The God Of Medicine Son-in-law Chapter 587

In the dark dungeon.

Huang Fujie looked at the man in the cage opposite.

“Tell me what you know. I can let you leave here. If you think it’s impossible for me to take you, do you see these torture instruments here?”

He said, pointing to the hooks and knives placed on the wooden frame beside him, and the strange instruments of torture. It’s really a human shaped iron box small to a silver needle and large enough to put people in.

goods are available in all varieties.

Most of these are made by that pervert Liang Youcai.

This dungeon. In fact, it’s under Liang’s house. At the moment, Liang Youcai is being interrogated by Xiao Chen upstairs.

And the trial in the dungeon continues.

Huang Fujie from Huangfu’s family is an expert proficient in torture.

It is said that this person has more than 300 ways to interrogate different prisoners.

In Beiyan. As long as the name Huang Fujie is mentioned, no prisoner is not afraid.

Some people, even just heard the name, took the initiative to explain everything.

This man, who is only 1.6 meters tall, seems to hide an extremely cold soul in his short and thin body.

In his eyes, people are just chickens to be slaughtered on his face.

Huang Fujie is not only helping Liang Youcai interrogate the confession of the servant from the Xia family.

He also wants to find out the authenticity of the information passed on by the Xiao family in North Korea.

Ten surnames are of great importance.

In addition to the ten surnames, the leaders of the seven countries are also thinking about this treasure.

When the Huangfu family learned that the Xia family might have a hemostatic pill.

They immediately launched the eye liner planted in North Korea.

This eye liner is the director Zhao who had been beaten by Bai Ling.

After his introduction.

Huang Fujie entered Liang’s mansion as an expert in torture.


Liang Youcai’s province. It is also very special. He is not only the mayor of Binjiang.

It is also under the hand of Lord Han Qi, the powerful defense minister of North Korea.

As an accomplice.

Liang Youcai has been thinking about the Xia family for a long time.

Just a few days ago.

He asked someone to secretly arrest a servant of the Xia family into the Liang house.

But this servant is very loyal.

This made Liang Youcai fully interrogate for several days, and there was no breakthrough.

Right now.

Zhao Quan heard about it.

Naturally, he introduced Huang Fujie and several subordinates of the Huangfu family into the Liang mansion.

Nominally, it is for Liang Youcai to interrogate the servant of the Xia family.

But actually.

Their purpose is also hemostatic pill.

Huang Fujie looked at the tortured underage Xia family member.

“Your mouth is so hard. In that case, why don’t we sew it up?”

He said and went to the shelf where the instruments of torture were placed.

He held a delicate sewing box in his hand, then turned and walked to the man with a smile.

“Come on, it doesn’t hurt, and my technique is fast.”

He opened the sewing box. There were five embroidery needles that had been threaded, and Huang Fujie picked out one.

“This one. I like green. This color makes me look very excited.”

Huang Fujie said and roughly threw the needle and thread box aside, leaving nothing but his hands. An embroidered needle with green thread.

“Shut up.”

Huang Fujie pointed to the man’s open mouth.

“You, don’t come here!”

Xia’s servant was surprised to see Huang Fujie reach out and grasp him. He seemed to be able to imagine the pain caused by the embroidery needle into his own flesh.

This is human instinct.

At this moment, Huang Fujie’s hand grasped his chin directly.

“Don’t move, be obedient. Otherwise, you’ll hurt more.”

Huang Fujie said and quickly stabbed the embroidery needle into the corner of the man’s mouth.


The scream immediately cut through the silence of the dungeon.

Liang Youcai, who pushed open the door of the dungeon. His body shook slightly, and he looked at ah Ju behind him.

“What are you looking at? Come on, take us! If you want to brush some tricks, you know, even if the young Lord spared you just now, it doesn’t mean he will spare you twice.”

Liang Youju kicked her back.

Liang Youcai, who was eaten by the kicked dog, struggled to get up from the ground.

“I, I know.”

He trembled and pointed to the room used by Huang Fujie for interrogation.

“It’s right here, but…”

Liang Youcai said and looked at Xiao Chen.

“This man is said to be a martial artist of Huangfu family. He seems to be very strong.”


Xiao Chen frowned.

The martial artist of Huangfu family once killed one. It seems that more than one person sent by Huangfu family to Binjiang this time.

Liang Youcai said he was from the Huangfu family.


Xiao Chen didn’t believe it all.

If so, how could he have confessed so easily.

There must be something hidden about him.


Ah Ju uses the dagger in her hand. He walked to the door with a beam.

Bang bang!

Liang Youcai knocked twice.


“It’s me.”

Huang Fujie stopped.

The embroidery needle was inserted into the mouth of Xia family.

He turned to look at the door behind him.

Shouldn’t Liang Youcai be in his own room and have fun with the girl brought by Zhao Quan?

Huang Fujie walked towards the door with a gloomy face.

At this time.

Ah Ju has hidden by the door.

But the dagger in her hand was against Liang Youcai’s right rib.

As long as there’s something wrong.

She wouldn’t show any mercy and immediately ended up with this bloated man.


The iron door of the interrogation room was slowly opened.

Right now.

Ah Ju is the target of Liang Jincai’s attack, but there is a crack in the door.


Ah Ju never dreamed that the people in the house had found their own existence.

Xiao Chen and others not far away didn’t expect it. When everyone reacted.

Ah Ju’s chest has been slapped by Huang Fujie.

She was shaken several times.


I saw a mouthful of blood gushing out of ah Ju’s mouth, and then Liang Youcai escaped the dagger in his hand and raised it. The dagger quickly cut a bloody mouth on ah Ju’s neck.

Liang Youcai looked back at Xiao Chen and then followed him into the interrogation room.

It all happened so suddenly.

So that ah Ju fell in a pool of blood, and Xiao Chen and other talents ran to her side.

“Elder sister!”

Several sisters of the red shoes Association cried bitterly with ah Ju who had lost her breath.

Xiao Chen was cold on his face. He walked to the iron gate.

“I’ll give you a minute. I don’t care who the people are inside, but as long as I have Liang Youcai, I don’t care whether I live or die.”

At this time.

Liang Youcai in the iron gate sneered, turned to Huang Fujie and said, “Mr. Huang Fu is really powerful. You guessed it.”

Huang Fujie’s face sank.

“Why did you bring them here?”

“Well, I can’t help it. You know, if I don’t recruit this dungeon, they’ll just kill me.”

Liang Youcai squinted at huangfujie.

“Don’t worry, my people will find out later. You should know that I have enough 300 men in this house. Just those people outside, my people can drown them if they spit. Do you believe it?”

Huang Fujie did not speak.


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