The God Of Medicine Son-in-law Chapter 589

“Tong Jia?”

Qin Shi looked at Xia Ziliang in front of him and felt angry. He said a few days ago that the hemostatic pill could sell at a good price. In the end, the prescription didn’t go out. He was robbed by someone on the way and was beaten up.

“Grandma, you must believe me this time. The status of other people’s children’s family in Binjiang is unmatched by our Xia family. Tong Xinyi, the eldest daughter of the children’s family, and we are classmates in primary school. It’s because of this relationship that I get on the line with others.”

“You said that the people of the Tong family are willing to come forward and help us recover the prescription?”

“Yes, how much face will it take? Even if we invite, we may not be able to invite others?”

The Qin family stared at Xia Ziliang, for the grandson. Now she has more or less no bottom, but she is better than many hearts, so she asked faintly:

“You said, why did they help us?”

“For me.”


The Qin family skimmed the corners of their mouths.

Xia Ziliang actually thinks this reason is far fetched. What is the level of existence of the children’s family in Binjiang? The top aristocratic family, out of the children’s family, and the Xu family can compete with them.

These two aristocratic families are the biggest forces in Binjiang.

In fact, a small family like the Xia family can only rely on others.

Xia Ziliang didn’t understand the truth, so he pretended to smile and said, “haha, grandma, aren’t I classmates with Tong Xinyi?”

“Fart! There are many of her classmates. They are surnamed Tong. They come to help us. I think they must have a plan.”

Xia Ziliang frowned.

“Grandma, you said they were looking for us. What’s the picture?”

Qin’s face sank and said, “it’s not that prescription yet.”

“But they know I lost the prescription?”

“Do people believe it? I think in their eyes, this prescription is still in our Xia family.”


Xia Ziliang is a little hoodwinked. What’s the logic?

“Ah, what? I’m so stupid. I’m ashamed of your parents. You don’t look like the descendants of our Xia family.”

Qin Shi said and pressed a little on Xia Ziliang’s forehead.

“Grandma, didn’t I learn from you?”

This second childe Xia has only such a coquettish ability now.

However, the Qin family really ate this set. Seeing Xia Ziliang’s pathetic appearance, she felt a little softhearted.

“I tell you, although outsiders heard that the prescription was robbed, after all, no one saw it. Just listening to what you said, it naturally makes people suspicious.”

“What about that?”

Qin Shi thought for a moment, then smiled slightly, and a touch of pride appeared on her face.

“Silly boy, since they don’t believe it, let them think so. Let’s just sit on the mountain and watch the tiger and watch them beg us.”

Xia Ziliang bowed his head and pondered.

It seemed that he understood what Qin meant, and looked at her with a smile and said, “grandma, I see. It’s called fraud.”

Qin was told that his donkey’s lips were not the right words for the horse’s mouth. He glared at him angrily.

“Ziliang, you’ll still be at home honestly in the future. Don’t go either.”

“Why, grandma?”

“I’m afraid you’ll be cheated.”

Xia Ziliang: “


“My wife, you said that the Tong family took a stake in our Xia family’s business this time. What did the old lady think about it?”

Xia Guowei looked at Zhao Youzhen beside him and asked with a look of asking for advice.

Zhao Youzhen was a little unwilling. She gouged out her eyes and said to the man beside her:

“The Zhao family has wanted to partner with the Xia family for so many years, but the old lady has always refused for various reasons. Now it’s better that a child’s family let the old lady immediately agree.”

Xia Guowei hurriedly smiled at Zhao Youzhen beside him and said:

“My wife, my mother always says one thing at home. None of our brothers can say such a thing.”

Zhao Youzhen snorted coldly, shook her head and said:

“It’s a pity, my daughter. The Xia family medical school, which has been painstakingly operated for so many years, is better this time. We have to give half of the shares to the Tong family.”

Xia Guowei shook his head with a smile and said, “in fact, it may not be a good thing. The child’s family is rich and generous. With their cooperation with our Xia family, this time, I don’t think anyone in Binjiang can dare to do this or that in front of us.”

Zhao Youzhen reached out angrily and twisted Xia Guowei hard, “You really don’t understand, or are you deliberately angry with me here? The children’s family takes a stake in my Xia family’s business. To put it bluntly, it’s not the medical school. Now our daughter runs it independently. The rest of the herbal business has been in cooperative operation for a long time, so it’s our family that is really affected this time. Do you understand?”

Xia Guowei looked in the rearview mirror at Xia yunshang and Xiao Chen sitting behind him. He said with relief: “daughter, don’t get angry. In fact, we’re right to think about everything. The Tong family is not a medical family. They just take money. As for others, I don’t think they can understand it.”

Xia yunshang didn’t speak. In fact, she didn’t understand this decision for a long time, but the medical school wasn’t her own after all.

Xiao Chen looked at Xia yunshang who was silent beside him. In fact, he had guessed Qin’s intention from the moment he heard the news.

Tong Jia.

There’s no need to take a stake in the Xia family.

In the final analysis, this is running for the prescription. If Qin doesn’t agree, he’s afraid that the loss of the prescription will really be done.

That’s why she pushed the boat with the current and agreed to the Tong family’s request.

You Tong family can take shares as much as you like.

Anyway, this prescription is not at Xia’s house at all.

Although Qin’s move seems to be a backhand, it actually takes the lead everywhere.

one step back today for two steps forward tomorrow.

Xiao Chen secretly admired the mistress of the Xia family.

At this time, the car stopped in front of the Xia family hospital.

Xiao Chen gets off the bus.

But I saw more than a dozen people standing in front of the hospital.

These people were wearing suits and shoes, men and women. One of them was particularly dressed. He was wearing a light white suit, a silver gray hat and a small dark red flower on the left of the hat.

Under the top hat was a very handsome face, but when I saw Xiao Chen, a pair of Eagle like eyes on this handsome face looked at Xiao Chen hard.

Then he seemed to understand Xiao Chen’s identity, and a touch of contempt flashed across the corner of his mouth.

“Who are you?”

Xia yunshang came to the group.

The man in the top hat didn’t speak, but the people around him came up and looked at Xia yunshang and said in an extremely cold voice, “are you Xia yunshang, the owner of this medical school?”

Xia yunshang nodded.

The man immediately looked down on people and said, “we are from the Tong family. This is our young master Tong Guanda.”


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