The God Of Medicine Son-in-law Chapter 590

Xia Guowei in the car pulled his wife who wanted to get off and whispered, “don’t go, let yunshang handle it by himself.”

“Look at that boy’s face, as if they have sold our Xia family. I really want to go up and slap that guy.”

“Forget it, my wife, the cloud clothes can be handled. Besides, isn’t there Xiao Chen?”

Xia Guowei might as well not say this. Zhao Youzhen heard Xiao Chen’s name. The whole person looks like a lit artillery battle.

“Shut up and don’t mention this man’s name in front of me, this fool, this loser. He really ruined my daughter’s life, just like you ruined me.”

Zhao Youzhen’s words stimulated Xia Guowei less. Although he dared not refute, he still squinted at the woman beside him.

“Why don’t you want to listen? Tell you, Xiao Chen, I’ll let him go from this house sooner or later, but sooner or later.”

Xia Guowei heard this and suddenly stepped on the accelerator. The car sprang out like a spring.

Zhao Youzhen was so frightened that she jumped up in her seat. She grabbed the handle on one side with both hands and glared fiercely. Xia Guowei scolded, “did you take the wrong medicine?”

The noise in the car did not affect the steps of the children’s family to intervene in the Xia family medical center. Surrounded by a crowd of servants, Tong Guanda swaggered into the medical center.

“What’s the smell here?”

“Of course, the medical center smells like medicine.”

Xia yunshang coldly replied to him.

Tong Guanda seemed ready for Xia yunshang’s cold attitude. The servant behind him took out a folding recliner.

Tong Guanda lies directly in the center of the main hall of the hospital, facing the door. As long as someone comes in, he will be seen here for the first time.

“From today on, our children’s family in Xiajia medical school has become a shareholder. By the way, 51 percent.”

Xia yunshang didn’t pay attention to him. This is Aunt Wang and other guys also successively entered the medical school, and the children’s family stopped them one by one.

“Everyone is here. This is the young master of our Tong family. In the future, our Tong family will decide the Xia family medical school.”

Once you say that.

Aunt Wang was the first one who didn’t want to. She came forward and pointed to the servant of the Tong family who announced and asked, “who are you? Come up to the medical school and say what your Tong family says. We’re the Xia family, okay? What are you Tong family coming here to join?”

“Yes, yes.”

Other guys are also helping.

“Hum, don’t you know the situation? Look, this is the cooperation agreement signed between your Xia family’s mother and our Tong family. It’s clearly written in this agreement. It’s the business of the Xia family. From today on, our Tong family will take 51% of the shares, that is to say, our Tong family is now the largest shareholder of the Xia family’s business.”

The man took out an agreement from his briefcase and showed it to Aunt Wang and other guys.

Aunt Wang and others saw the signature of the Xia’s mother Qin and the red handprint on it. Everyone’s faces were ugly.

Aunt Wang came to Xia yunshang, who was so loud at ordinary times. At this time, he lowered his voice and said, “Miss, is what this man said true?”

Xia yunshang is actually unwilling to accept this fact. After all, the Xia family medical school is her painstaking efforts for many years, but she can’t control the family affairs.

With a slight nod, Xia yunshang walked up to these guys and whispered, “although the medical school is invested by the children’s family, I still do business with you, so you don’t have to worry.”

She’s just finished.

Tong Guanda snorted coldly. He gently shook the rest of the reclining chair, tilted the corners of his mouth, looked at Xia yunshang with his narrowed eyes and said, “it’s not up to you. It’s yours to see a doctor in the medical school, but all administration should listen to my child. If anyone doesn’t listen and can’t afford it, I won’t tolerate it.”

Xia yunshang’s face sank and he wanted to say a few words to him, but Qin sent someone this morning. No matter what the Tong family does in the Xia family, they should not conflict with each other.

She had to bite her teeth.

When Xia yunshang heard such words, these guys didn’t dare to say anything, so they had a number in their hearts.

“All right, don’t look at it. Let’s work.”

Tong Guanda said and waved his hand. Just as the guys dispersed, he pointed to Xiao Chen and said, “don’t go yet. I have something to ask you.”

In fact, Xiao Chen had long felt that this man would find his own trouble. Sure enough, the other party still found himself.

He looked at Tong Guanda and asked faintly, “what are you looking for me?”

Tong Guanda was puzzled on his face, and asked with a cruel smile at the corners of his mouth, “who are you from this medical school?”

Xiao Chen knew it was clear to make herself ugly. Who doesn’t know that he is such a silly uncle in Xia family medical school.

“I’m Xia yunshang’s husband.”

“Husband, this is a medical school, not a nursery. Why, Xia Yunchang, do you want to take your husband with you when you come here to work?”

Xia yunshang saw that he asked, and immediately his face was gloomy and said, “he has been following me. What’s the matter?”

Tong Guanda sneered and said, “follow you, what’s his position? Man? Or a doctor in the medical school?”

“He’s a… handyman”

Xia yunshang knew that Tong Guanda was trying to bully himself. He just took Xiao Chen and said something.

“Beat my leg now, ha ha, since it’s sour.”

Tong Guanda said, reaching out and pointing to his left leg.


Xiao Chen has nothing to blame for this title. He has no position in the Xia family.

But the boy Guanda in front of him is clearly making Xia Yun look ugly.

“Sorry, I’m a busboy. That’s right. But I’m not your servant alone.”

“Ouch, you have a lot of backbone. I’m the owner of the medical school now. You’ll do whatever I ask you to do. Don’t you want to do it here?”

Xiao Chen didn’t move, but his voice asked coldly, “what if you do it, what if you don’t?”

“If you don’t obey me, get out now.”

Xiao Chen didn’t wrinkle. He was about to speak, but Xia yunshang said coldly: “Xiao Chen, are you going to rebel? You’re a busboy. You can do whatever you’re asked to do. Where did you get so much gossip?”

Xia yunshang’s words surprised Xiao Chen. Unexpectedly, Xia yunshang chose to stand on the side of Tong Guanda at this time.

“What if I don’t?”

Tong Guanda looked at Xia yunshang and said, “Xia yunshang, your people, deal with it.”

Xia Yunchang pointed at Xiao Chen with great force, as if there was unspeakable anger in his heart and there was no place to vent.

“Get out!”


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