The God Of Medicine Son-in-law Chapter 586

In an empty room.

On the luxurious big bed, Liang Youcai narrowed his small eyes full of erotic light and looked at the woman trapped on a cross wooden frame in front of him.

This is his fun tonight.

“Zhao Quan is the one who can give me the right set, hahaha…”

This woman was sent by director Zhao of the education department.

As for the identity of women, they are senior three students of a women’s school in Binjiang.

The reason why director Zhao was able to get promoted in recent years was that he was familiar with the preferences of the people above.

Let’s say that the mayor of Binjiang city has a special preference for women.

Especially those primary school girls who are still in school.

In recent years, under the influence of Liang Youcai. I don’t know how many little girls have become the target of his personal desires.

On the surface, it seems that it is a social celebrity in Binjiang and a political dignitary in the government, but it is secretly engaged in the activities of men stealing and women prostitutes.

If it’s worth not shooting a thousand times.

Liang Youcai bears the brunt.

“Little beauty. Are you ready now?”

Lying on the bed, Liang Youcai smiled licentiously and drank the red wine from his hand. He stretched out his hand and wiped it on the corner of his mouth.

The residual wine stains smeared on the back of his hand were slowly licked by him with his tongue out.

The evil smile around his mouth. Let people see, there is an unspeakable nausea.

Liang Youcai got up slowly and walked to the wooden frame. The woman tied to the wooden frame was tied in all kinds of flowers. However, from the gap of the rope, it can be seen that she has developed very mature.

Xu Shi felt someone in front of her, and there was movement on the girl. She trembled slightly.

Liang Youcai smiled strangely, raised a glass of red wine in his hand to the girl’s head and poured it slowly.

The red liquid, along the girl’s hair, in her ears and face, flows directly to the corner of her s*xy mouth.

The pungent smell of red wine made the girl move her head slowly.

Feeling the liquid flowing on her body, the girl suddenly opened her eyes and screamed.

When she instinctively wanted to dodge back, she found that she had been tied to the cross wood frame.

“Ah! You. Who are you?”

Looking at the panic on the girl’s face, Liang Youcai laughed with excitement.

His eyes were full of erotic light. When he saw the girl’s twin peaks soaked in red wine, Liang Youcai seemed to see some treasure in the world, and both eyes glowed.

“Ha ha, don’t shout. Even if you break your throat, no one will come to save you. Now you’re good. I’ll make you want to be immortal and die later.”

Liang Youcai said and threw the wine cup aside. He turned and took out a golden pair of scissors. He touched the surface of the scissors with his fingers.

“This is a good thing. I don’t know how many wonderful bodies are completely presented under its tailoring.”

He smiled and took the scissors. In front of the girl, he waved them back and forth like commanding a beautiful movement.

The girl was so frightened that she leaned her head tightly against the wood behind her.

“Ah ah…”

Just Liang Youcai’s words. She didn’t dare to shout loudly, but the fear in her heart made her murmur uncontrollably from her throat.

Liang Youcai saw her like this, which seemed to arouse his excitement. He stretched out a finger and slowly lifted the girl’s chin.

Look at the frightened girl. He was greatly satisfied.

The abnormal psychology made the guy put the scissors against the girl’s throat.

“Shh, don’t be afraid. I’ll treat you well.”

Liang Youcai said, slowly sliding the scissors down the girl’s white skin and down her gully.


Sharp scissors instantly cut the clothes on the girl’s chest.

Kaka, Kaka!

The sound of scissors opening and closing, accompanied by the sound of cloth being cut and developed, makes girls dare not see their damaged clothes.

Liang Youcai’s laughter grew louder and louder.

His eyes opened hard, and the scissors cleverly avoided the rope. It seemed to him that it was not difficult.

His skillful technique can only show that it is not the first time for him to do so.


In Liang Youcai’s scissors. When it was about to cut the girl’s sensitive place, the door was kicked open.


Liang Youcai looked at the door angrily.

He had orders.

“These idiots!”

Liang Youcai scolded, and then took the golden scissors in his hand. Pointed to Xiao Chen who walked into the house.

“Is this your first time here? As I said, without me…%”

I can’t wait for him to finish.

Ah Ju behind Xiao Chen has turned into a dark shadow and jumped in front of Liang Youcai.


Ah Ju concentrated all her strength on her feet.

The golden scissors were thrown into the air, and Liang Youcai flew out upside down.

Ah Ju seemed crazy. Without looking at it, she raised her hand and connected the falling scissors to her hand.

Then the body shook again.

Liang Youcai fell heavily on the ground in front of the bed.

When he hasn’t reacted yet.

Ah Ju has stepped on him.

“Remember me?”

Liang Youcai opened his eyes wide. He looked at ah Ju who took off the veil on his face in surprise.

“You, are you…?”

There are too many girls he has tortured. How can he remember them all?

“I, I, I don’t remember.”

Ah Ju smiled coldly.

“What about this one? Do you always remember?”

She said, jerking her collar.

There was a two finger wide scar on the snow-white chest.

When Liang Youcai saw this, the whole person looked at ah Ju in surprise.

“It’s you. Are you still alive?”

Ah Ju bit her teeth and said fiercely, “yes, I’m not dead. You’re not dead yet. How can I be willing to die?”

She said and thrust the golden scissors into Liang Youcai’s throat.

“Elder sister!”

A dozen women in black behind them shouted in surprise.

After all.

This liang Youcai is still useful to Xiao Chen.

Their order is to help the young Lord enter Liang’s house and catch Liang Youcai. It’s up to Xiao Chen to decide whether to kill Liang Youcai.


Ah Ju roared. Her scissors still didn’t penetrate Liang Youcai’s body.

The scissors are all submerged in the bed.

“Little Lord.”

Ah Ju got up and arched his hand at Xiao Chen: “he is Liang Youcai. Please show me how to deal with him?”

Liang Youcai saw that he was not dead. He gasped heavily. At this time, he saw Xiao Chen come to him.

“You, are you the silly uncle of the Xia family that Zhao Quan said?”

Liang Youcai looked at Xiao Chen and asked in surprise.

“It seems that he told you a lot.”

Xiao Chen, with her hands on her back, lowered her head and looked down at Liang Youcai curled up in front of the bed.

“Then what are the Huangfu family looking for you for?”


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