The God Of Medicine Son-in-law Chapter 588

“Where are the people?”

Liang Youcai looked out the door.

“Ten seconds left.”

Huangfujie walked up to the Xia family servant.

His hand pulled out the embroidery needle.


Liang Youcai squinted at Huang Fujie who stood aside for a few seconds.

“If you don’t believe it, my people will be here soon.”

“Five seconds.”

Huang Fujie also tilted his eyes, Liang Youcai.

“If I were you, now I should consider how you should deal with the other party’s breaking in.”

Liang Youcai was stunned.

That big iron door seems to be pushed open at any time. Frightened, Liang Youcai turned and ran to Huang Fujie’s side.

“You, you can’t look at it like that. Aren’t you great?”

Huang Fujie nodded with a sneer.

“In fact, you shouldn’t have closed the door at all.”

He just dropped his voice.

The door was opened by Xiao Chen.

“Oh, it’s really the martial artist of the day after tomorrow. It seems that you have reached perfection, haven’t you?”

Xiao Chen stepped on the iron door on the ground and entered the interrogation room. He stared at Liang Youcai first.

“You must die today.”

“What a big breath. Why, do you dare to spit out such wild words in a small environment the day after tomorrow?”

“Kill him!”

Liang Youcai pointed to Xiao Chen.

“All right, my Mayor Liang, you really don’t have the share to talk here.”

Huang Fujie said, raising his arm.

Liang Youcai was hit hard on the chin by him.


Liang Youcai’s bloated body drew a semicircular parabola in the air, and then fell heavily to the ground.

He was knocked unconscious directly.

“It’s quiet now.”

Huang Fujie said and looked at Xiao Chen.

“Who are you?”

“Red shoes Association.”

“Oh, I haven’t heard of it.”

Huang Fujie left the corners of his mouth.

“I have something to do here. I’ll give you ten seconds to consider. Whether to leave by yourself or let me invite you out.”

He said, turning and walking to the wooden frame of the torture instrument.

Xiao Chen looked at Huang Fujie who was playing with the instruments of torture. He felt a kind of pressure from him at the first sight.

This is the temperament of an expert.

It can only be felt by those who are promoted to the martial arts person the day after tomorrow.

Both are the acquired environment.

Xiao Chen understood that the warrior of Huangfu family. I’m afraid it’s already a half step congenital environment.

Among the warriors.

One reaches congenital, that is, the existence of experts in martial arts. The so-called congenital, the true Qi in the body can be generated through the operation of the whole week.

Endless life is the biggest difference between the congenital environment and the acquired one.

For example.

Xiao Chen’s true Qi now comes from the absorption and transformation of the diseased pulse, and the other is the four God pendant hanging on his chest.

But if you let him use Zhenqi for a long time.

He can’t do it.

After all.

The pulse is fine. They all need a process of production.

This is the difference between congenital and acquired.

“Five seconds.”

Huang Fujie said, and the corners of his mouth suddenly sank.

His breath, like ignited gunpowder, burst out at once.

That terrible smell. Not only Xiao Chen, but also the people of the red shoes Club beside him retreated in horror.

“Is this…?”

“Young Lord, let’s go!”

Four women in black immediately stood in front of Xiao Chen.

Huang Fujie’s palm shot out several palms like lightning.

You can’t see each other’s moves at all. You can only see a piece of palms. The four women collapsed as soon as their bodies softened.

Xiao Chen was surprised.

These four women died with such fresh lives?


The women behind him. Seeing that Huang Fujie’s force was too terrible, two of them took Xiao Chen out.

And another woman. He took out his dagger and went straight to huangfujie.


Huang Fujie’s palms were staggered.

Just blink.

The women of the red shoes club were killed by him again.


Xiao Chen roared.

At this moment, his mind seemed to be stimulated to think of all kinds of previous lives.

The deepest part of the body, the mysterious place – Dantian.

At this moment, a terrible force burst out.

At this time, the four God pendants suddenly lit up.

Xiao Chen’s upper body clothes were by this sudden force. It was shattered and revealed his solid body.

The two women who had taken him to escape outside were shocked by him and loosened their hands and stepped back a few steps.

“Little Lord, you!?”

Xiao Chen lowered her head at this time. The four God pendant, which had been wrapped by white light, was buzzing and shining on the surface of his body.

The power in the body made Xiao Chen seem to have lost control of his brain and was controlled by the mysterious and grumpy power.

Xiao Chen walked towards Huangfu Jie step by step.

“Congenital environment!”

Huang Fujie, who was half a step away from the innate realm, felt a breath that only experts in the innate realm can have from Xiao Chen.

Full of Qi.

This kind of situation cannot be realized at all.

“What’s on your chest?”

Xiao Chen approached.

Huang Fujie saw that it was a jade pendant that flashed.

“You are the remnant of the Xiao family!”

Huang Fujie’s words became his last voice in the world at the moment when Xiao Chen hit.

Huang Fujie fell in the corner.

The sneer at the corners of his mouth seems to explain the joy of discovering this secret before his death.

“You know it’s too late.”

Xiao Chen’s four God pendants slowly disappeared.

The power in the body just disappeared.

He felt a little hollowed out at this time.

“No, don’t kill me!”

Liang Youcai, hiding behind the corner, climbed to Xiao Chen’s face.

“Do you think I will?”

Xiao Chen’s cold voice was like a sharp blade. Liang Youcai’s body was shocked. He ran to the pile of torture instruments with all his life.

He picked up an axe with a strange shape.

“No, don’t come!”

His actions can only make Xiao Chen feel unworthy of doing it himself.

Xiao Chen turned and walked to the door.

“This man is yours.”

He said and went out.

“No, no!”

Liang Youcai faced the two people who came to his red shoes club. He knew what the result was. Waiting for him was a cold greeting from all the torture tools on the rack.

Xiao Chen went to the dungeon door.

The red shoes will be placed in the inside of Liang’s house. He bowed to Xiao Chen and said, “thank you, young Lord.”

“Ah Ju is dead, and there are those sisters. You should arrange for a heavy burial. In addition, if you have family members, you should also send them more pensions.”


Xiao Chen looked at the dungeon behind him.

Liang Youcai screamed inside, which made him believe that this guy had been punished before he died.

For the girls he destroyed.

Such an end, let him get what he deserves.


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