tree King looked down at the planet with a glimmer in his eyes. Vast psychic energy had already covered the entire planet, hypnotizing all living beings to give up on escaping and voluntarily enter the roots to become a member of the World Tree.

The Heart Tree King shook his head as he watched the last few Star Alliance battleships explode into pieces under the concentrated fire of the World Tree fleet.

“It’s just a futile struggle…”

He turned to look at the countless soldiers in the cabin and saw a feverish look on each of their faces. War was their specialty.

Sensing the Heart Tree King’s gaze, everyone raised their arms and shouted.

“For the mother tree! For Father God!”

After Black Star subdued the World Tree, he became the ‘Father God’ in the hearts of all the members of the World Tree. His will was above the Mother Tree’s.

The Heart Tree King muttered to himself before retracting his gaze and looking at the starry sky. His gaze seemed to be able to penetrate the endless distance and lock onto the mother planet of the Star Alliance.

In the conference room in the Star Alliance’s capital.

Unlike the joyous atmosphere a few days ago, the room was filled with gloom, fear, despair, anxiety, and other negative emotions. In the past few days, news of the World Tree’s invasion broke out in various parts of their territory. It was as if the entire Star Alliance was in danger overnight and countless planets had fallen.

The upper echelons of the Star Alliance were no longer as high-spirited as they were a few days ago. At this moment, they looked haggard and their clothes were in a mess. They had not slept or rested for the past few days as they argued intensely.

“Isn’t the World Tree Civilization still fighting with the three Universal Civilizations? Why did they invade us?”

The Star Alliance Leader frowned and looked exhausted. His eyes were bloodshot and his voice was extremely hoarse. Savignes trembled slightly and said with a shaking voice, “Could it be that the World Tree Civilization feels that they have already crippled the three civilizations and wants to fight on two fronts? What should we do?”

The upper echelons of the Star Alliance frowned.

They thought that the three Universal Civilizations were still fighting the World Tree to the death, but because they had discovered their location, they had deployed a portion of their forces to fight with them. This feeling was like they were enjoying the sufferings of others, but the sufferings suddenly appeared on their own head.

“What else can we do? Since the World Tree is here, we can only resist!” Someone slammed the table to hide the fear in his heart.

Just as he said that, someone immediately objected and said loudly,

“What fight! Even the three Universal Civilizations were no match for the World Tree, they were crippled in a few years. We can’t defend our own territories at all. We should quickly migrate the refugees, preserve our tinders, and abandon our territories!” “How can we do that? At least we still have the strength to fight! The World Tree is wreaking havoc in my territory. As long as everyone sends out reinforcements, we will definitely be able to defeat the World Tree!” someone else said in a low voice. “Bullsh*t! We don’t even have enough troops, how can we help you?!” Another person shouted.

This argument instantly ignited the fuse. Everyone’s emotions had been like a spring that had been pushed to the limit these past few days. With this, all the accumulated dissatisfaction in their hearts erupted. They directly split into two groups. One group was advocating war while the other was in favor of escaping. The argument was extremely intense.

If not for the fact that most of them were projections, everyone would have rolled up their sleeves and started fighting.

The Star Alliance was formed by the alliance of more than forty civilizations. They were not united in the first place and each had their own standpoints for benefits. Usually, they could be gathered together, but when faced with the pressure of a powerful foreign invasion, internal conflicts immediately erupted.

Some of the upper echelons of the civilizations who had been against causing trouble couldn’t restrain themselves anymore and started complaining loudly.

“Everyone, calm down! Calm down… We still have other paths. We can’t resist the World Tree on our own, but since the three Universal Civilizations are in the same situation as us, perhaps we can take the initiative to communicate with them and join forces against the enemy… As for our previous plans, we can put them aside for now. The most important thing is to defeat the World Tree together. They will definitely know the severity of the matter. We will settle the score with the three Universal Civilizations later in the future. We have to protect ourselves first before we can talk about the future…”

The Star Alliance Leader raised his suggestion loudly and tried his best to ease the atmosphere. However, it was useless. Everyone was speechless at his suggestion and turned a deaf ear to it. They continued arguing and the situation was getting out of control. In the past, many members of the Star Alliance would not have been so disrespectful to him. However, now that their own civilizations were on the brink of death, no one cared about him anymore.

Everyone had a big fight. Many people were furious. They stopped talking and directly went offline. They did not want to listen to the unified dispatch of the Star Alliance anymore. They decided to fly off on their own when disaster struck.

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Not long after, there was no one left in the meeting room. The Star Alliance Leader sat alone in his seat, his heart filled with bitterness.

After the quarrel, the leaders of a few civilizations gave out orders without any hesitation. They did not listen to the Star Alliance’s orders at all and packed up their resources and population. They started to escape hurriedly, preparing to escape from the Star Alliance’s territory and enter the unexplored universe.

Initially, although most civilizations were angry and panicked, they had not decided to abandon their homes. However, when they saw someone running away decisively, they immediately became anxious. Since the others had already run away, if they did not keep up, wouldn’t they be staying behind to help others cover their retreat? How could this do!

