The God Of Medicine Son-in-law Chapter 591

The purpose of the Tong family’s settlement this time is to find a hemostatic pill, but Xiao Chen commands the Xiao family’s 400 iron guards. Eradicate all housing forces in Binjiang city.

The martial arts show in the five cities was held as scheduled.

But the five factions at this time. It has been secretly controlled by Xiao Chen.

After martial arts.

Xiao Chen killed more than a thousand disciples of the poisonous dragon altar.

The incident shook the North Korean government and people.

At the same time, it also sounded an alarm for the southern Chu state.

In order to find the map of the ten surnamed tombs, the seven countries also sent their own elite.

At the same time.

Ten families poured out.

Riverside scuffle.

Xiao Chen designed to suppress all forces.


Xiao Chen’s father was caught by Beiyan state. Take him hostage.

In order to save her father, Xiao Chen entered Longqi Valley, the heavy land of Beiyan alone.

The high priest who fought against the Shamanism.

And married the princess of Beiyan as a concubine.

Yan Guochen served the Xiao family.

The Huangfu family was destroyed by Xiao Chen.

Get a second prescription at the same time.

North Korean Zhao Tianqi forced Xiao Chen to find a prescription from several other surnames on the condition of the Xia family.

Xiao Chen can only go to the seven countries of Chu, Han, Zhao and Wei.

A fierce battle with the other ten surnames.

Xiao Chen’s four hundred iron guards, already four guards, died and injured in this battle.

In order to get the map of these ten surnamed tombs.

Xiao Chen destroyed the other six countries.

And almost wiped out the ten surnames.

When he took the prescription of Shizuka. Combining these prescriptions with the secret method handed down by the Xiao family, he found that the tombs of the ten surnames were in the palace of North Korea.

Zhao Tianqi has locked up all the Xia family at this time.

Xiao Chen led people into the imperial city of North Korea.

After a fight.


Xiao Chen broke the palace of North Korea.

Zhao Tianqi takes Xia yunshang as a hostage. Ask Xiao Chen to hand over the map of Shixing tomb.

In order to protect Xia yunshang and Xia’s family, Xiao Chen can only agree.

Zhao Tianqi took the map.

Xiao Chen had already sent someone to stare at him.

When Zhao Tianqi found the tombs with ten surnames, Xiao Chen also came with him.

After a great war before shixingzuka.

Zhao Tianqi was dying. Activated the mechanism of shixingzhong.

Xiao Chen is trapped in the tomb.

After cracking the mechanism, Xiao Chen found the great secret in the tomb.


There is a transmission Dharma array in the tomb of ten surnames.

Xiao Chen risked his life to enter the array.

I found out. The Dharma array cannot be transmitted to the designated location due to insufficient power.

Under the disorder of time and space.

He accidentally found two lovers trapped in the turbulence of time and space.

At the same time.

Also get the treasure in time and space.

Fuxi tripod.

With this tripod, Xiao Chen returned to the tomb of the ten surnames again, and the disease got the treasure of the Xiao family.

Among them.

There is an ancient practice script.

Xiao Chen gave this script to his father and many wives to practice.


Time and space disorder has brought other parallel world enemies.

The four gods on Xiao Chen. But it became the reason why the other party chased him.

To protect your family.

Xiao Chen fought against the strong in the parallel world one by one.

In battle.

Xiao Chen learned that the four God pendant was the key to open the fairyland.

It’s just that the four gods are short of energy now.

Other parallel worlds. It’s like getting the four gods. Open the way to the fairyland.


Xiao Chen took the first step and filled the energy of the four gods. He opened the fairyland and flew away with his family.


The fairyland is also full of dangers.

The fairyland. For them, those who use keys to soar in the lower world are only regarded as smuggling.

No legal identity.

Xiao Chen wants to let her family have a place to live safely. He and the strong men of various immortal sects robbed resources and competed for immortal stones. After a narrow escape, he died.

He finally got a foothold in the fairyland.

And set up their own Xiaomen.


Those powerful forces who once fought against Xiao Chen in the lower world also found a way to soar.

These forces followed into the fairyland.

After a big war between Xiao Chen and the rising ones.

In the fairyland.

The fairy King found Xiao Chen’s Protoss blood.

To get this blood.

The fairy king wants to kill Xiao Chen and transplant his blood into himself.

For this reason.

Xiao Chen became the target of the immortals in the fairy world.

After a battle.

Xiao Chen’s blood completely awakened.

He killed the fairy king.

At the same time, it has been inherited by ancient immortals.

Xiao Chen broke through and became a new generation of fairy king, and many family members were granted official titles and knights.

His father became immortal emperor.

His wife also became a fairy queen.

He has practiced for tens of thousands of years in the fairy world.

Xiao Chen’s Protoss blood was successfully cultivated by him.

After leaving his relatives, he soared to the divine world.

In the divine world.

Xiao Chen unexpectedly met the elder brother who killed the fairy king in the fairy world.

In order to avenge the death of the third, the God King declared war on Xiao Chen.

You can be the king of your own world.

The war between God Kings is the war between their small worlds.

Xiao Chen’s small world.

It turned out to be his hometown.

Blue star.

To defend Bluestar.

Xiao Chen threw his soul into the blue star.

Into Xiao Chen of the same name.

The small world of the other God King soon invaded the blue star where Xiao Chen was located.

The two civilizations fought on blue star.

The incarnation of Xiao Chen soon became the leader of blue star.

The war between small worlds is only the destruction of one side of the world in the end.


Xiao Chen’s Blue Star World defeated each other’s God King’s small world.

The opponent’s God King’s mind was severely damaged.

But when it falls.

He turned the divine body into a thousand distractions.

The distraction with extreme resentment has polluted the small world of countless other gods.

In the divine world.

After countless small worlds were distracted and infected by the God King, they launched a blow to the blue star world.

Xiao Chen surrounded the blue star to protect himself.

He turned all his divine power into a divine sword.

Throw this sword into the small world.

Xiao Chen incarnated and got the divine sword to lead the people on the blue star to disintegrate the invasion of many small worlds one by one.

Finally, Xiao Chen died by fighting.

The sword stayed in the blue star.

Tens of thousands of years later.

The blue star sword was found by a little boy in the valley.

The moment he pulled out the sword.

Xiao Chen’s divine power was released.

Blue star world has also been promoted to another divine world at this time.

Xiao Chen whose divine power is restored.

After some efforts, the divine body was recast and reborn.

And the blue star divine world took the initiative to integrate with Xiao Chen.

There has never been a fusion between the divine king and the divine world.

Never seen before.

When Xiao Chen merges with the blue star divine world.

Xiao Chen immediately understood the true meaning of the whole universe.

The consciousness of the universe also came forward to meet Xiao Chen.

And completely change the blue star divine world into the star world.

To commemorate blue star and Xiao Chen.

Since then, the Lord of the star world is Xiao Chen.

At this time.

Xiao Chen thought of his family in the fairy world.

Become the Lord of the divine world. He can go to any fairy world under the divine world at will.

When he came to the fairyland where his family lived.

His descendants have developed Xiaomen into the largest family in the fairy world.

Xiao Chen guarded his family.

Live in the fairyland.

——The whole book is over.


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