The chain reaction happened very quickly. One after another, the members of the Star Alliance didn’t dare to delay any longer. They also started to migrate and escape, no longer caring about the Star Alliance’s agreement.

When these member countries refused to listen to the orders, the Star Alliance’s mechanism was quickly paralyzed. The huge Star Alliance seemed to have broken up overnight, and the fleets of various civilizations began to escape and part ways.

In the past, many members would not easily go against the unified order of the Star Alliance, or else they would be isolated by others. But now, they could not care so much. When the World Tree attacked, the Star Alliance immediately had a disagreement of opinion. This joint Universal Civilization was destined to fall apart. No one planned to wait for death in a group. They only wanted others to stall the enemy so they could escape.

This was Han Xiao’s intention. The weakness of the Star Alliance’s structure was too obvious, which was that they had too many interests and did not have the strength of a dominant civilization. They could barely coalesce, and their opinions could not be completely unified.

Usually, the members of the Star Alliance had their reservations, but once they were in a life and death crisis, it would definitely be difficult for them to unite. There was an 80% chance that they would split up. As long as this collective will was disassembled, the Star Alliance’s small giant would be dismembered. Its resistance would drop by several levels, and it would lose most of its fighting spirit.

Back then, the Star Alliance had secretly leaked the information, wanting to cause internal conflict in the galactic society. Han Xiao’s action was also to give them a taste of their own medicine, using a different method to cause internal conflict.

The port on the mother planet of the Lore Civilization was already packed with people. Anti-gravity transport vehicles loaded the supplies onto the fleet one by one. Countless frightened citizens lined up to board the ships under the orders of armed soldiers. No matter how anxious they were, they could only suppress their emotions and listen to the orders obediently.

Not long ago, there was a group of people who wanted to rebel, but they were suppressed cruelly, killed on the spot. Their blood had not even dried yet. That was why no one dared to act recklessly right now.

Not long after, the first fleet was finally filled up. Without waiting for the subsequent spaceships, they took to the sky and fled into the depths of space.

Savignes was already in the main ship. As the leader of the civilization, he did not dare stay on the mother planet any longer. The fleets of refugees had split into several batches. In order to escort him, more than half of the armed forces were moving together with the first fleet with the least population load.

“We’ve finally set off…”

Savignes let out a small sigh of relief.

He still remembered that in the “battle report”, the two Dynasty Rulers were tortured to death by the World Tree. It could be seen that the World Tree Civilization liked to carry out the tactic of killing the leader very much. He was worried that he would follow in their footsteps and be “trampled to death”. Therefore, he only wanted to run away quickly and did not dare to stay on the mother planet as a target… As far as he knew, the other heads of civilizations had the same idea and had all fled from the mother planet.

As the spaceship slowly accelerated, Savignes was no longer so worried. He muttered to himself,

“It should be safe for now…”

However, before he could finish his sentence, the spaceship’s radar suddenly exploded with an ear-piercing hum. It pointed straight at the front of the spaceship, and an energy reaction appeared out of nowhere, blocking the way.

The next moment, a Mechanical Deity suddenly expanded in size, surpassing the size of the entire fleet stacked on each other. It covered the sun and the stars, and a huge hand suddenly came down.

Hong Long Long

Psionic energy burst out like ripples, and the entire fleet began to explode like firecrackers. In the blink of an eye, the armed escort fleet was almost completely annihilated. They could not even make a splash and turned into a large patch of fireworks in the starry sky. It was very beautiful.

“This is Black Star Þ”.

Savignes turned pale with fright and hastily shouted,

“Run, run…”

However, before he could finish speaking, many of the spaceship operators were already sweating profusely.

“This won’t do. The fleet’s intelligence matrix is completely locked. We can’t control it at all. The spaceship is already paralyzed!” “No…”

Savignes’ eyes widened in horror as his pupils reflected the enlarged palm of the Supreme Heavenly Venerate. The mechanical lines on the palm became clearer. Crack!

Han Xiao directly grabbed the flagship and sucked it into his body, capturing Savignes and the upper echelons of the ship.

Immediately after, he suddenly raised his hand and punched. Energy burst out like a gamma-ray burst, spreading in a large area and instantly vaporizing a large group of warships that were about to counterattack.

“The first.”

Han Xiao turned around and disappeared as though he had never been there.

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His goal was to capture the leaders of all the civilizations in the Star Alliance and display the advantage of individual strength.

With his current combat strength, the success rate of the targeting the leader tactic was almost 100% against a civilization like the Star Alliance. No one could stop him.

“His Excellency Savignes has been captured by the enemy!”

Because Han Xiao’s execution efficiency was too great, the remaining defense troops on the mother planet did not have the time to rush over to support Savignes when he was captured.

The guards on the ground base stared blankly at the place where Han Xiao had disappeared. Listening to the busy tone in the command channel, they fell into a state of chaos.


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